The Art of Skipping: Using the Uno Skip Card To Your Advantage

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Uno Skip Card

The digital world has been divided since the introduction of a new UNO skip card rule. The rule is simple. The player before you plays a draw-two on you. Now, if you have a skip card of the same color, you can bounce the penalty and let the player next to you bear the brunt. What a devil!

Some players find this rule an absolute crap, while some see this as interesting. Nevertheless, it does not matter whether you like or hate one of the most debated UNO skip card rules. You have to learn it to master the art of skipping and using the “skip card” to your advantage.

So, let the fun begin.

What Is A UNO Skip Card?

If you are familiar with the special UNO cards, this “Skip a turn UNO card” can be your special tool or secret weapon to make your opponent go crazy and win the game.

A skip card will come with a “forbidden symbol.” So, there will be a diagonal line within a circle. There will be eight UNO skip cards in a deck. These eight cards are further divided equally among four color categories.

To explain further, in UNO card skip options, you will have two red skip cards, two yellow skip cards, two green skip cards, and two blue skip cards.

What Is The Value of A UNO Skip Card?

The value of a UNO skip card is twenty points. So, it’s similar to the reverse and draws 2 cards in value. The wild and wild draw 4 cards in the deck are priced higher than a skip card, and they are worth fifty points. 

What Are The Skip Turn UNO Card Official Rules?

Skip Turn UNO Card Official Rules

So, you are now all set to play UNO. Let’s find out what the official UNO rules say about using the ultimate UNO skip card

According to the UNO official rules, when a player places the UNO skip card, the player next, in turn, will lose the chance to play. However, if that person also has a skip card, they can play the game and bounce the skipping penalty to the next player. There have been a lot of debates regarding this part of the game rule. Players following their own house rules accept it. But some argue that in the official rule, there is no mention of an exception. So, when player A plays the skip card, player B’s turn is skipped, and player B is not entitled to play another skip card.

Now, there have been instances and a couple of times with me also where in a two or four-member UNO game, all the players kept placing the skip cards till the end, creating a complete mess. 

However, a skip card can only be placed on a card of the same color. For example, if you have a yellow skip card, that can be only placed on a yellow card. You can also place the skip card on another skip card. 

If someone places this skip card at the beginning of the game, the “first player to the dealer’s left” will have a skipped turn. 

What Are The Other Special Cards In UNO?

Everyone knows that the UNO skip card is a special card that can turn the game in your favor. Along with this skip card, there are some other special cards in a UNO deck while playing the game. These are standard wild cards, wild draw 4 cards, wild shuffle hands cards, wild customizable cards, draw 2 cards, and reverse cards. 

Time to find out more about these cards and how we can use them in fun ways

1. Standard Wild Cards

You can use a standard wild card to take charge of the game. With it, you can pick a color and take the game forward. In a UNO deck, there will be four standard wild cards. 

If a standard wild card is placed at the beginning of the game, the person sitting next to the dealer on the left will get to decide the color.

A standard wild card will come with a diagonal circle divided into four sections, blue, yellow, green, and red. 

2. Wild Draw 4 Cards

A wild draw 4 cards will have an oval shape with four cards of blue, yellow, green, and red colors printed inside. Also, there will be a mention of “+4” at diagonally two corners. 

In every UNO pack, there will be four wild draw 4 cards. So, when a player places this card, the player next to them has to draw four more cards. Now, if the next player thinks the wild draw 4 cards is placed illegally, they can always challenge.

If the process is illegal, the player showing the wild draw 4 cards will now have to draw four more cards. However, if everything is done according to the rules, the next player will have to pick six cards.

When this card appears at the beginning of a game, it is returned to the deck. 

3. Wild Shuffle Hands Card

In every UNO deck, you will find only one shuffle hands card. It has the print of hands shuffling cards. Keep the card on any of the colored cards in the discard pile and attach any chosen color to the shuffle hands card to take charge of the game. 

Once the card is played, you need to collect all the cards in the players’ hands and shuffle them again. Now, the game will begin with the player sitting next to the person who placed the shuffle hands card. 

When the card is found at the beginning of the game, the person sitting left of the dealer will choose the color, just like the skip card UNO rule. 

4. Wild Customizable Cards

There are three customizable wild cards or blank cards in a UNO deck. When a round begins, all the players get to decide the rule attached to the customizable UNO card and how many wild customizable cards are going to be used in that round. 

These cards are also used to decide the color of the cards, and the rule for who gets to choose the color is similar to other wild cards. 

5. Draw 2 Cards

You will find eight draw 2 cards in a UNO deck, and you can use it to make the player next to you draw two extra cards. However, these cards can only be placed on cards of the matching color.

If any of these cards appear at the beginning of a round, the player who has the first turn will have to draw two cards. 

6. Reverse Cards

Use the reverse card to make the round go anti-clockwise instead of clockwise. Place a reverse card on the discard pile if the card color at the top matches the reverse card.

Final Words:

A UNO skip card can really change the course of the game. I personally consider these cards as fun twists, but some find them a little annoying.

Nonetheless, if you like this new rule and find it the right spice for the game, share your ideas and experience of using skip cards in the game of UNO.

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