How Foster Agencies Advocate For The Best Interests Of Children

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published on: 25 July 2023 last updated on: 26 July 2023

The child is at the heart of foster care.

Everything that is done at a fostering agency is to serve the best interests of children who have experienced some kind of trauma, such as neglect or abuse, and need to be housed safely and given the chance to prosper. What are some of the things that fostering agencies do to advocate for these foster children?

Thorough Screening

It would not be in a child’s best interests to be placed in a situation that mimics the trauma that they already went through in the biological home. Additionally, foster parents need to provide a nurturing environment. So, thorough screening is essential to make sure that foster carers are the right caliber of people to care for these precious souls.

People who are 21 years or older and interested in fostering make an application and will be invited to an information session to make sure that they know what they are getting into and what the responsibilities are. This will be followed up by an assessment process of the person who is still keen to foster. This involves checks of the home, background checks, and social worker visits.

Proper in-depth training is given to prepare prospective foster carers for their careers and to help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed to ensure top-quality care for the foster children placed in their care. Finally, there is an independent panel that reviews the application and goes through all the assessments. Only after attaining this milestone is a person considered for the role of foster carer.

Ongoing Training And Support

After the initial training has been provided and the application approved, a newly appointed foster carer will have a child placed with them. Great care is taken to match the child to the right family. Even then, novice foster carer will encounter some challenges as they are on a learning curve. Thus, additional training and 24/7 support are provided to the new carer fostering in Blackpool or wherever they reside.

This support will continue for as long as the person is listed with the agency. So, even when a new situation arises, someone from the agency will be available immediately to help the carer cope successfully. New training is provided for foster carers who express an interest in fostering children with disabilities.

Support groups are established by the agency to enable foster carers to get together and support each other.

Outcomes For The Child

Fostering agencies place the interests of the child first. In many cases, it is ideal for these children to be returned to their families. Sometimes a parent became too ill to take care of their child and may be hospitalized for a long time. If and when they recover, the child can return home safely.

In other scenarios, the family is living in a dangerous area and/or with insufficient income to provide the child with its basic needs. Taking the child away may be temporary as the parents look for a job and a better housing solution.

Sometimes, the parents are addicted to drugs or have abused and/or neglected the child. Such a child may end up in a long-term foster placement or even have the option of being adopted if the parent cannot convince the courts that they have rehabilitated or if the safety of the child is considered to be at risk.

The child’s interests are central to what foster agencies do and advocate for.

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