UNO Flip Card Game Rules 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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Uno Flip Card

The UNO card game has quickly cemented itself to be one of the most fun card games that you can play with friends. However, the creators of UNO didn’t stop after just one game. They kept adding new cards to it, along with introducing a whole new game – the UNO Flip Card Game

If you have played the traditional UNO card game, then the rules of the game will be familiar to you. You only need to learn the use of some new cards. However, if you have never played UNO before, read this post now!

What Is UNO Flip Card Game?

The UNO Flip Card game is a variation of the original UNO Card game created by Mattel. In this version, each card has two sides to them – a light side (with white borders) and a dark side (with black borders).

The specialty here lies in the UNO Flip Card. This UNO Action card allows you to flip the cards being played. 

When you start a game, you start by playing cards on the light side. If someone plays the UNO Flip card, the play reverses, and you have to play the flipped dark side of the card. If someone plays the UNO Flip card again, then it switches back to the light side again.

How To Play UNO Flip Card Game?

Play UNO Flip Card Game

The rules of the UNO Flip Card Game are pretty much the same as the traditional UNO Card game. However, there are still a few key differences here, like the introduction of dual-sided UNO cards.

If you have never played the UNO card game before, then here are the UNO Flip Card rules you need to follow.

Types Of Cards

There are two types of cards here – UNO number cards (from 1 to 9) and UNO Action cards (5 from each color) that have special game-changing effects.

In addition, all cards fall under four colors – red, blue, green, and yellow. However, a unique aspect of the UNO Flip card game is that each card has two sides. While the numbers might remain the same, the special effects and the color change!

Each card has two sides here – Light (white borders) and Dark (black borders). The light side has the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. On the other hand (or the flipped hand!), the dark side of them has Dark Pink (Red), Teal (Blue), Violet (Green), and Bronze (Yellow).

You also have UNO Action cards, which I will describe in a different section.


The main objective of the UNO Flip Card game is for each player to shed all their cards in the hand. 

Each player discards one card from their hand every turn. When a player sheds their penultimate (second last) card, they have to shout “UNO” to the other players. If that player fails to do so while playing it, that player receives a penalty (if caught by another player) where they have to draw two cards.

The first player who manages to discard all cards in their hand wins the game.


An appointed card dealer starts the game by shuffling the deck and dealing each player 7 cards – one card at a time. 

All the remaining cards from the 112-card deck are placed on the side. However, the dealer takes out the top card of the deck and places it on the discard pile, flipped.

The first player to start the play must play a number card that is the same as the last card discarded or play any card that has the same color. 

After playing your card, the next player after you (in the sequence) gets to play their card. 

However, if you have no matching color or number cards, then you have to draw a card from the deck. If it can be played (matches number or color), then you may play it right away.

Action UNO Flip Cards

Action UNO Flip Cards

Similar to the traditional UNO card game, there are special UNO Cards here as well. However, some of them are unique to this game (like the +1, +5, and Wild +2 cards). In addition, some of these Action cards get different effects when they get flipped.

Here is a list of all the Action cards in the UNO Flip Card game, stating both their light and dark side effects. Note that some of the Action cards retain the same effect on both sides. Also, note that there are eight copies of each Action card.

CardsLight EffectDark Effect
Reverse (8)The UNO Reverse card allows the player playing it to reverse the sequence of turns. Therefore, if you play this card, the player who played before you gets to play the next turn, with the sequence being reversed.
Skip (8)The Light UNO Skip Card allows you to force the next player after you skip a turn. The player after them gets to play a card next.The Dark UNO Skip Card allows you to force all players to skip a turn. Therefore, you get to play another card, which essentially allows you to get an extra turn.
Wild (8)The UNO Wild Card allows you to change the ongoing color to any other color of your choice. However, you cannot play any other card and must wait for your next turn. Plus. you can play a wild card if you have no other playable cards in your hand.
Wild +2 (4)The Light UNO +2 Wild Card has the same effect as the normal Wild Card. However, the next player has to draw 2 cards and skips their return.The Light +2 Wild Card is not there in the Dark Side. It becomes a traditional UNO Flip Wild Card when flipped, allowing you to change the color of the play.
+1/+5 (8)The Light UNO +1 Card forces the net player to draw a card and skip their turn.The Dark UNO +5 Card forces the next player to draw 5 cards and skip their turn.
Flip (8)The UNO Flip Card makes each player reverse their hand and play the flip side (white to dark or dark to white) card. In addition, the dealer who dealt the cards also flips the deck as well to the other side. The play resumes with the color of the last UNO Flip card that was played.

UNO Flip Card Points

UNO Flip Card Points

If many games are taking place one after the other, like a series, many players often tie with two or three wins each. So who becomes the winner of the overall series?

Here, the player who wins gets points based on the remaining cards in the hands of other players. The points of each card are as follows:

  • Cards 1-9: Face value (1 to 9 points)
  • Draw +1 Card: 10 points
  • Skip Card: 20 points
  • Reverse Card: 20 points
  • Draw +5 Card: 20 points
  • Flip Card: 20 points
  • Skip Everyone Card: 30 points
  • Wild Card: 40 points
  • Wild Draw +2 Card: 50 points
  • Wild Draw Color Card: 60 points

The player who wins 500 points in this format first wins the series. There can be no draw here!

Conclusion: Time To Flip UNO To The Dark Side!

The UNO Flip card game is similar to the traditional UNO game, albeit with dual-faced cards. It’s a fun and interesting way to play UNO alternatively. Start playing this game after you finish reading this game!

If you have any fond memories of playing this game, then share them in the comments below!

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