What Is An Invisalign Treatment & How Can You Accelerate It?

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Are you struggling with poorly aligned teeth? Do the issues of overbites and underbites come in the way of your smile? Is your self-esteem getting impacted by your crooked teeth?

If you nodded your head to any of the above, it is time to look for an effective treatment that improves your teeth alignment. Winnipeg reported a 3.1 percent rise in its GDP in the year 2018. The city offers an affordable cost of living and is a hub of tech innovations. You can find many orthodontists in Winnipeg who suggest the best ways to correct your teeth. One of them is to opt for Invisalign Winnipeg, which has turned out to be the ultimate game-changer.

Unlike the traditional metal braces that make your treatment evident to all, Invisalign involves clear aligners that can blend with your surrounding teeth. This makes them fairly invisible and helps you regain confidence. Invisalign fabricates customized aligners that are made to fit your teeth precisely. This makes the treatment even more personalized.

How Can Invisalign Help?

how can invisalign help

Compared to the metal braces that take over two years to improve your teeth, Invisalign takes close to 8 months to show results. The plastic aligners used for the Invisalign treatment put pressure on your crooked teeth and align them over time.

One of the biggest advantages of these removable aligners is their flexibility. You can choose not to wear clear aligners while eating to enjoy the meals thoroughly. You can also remove them during oral care, like flossing or brushing. This also helps you maintain your overall hygiene without compromising your ongoing treatment.

According to market studies, the global clear aligners market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19.7 percent by 2028. One can quickly gauge the growing interest of people in convenient orthodontic treatments. This inclination peaks even more when the treatments are not noticeable to the people around.

Some patients also worry about the staining of aligners, but the material used to manufacture them keeps the staining away. While traditional braces are known to irritate the cheeks and cause pain, Invisalign offers top-notch comfort. This treatment also brings down your total visits to the dentist since you only need to see the orthodontists readjust the aligners once every six weeks.

Accelerating The Treatment

accelerating the treatment

Once your aligners arrive, you must also speed up the process to see results faster. This is achieved by leveraging accelerated orthodontics, including High-Frequency Vibration treatments. Targeting the periodontal ligaments, these vibrations focus on bone remodeling to align your teeth.

You can opt for a trusted orthodontic vibration device in Winnipeg that assists in seating your aligners correctly to improve teeth movement. Consistent wearing the appliance for over 10 minutes daily can help fit your aligners effectively.

Putting your trust in high-quality accelerators can reduce the overall treatment time required for the alignment of your teeth. Some people can also get perfectly-shaped teeth within a few months if they follow the instructions correctly.

This vibration treatment can also be used during your retention phase. Once the active Invisalign treatment is complete, you must opt for retainers to prevent your teeth from turning into bad shape. Utilizing accelerated orthodontics treatments enables effective bone metabolism, keeping your teeth perfectly aligned.

Wrapping Up

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is one of the largest health regions, providing diverse healthcare treatments to people. Turning to Invisalign in Winnipeg can get you started on the road to a perfect smile.

Don’t let your teeth issues take a toll on your daily life, and opt for a reliable treatment. Additionally, your newly aligned teeth will also likely boost your confidence significantly. This has a vital role in your life whether you are a working professional or a school-going teenager.

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