Shiply Review: User Review, Rating, Price

published on: 28 December 2022 last updated on: 05 December 2023
Shiply Review

Are you currently looking for a reliable platform for connecting with top-rated shipping companies? We know it’s a specific question, but it’s a review, and we are here to answer specific questions. In today’s discussion, we will talk about Shiply, one of the leading platforms for connecting customers with shipping companies. 

So without wasting any time, scroll down and read this striking review of Shiply – it will help you to make up your mind. Don’t forget to stick around till the end! 

Exploring Shiply: All That You Need To Know!

Exploring Shiply

While it is possible that your shiply driver turns out to be not that great in terms of delivering your product, it doesn’t speak ill of the company. Because the company is known for delivering results nine out of ten times and as a result, we are willing to forgive them for that unfortunate one time!

So here we are with a fresh mindset, ready to review this popular company! 

Services: What Can Shiply Do For You?

The most important part of any review is basically what can the concerned brand do for you – what problem is it fixing? In this case, what can Shiply do for you?

Here’s a glimpse!

  • Furniture shipping,
  • Car shipping,
  • Freight shipping,
  • Motorcycle shipping,
  • Large Goods shipping,
  • LTL Freight shipping,
  • Moving Companies, and
  • Boat Transport. 

But How Does Shiply Work?

How Does Shiply Work

If finding out about the company’s services is the most vital aspect, determining how the process is implemented is the next most important aspect of this review. So instead of worrying about the shiply load board, for now, we are going to dive into the nitty-gritty of how the company works! 

Shiply will basically connect customers with top-rated shipping companies. They have a huge client base with millions of customers using the platform for moving their shipments at the best available price. 

Once you reach the homepage of the official Shipley website, you will notice that there are three steps to get your work done on the platform. 

Step 1: Request (According To The Company)

Here, you basically have to place your request – mention what needs to be moved, the location for the movement, and of course, the timing. Then, you just have to fill up a simple form – it will only take about a few minutes to do so. 

Step 2: Compare (According To The Company)

In the second step, you will get the opportunity to review quotes, go through different feedback comments and decide what best suits you. This is a great advantage of using the platform since you will get the chance to go through real feedback from real customers. Plus, Shiply’s services are both verified and insured. 

Step 3: Done (According To The Company)

Once you fix your preferred quote, you will have to pay a small deposit fee. When you pay the deposit fee, your shipment will automatically start getting moved. Another big advantage that you can experience here is that the payment process is completely secure and, most importantly, refundable for the deposit fee. 

What If You Don’t Like Shiply? Alternatives To Shiply!

While Shiply is loved by a majority of its customers, we did come across a few negative comments. In that case, we couldn’t help wondering, what if you don’t like the company? Then what? Obviously, nobody is forcing you to like Shiply’s services. Instead, you can always opt for the brand’s alternatives. 

Here’s a glimpse of the brand’s alternatives!

  1. Uship: 
  2. Anyvan: 
  3. Montway: 
  4. Road Runner Auto Transport: 
  5. Parcel2Go: 
  6. Nexus Auto Transport: 
  7. A-1 Auto Transport: 
  8. 123 Load Board: 
  9. FreightCenter: 
  10. Truckstop: 

Is Shiply Legit? The Best User Reviews On The Internet!

Before you can invest in anything, it’s always best to check out some user or, more importantly, customer reviews. So, here are some of the top shiply reviews we stumbled upon online – and these are also featured on the official website of the company. 

Review By Gsbrown135:

Professional, communicated, accurate in delivery information, wrapped and protected the 100+ year-old piece of furniture. Very pleased with his services.  The seller and the shipper worked together and coordinated with us as well.  The furniture came from Iowa to West Virginia.”

Review By James Johnson:

The initial bidding process was a little cumbersome, but after I got into it, it became easier. For example, in the initial bid, the dimensions of the pallet were not given by Shiply to some bidders, or they did not bother to read the complete bid. 
I initially went with one carrier who then claimed they did not receive the right pallet dimensions and raised the price significantly after I was allowed personal contact. who knows what caused this issue? But the company that got the job did a great job delivering and transporting on days promised.

Review By Mary:

Lina and Sylvester, what a team. Highly recommend. Professional, efficient, and very nice people. I couldn’t have made a move without them. Very accommodating as late booking due to losing original company as delay in confirming completion dates. Excellent all round total exceptional value for money.? Thank you.

Review By Peter Czerepka: 

Great customer service. Was flexible with loading time, solved the issue with empty batteries in my car so it could be loaded on the truck, delivered car to destination in a seamless fashion, and sent me immediately picture of the delivery confirmation document. Great transparency throughout the process. Very kind person.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to Shiply mentioned below in detail.

1. How Much Does Shiply Cost?

The basic cost of getting shipping for household items can vary depending on several factors. But on average, you can easily expect shipping to cost you somewhere around 1.81 dollars per mile for relatively shorter journeys and about 0.59 dollars per mile for any long-distance shipment.

2. Is Shiply Worth It?

Shiply has a crazy consumer rating – a whopping 4.47 stars and that too over 961 reviews, which indicate that a majority of their customers are happy with their investments. In fact, consumers are known to be quite satisfied with the brand for a frequent mention of how great their service happens to be, and that too within a short time span.

3. What Is The Most Trusted Shipping Company?

The most trusted shipping companies in the world are as follows,

• United States Postal Service,
• UPS,
• Sendle,
• Shiply, and
• ShipBob.

4. Is Shipley A Reputable Company?

Did you know that Shipley ranks seventh amongst the best shipping sites in the whole world? The company has several business profiles online, and that too with substantial client feedback, all of which also happen to be overwhelmingly positive. So that’s enough to understand the company has a great reputation.

Our Verdict: Only Green Light For Shiply!

We loved using Shiply – in fact, we have availed of their services on more than one occasion. And every time, the company did not disappoint. However, if you are still not convinced, we can recommend going through several customer reviews of the same available online. 

Plus, the fact the company actually replied to the few negative comments speaks a great deal about their customer support team. So from our end, it’s only green lights for Shipley – tell us, what do you think? And don’t forget to share your experiences with such companies in the comments below.

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