Buffalo Exchange Review: User Review, Rating, Price

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Buffalo Exchange Review

These days, buying and selling old clothes and accessories are trending. However, there are a couple of brands that are doing great in this niche. For example, suppose you buy a cloth and wear it only once. Now, you are feeling not to wear that again, so you just sell it at a low price. You may think that selling at a price will be a loss, but selling it at a low price is better than keeping it and don’t wear it.

In this article, I will talk about buffalo exchange, a store where you can trade, buy and sell clothes and accessories. Go through this article before searching for ‘buffalo exchange near me.’

Buffalo Exchange: Company Overview

Before coming into the details, let’s talk about the basic company information.

TypePrivately Owned
IndustryFashion, Retailer Sell, Resale, Used Clothes
HeadquartersTucson, Arizona
Area ServedUnited States
Locations41 Stores

The company started in 1974 in Tucson, Arizona. The business was started by Kerstin Block and Spencer Block. This couple was the 100% owner of the company, and right now, Kerstin and their daughter Rebecca operate the business. And right now, the company is pretty much huge.

When the business started, the target was everyone, from teenagers to aged people. There is a mix of recycled and new clothes and accessories. You will find trending products, vintage collections, everyday staple products, designer clothes, one-of-a-kind items, and more. The business is standing not on the donation, or it is not a thrift store. They rather buy clothes from the local communities by selecting the right products.

Buffalo Exchange: History 

Buffalo Exchange: History

Kerstin Block came up with the idea to trade secondhand items that would be bright, clean, and curated, and wanted to make an accessible shop where customers could get secondhand accessories and clothes. He stated that to her husband, and they both took the decision to start a business. So, they rented a 400 square feet spot in Tucson.

Charting New Territory

They were the first ones to create and build a chain where people could trade, buy and sell clothes. Though there were other consignment and thrift models, the concept was different. They used to hand-picked every single item based on the preferences of their customers. Then they bought different items and paid for those. After that, they used to display products in a funny way so that people could shop easily.

Rise of Secondhand

Krestin was from Sweden, and she came to Tucson with a scholarship to pursue her studies at the University of Arizona. There she met Spencer and wanted to name their company “Buffalo” because the name sounded like an American name. Though they started in a small location, within a couple of years, they were successful in expanding their business to different locations in 1990.

Sustainable Style

After sixteen years of hard work, they were successful in opening their store in 19 different locations. They focused on the Northwest, Southwest, and California area. Right now, you will find buffalo exchange Chicago, buffalo exchange Dallas and others. The company is quite famous for its initiative to sell items at $1 on the Annual Earth Day. The company is also known for its bags program with tokens.

Buffalo Exchange: Process

Buffalo Exchange: Process

The process of buying and selling items is easy. The store buys items almost every day, whether they are closed or open. And there is no appointment needed. If you want to sell clothes, then you need to bring a government ID, and people under 18 need to bring an adult with them.

If your item/items are selected then they will pay you at once. But how much? There are two options that you can select. Either you will get 25% of the selling price through PayPal. Or you can select the other option where you will get 50% in-store trade, but this will be digital. You can also select cash or trade. The company says that you will find the best products possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that you may find interesting.

How Much Money Do You Get From Buffalo Exchange?

When you are visiting Buffalo Exchange, try to hang out with the Buyer so that they can look for your cleanout. If your items are selected, then you will get 25% cash via PayPal or 50% through Digital Store Trade Card.

Is Crossroads Or Buffalo Exchange Better?

From so many different reviews we have to know that these two stores are nearly the same. And the exchange rate is almost the same. But if you are selling your clothes to Crossroads, they will pay less amount as they sell their products at a lower price. Buffalo will give your more money from selling clothes.

How Do I Make The Most Money At Buffalo Exchange?

Here are the six best tips that will help you to make the most money at Buffalo Exchange.

• You should rotate your clothes and clean your closet every season.
• Try to buy vintage and unique products.
• Every season, you need to pick the best items.
• Try to keep your clothes in great condition.
• In every contact, connect and ask the buyers about their needs.
• Hang out with the buyers, try to understand them, and keep asking about items.

Our Verdict

After reviewing and researching, we have come to the conclusion that undoubtedly Buffalo Exchange is a must-visit store if you are interested in second-hand clothes and accessories. From most websites, we get the information that Buffalo Exchange has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. People who sell or buy from this store are both happy most of the time.

There are people who love to wear trendy and fashionable clothes, but how long can they afford that? If you want your wardrobe to be the most versatile one, then visit the near Buffalo Store. You can find Buffalo Exchange NYC too.

If you want anything to know more, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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