Common Uses Of Aluminum Foil In The House

Aluminum Foil

No household could ever live peacefully without aluminum foil.

The paper-thin, shiny sheet of tin, made of aluminum metal, serves various industrial purposes.

But at its most basic, it is indispensable at home.

But First, Some Notes On Disposal

With the amount of aluminum foil used in every household regularly, people should be wary of how to dispose of it properly while enjoying its uses. Aluminum recycling is the best resort for no longer usable or reusable units.

Sheets of foil should not end up in the trash but in a collecting bag, which you could send to a neighborhood scrap metal business.

Believe it or not, there is money in what people deem trash. Foil trays and sheets, tin cans, aerosol cans, and beverage cans contain aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material.

You do not need to throw them away and populate the landfills. Instead, you could put them back in circulation and save the environment some resources while earning money for yourself.

The Many Uses Of Aluminum Foil

People use aluminum foil for packing and storage, cooking, and lining up surfaces to protect food while keeping things tidy around the kitchen. Aluminum foil trays are also used to serve meals during informal gatherings.

Aluminum Foil work

Apart from the standard, there are many other uses of aluminum foils, and they go beyond the kitchen. You will be surprised when you discover how it is amazingly handy!

1. Soften hardened sugar

One trick to soften sugar that becomes hard rock is wrapping it tightly in foil, then popping it into the oven at 300 degrees F for five minutes. After that, you will have soft sugar again and never worry about measuring it for your favorite dessert recipes.

2. Sharpen scissors

Yes, that’s right. You can use foil to sharpen dull scissors. All you need to do is to fold a sheet of aluminum foil several times and let your scissors run through them. Cutting into the folded foil will quickly give you a more refined tool in an instant.

3. Clean grill grates

You can use crumpled foil to clean your grill grates. By doing so, you may forget about grill brushes that could get highly grimy and whose bristles could stick to the grate and your food. Cleaning the grates with foil is less messy but equally effective!

4. Use as furniture sliders

Moving heavy furniture pieces will be a breeze if you place a sheet of foil on their feet underneath. Foil makes the furniture slippery, especially through carpets, so you will never have trouble moving them around countless times.

5. Shoo garden pests away

If your home garden has a problem with slugs, cutworms, and other garden pests, you may use aluminum foil for some help. Gently snuggle sheets of foil onto your plants’ stems, and keep the varmints at bay.

Note: As a bonus, if you do this during winter, you will give your plants some much-needed warmth, especially after a cold night.


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