13 Safest Places To Hide Valuables In Your Home

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While some people prefer to store their valuables in the bank, others keep them at home. Of course, nobody expects it, but there is always an impending threat of burglary.

Your steel reinforced safe box might be very reliable and hard to crack open. But, there are many other out-of-the-box (pun intended) places where you can store your precious possessions. 

Mostly, the valuable items are jewelry that you wear daily, so you cannot store them away at the bank. Like wedding bands, engagement rings, or wedding rings also hold sentimental value, making them even more precious.

What Valuables Can You Hide Easily?

diamond jewelry

Small items such as expensive watches, earrings, bracelets, and rings are easier to hide. Amongst all, diamond jewelry gets the most attention and can test anyone’s patience.

So, take no chances if you have halo rings, stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, or diamond pendants. Hide them in a place that no one can think of except for you!

And if you don’t know the right place to hide your valuables, this post will give you some food for thought. 

Safest Places in Home to Hide Your Valuables

It is not difficult to fool the burglar because they will not go through your entire house; just the obvious and accessible locations.

Here Is A List Of 13 Creative Places To Hide Your Valuables At Home:

Hide Your Valuables at home

1. Books

If you have shelves and shelves of books, this can be the perfect place. You can effectively keep a few hollowed-out books to store your diamond earring studs or tennis bracelets.

However, this will only work if you have a huge collection of books. If a few are lying on the coffee table, the thief might go through them as that would not be a hassle.

2. VHS Tape

VHS tapes are a thing of the past now, and nobody would think they are of any value. You can easily store something like your wedding sets in them.

Again, this will be more effective if you have a collection of tapes. It will be time-consuming to look through a collection of tapes, so the burglar might skip that.

3. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets 

You can reuse jars and containers to hide your proposal ring. You can store the container in the kitchen cabinets or under the sink. False containers in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink, or in your medicine cabinet. Nobody will be able to locate it among the array of cleaning products, personal hygiene items, or spice jars and food cans.

There are some fake food containers available in the market but beware of them as they look fake. And so they would stand out and give your secret away. So rather than buying a container, you can reuse a pringle can, for example.

4. Trash Can

This one might be a little gross. You can hide something like your diamond studs under the trash can liner. Nobody will even think of going through your trash.

However, you must be careful every time you take out the trash that your studs are safe and secure.

5. Refrigerator

You can keep your stack of cash and lab-cut diamonds in the freezer. Wrap in its plastic or aluminum or keep it in an airtight container.

This is also a secure place to store your valuables and cash in case of a fire.

6. House Plant

Carefully wrap your tennis bracelet or the diamond ring in a waterproof bag and bury it in the soil. Alternatively, you can transplant your plant in a waterproof liner and keep your jewelry bag underneath it.

7. Fake Wall Outlet

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure there is no live electrical wiring inside the false outlet.

8. Unused Vacuum

If you have an old vacuum machine that does not function anymore, do not throw it away. You can use it to store stuff such as your wedding jewelry.

If you have a vacuum with clear plastic on its canister, you can use an opaque bag to store your valuables and keep the bag inside it. Or if you have the one with a bag, it is perfect. You can directly palace your jewelry inside.

No burglar would think of checking your vacuum’s dust bag.

9. Behind the Drawers

You can take out the drawer and duct tape the valuables on its back. This is most effective when you have a stack of cash or some important papers that you want to hide.

10. Paint Cans

There are always a few paint cans at every house. If you have a few empty or have dried up, use them as a storage box. Keep your diamond jewelry sets in a bag and place them inside the can.

11. False Plumbing

This one might be a little over the top and one of the most genius ideas. Install some PVC piping as fake plumbing pipes in your garage or storage room. And this way, your roll of cash and diamonds will be hidden inside forever.

12. Towel Bars

If the towel bar or the toilet paper bar at your house is hollow, you have the perfect spot. Then, you can easily hide something tiny or something that can be folded like cash or papers.

You might have to unscrew the bars from one end, but that just makes it even more secure.

13. Removable Building Parts

Components such as floor panels, door jambs, wainscoting, and window sills are excellent places to stash your prized possessions. However, sometimes removable floor panels start to creak, and that might give away your secret stash place.

Things to Keep In Mind

Let’s cut the chase.

  • Do not hide your stuff in electrical items that can get heated up. It can be a fire hazard.
  • Do not store things in obvious places such as underwear drawers, filing cabinets, and photo frames. DVD/CD boxes, safes, bedside drawers, and a cookie jar are some other very easy places to locate.
  • If you have some paper documents or a USB, make sure they are in a waterproof bag. Otherwise, you might end up losing your things to keep them safe.
  • Do not store all your stuff in one place. This way, even if one of your secret places is found, the rest of your valuables are still safe.
  • Remember where you hid your stuff. Note it down and keep the record safe with you. It can be frustrating when you keep your stuff in a safe place and then forget where you kept it.


Surely, there must be some places that you haven’t thought of. It’s all about thinking one step ahead of a burglar and keeping your valuables safe while you’re not at home.

So, which one are you going to try?

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