The Benefits Of Removing The Middleman For Higher Profits

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The Middleman

There are many retailers that are growing increasingly frustrated because they are unable to make a sustainable living because they are dealing with intermediaries all the time.

These middlemen drive up the prices of everything and, they stop retailers from gaining access to the people who are actually manufacturing the goods. You are paying far too much for your stock, and so you have to work twice as hard to make the same money.

The wonderful thing is that manufacturers are now prepared to deal directly with the retailers, and this is excellent news for everyone. They have removed the middleman and so doing business is a lot easier and more straightforward. The other good news is that the manufacturers can now pass on the savings that they make directly to you.

4 Advantages Of Removing The Middleman For Higher Profits

The same applies when it comes to wholesale jewelry in Thailand, which allows you to contact them directly to get the best prices. There are so many benefits to being able to purchase wholesale jewelry directly from the maker, and the following are some of them.

Cutting the middleman out is a serious profit-making standard. For the middle names, the prices are so much from start to end. Even in some cases, the middleman is making huge profits.

1. The Best Prices

As a retailer, you get to save an incredible amount of money because you are now dealing directly with the wholesaler. You will probably be quite angry to learn that the middleman has been making far too much money on your back over the years, but it’s time to look forward to this new beginning. 

Your business may now have increased to the point that you may be able to hire extra staff and you may be able to move to larger premises that you have always talked about.

2. Better Customer Service

Before, you only got to listen to excuses from the middleman. It probably made up a lot of his responses because he didn’t want you contacting the wholesaler directly. Now that you can actually talk with the people who actually make the jewelry, you can have some kind of influence on new patterns and designs that you know your customers will like.

When you are offering the best market prices, you can cut the middleman out from the picture. And sell directly to your customers. 

3. Fewer Contracts & Paperwork

The middleman always got you to sign contracts so that you had to buy directly from them, and know that these are out of the way and stop, you can begin to enjoy a relationship sale that involves fewer contracts and a lot less paperwork. 

It is a win-win situation for everyone, and the wholesaler will be equally glad to do business with you as you are with them. The money saved can be used for a family vacation or two.

4. No Adverse Effects On The Environment

Often for the middleman, the pollution is increasing in the environment. This often happens during transportation.  When crops are delivered to the market, that time, the farmers carry the crops to their destinations. Then from the delivery hubs, these crops are supplied to the other areas. So you will need two forms of transportation. 

These vehicles are seriously increasing the pollution factors in the environment. Not only that, but you also had to use some pest control to keep the crop intact. This is also having adverse effects on the environment.


These four benefits are there when you are cutting off the middleman. Your customers will be able to purchase your wholesale jewelry directly from the manufacturer, and there are numerous more. You can now conduct business on an equal footing, and this will allow you to better price your goods for your consumers. This should help you increase your profits and expand upon your customer base. News of your quality yet low price jewelry will spread, and so you will have more customers than you can shake a stick at. The future’s looking good for you right about now.

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