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BoxLunch Review

As a lover of pop culture, I personally found the BoxLunch website very intriguing. DC, Marvel, Star Wars, anime – products related to what you love the most are easily available here. 

When I say products, I’m talking about T-shirts, shirts, bags, accessories, toys, watches, wallets, jackets, and whatnot. On top of that, our own Shang-Chi, Simu Liu, is the brand ambassador of BoxLunch. How cool is that? 

Now, coming to the main point – should you buy from BoxLunch? What are the user reviews? Are the products any good? Or worth spending your money on? Well, I can help you find out. 

About BoxLunch

About BoxLunch

BoxLunch is a specialty retail store (both brick mortar based and web-based). They have a curated collection of both licensed and unlicensed merchandise. You can find your favorite type of specialty merchandise. 

It does not matter which freaky fanbase you represent. They have Mandalorian-themed lunchboxes, demon slayer-themed jackets, and Marvel, DC, and Dragon Ball Z-themed merchandise swarming on the website. 

Most importantly, with each $10 you spend on apparel, home goods, accessories, gift and novelty, and collectibles, BoxLunch will help to secure a meal for the people who need it across the US. So, if you are buying superhero merchandise worth $10 or more, you are basically doing a hero-work. 

Different Products 

Different Products

One tour of the BoxLunch merchandise catalog, and you will be drooling over all the goodies they have to offer. Don’t tell me you are an otaku. Well, I am happy to tell you that you will find stuff with anime flavor. I am talking about Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more.

Well, if you are into Disney stuff, then The Little Mermaid, WALL-E, and Frozen-themed items are ready to mesmerize you. I will not stop talking about all they have on Batman, Star Wars, AOT, The Office, WWE, and Squid Game – because that’s where I roll.

Now long story short – any funny fandom you belong to they have the merchandise and toys of them. You just need to be ready and greedy to claim your favorites. Care to see what products you can buy at Lunchbox? Here is a list of selections you can choose from –

Toys & Collectibles

Toys & Collectibles

You can buy toys and collectibles at BoxLunch. 

  • Blind Boxes
  • Squishmallows
  • Figurines
  • Plush

Be it toys, T-shirts, bags, socks, or other collectibles; you can have a lot to choose from here. You will especially love the recommendations from these categories –DC Comics, Marvel, Demon Slayer, Disney, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball Z.

Sounds interesting? Well, they have a great selection of clothes, accessories, and different items for both women and men.

Women’s Section 

Women's Section

See if you find the women’s section interesting –Graphic Tees, Button-Up Tops, Hoodies, Jackets, Long Sleeves, Cardigans, Dresses, Sleepwear, Sweaters, and Tanks. 

Men’s Section 

The men’s section at BoxLunch is full of cool hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, accessories, wallets, watches, tanks, and so much more. 

BoxLunch Kid’s Section

The kid’s section is full of Disney, Star Wars, and other popular kids-friendly merchandise, toys, wearables, and collectibles. 

BoxLunch Bags 

BoxLunch Bags

Who does not love bags designed with their favorite comic book, anime, or anime character? Well, the designs are not only limited to backpacks. You will find your favorite design on different types of bags. Here are what you can expect –Mini Backpacks, Handbags, Crossbody Bags, Fanny Packs, Backpacks, Cosmetic Bags, Luggage, and Tote Bags.

Pop Culture Section

BoxLunch has a separate pop culture section. You can find and buy things you are looking for from different pop culture categories. I can name – 

  • One Piece
  • Pokemon
  • Sanrio
  • Star Wars
  • My Hero Academia
  • Naruto
  • Sailor Moon
  • Stranger Things
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Disney
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Wednesday
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • The Lord Of The Rings
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Black Panther
  • Demon Slayer
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Marvel
  • Harry Potter
  • Kirby

Box Lunch Review

BoxLunch has been around for quite some time. Most of their customers have not been satisfied with their products due to quality issues. Although they offer a wide selection of products, they fall short in terms of quality. They have 2.63 star ratings on Sitejabber. Trustpilot scores them even below with a 1.7-star rating.

They excel at the range of products to select from, but in terms of customer service and product quality, they are not doing well. Here are some public reviews –

Review 1 

“I’m from Canada but my orders arrive pretty quickly and in good condition too. When I went to Tennessee I went to multiple Hot Topics and found great stuff. BoxLunch was amazing too. I ordered from there to ship to my friend’s house and the order came in mint condition.

In both stores the folks are amazing and it gives off a nice welcoming vibe. Pricey? VERY. But that’s because it’s all official merch and that stuff will always be expensive. The online HT store can be wonky when popular stuff gets put up though.”

Review 2

Wanted to buy the Harry Potter bag but it just wouldn’t let me. Gave me error after error. Finally decided to reach out to their customer service but it’s equally incompetent. Still couldn’t place the order even after 30 minutes because the “order is stuck due to a system error”. Completely useless. Waste of time and energy. Don’t bother, just got somewhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions and answers. You might find them informative and helpful.

How Reliable Is BoxLunch?

BoxLunch is famous for catering products with different types of ad themes. However, most customers have given a negative review of the site, and they have a 2.63 rating out of the review of 19 users.

Most users have reported benignly dissatisfied with their purchase at Box Lunches. They also rank at 44th position in the Food & Drinks and other sites section.

Are BoxLunch And Hot Topic The Same?

To some extent, yes, BoxLunch and Hot Topic are the same. Initially, Hot Topic started, and they broke and expanded into different platforms such as BoxLunch, Her Universe, and Hot Topic.

How Long Has BoxLunch Been Around?

BoxLunch has been around for quite some time now. The brand Hot Topic started BoxLunch as a gift and retail store. Their purpose is to give away. Yes, it is a brand that tries to provide a meal to the people in need for each $10 spent at its store.

Final Words 

It is up to you if you want to buy from BoxLunch or not. The range of pop culture collectibles, merchandise, and products here is immense. They are also quite affordable. But, if you are really into quality, then some other platforms might have more durable and satisfactory items. 

I hope that this review was helpful. However, if you have any further queries, you can take them to the comment box. We usually respond quickly.

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