Corporate Training Trends to Watch in 2022

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published on: 18 December 2021 last updated on: 21 December 2021
Corporate Training Trends

Corporate training is now an integral part of organizations’ culture in Singapore. For a long, ongoing training within corporations was an afterthought. Today, the fast-paced nature of the business landscape makes skill training and development (T&D) crucial for improved growth.

Companies have increasingly integrated training into their investment and growth strategy with incredible results. If you want to get the best out of your staff training programs, stay abreast of new trends in corporate training.

This post looks at emerging corporate training trends that every organization in Singapore should watch out for. Read on.

1. Employee-centric Training 

Corporate training has continued to change over the last three decades. For a long time, the focus of such training in organizations was not on the employee. While all organizations agree the employee is at the heart of corporate success, much of the focus is on the business. 

Many training programs focused on the organization’s operations rather than the people driving such success. Employees would attend such training and get bombarded with new information that made little difference in their lives. Today, corporate training has undergone a fundamental change with the trend set to explode in 2022.  

The best training programs now focus on the employee, and this shift has seen better outcomes from such learning programs. Employee-centric programs such as wellness appreciate the critical role the employees play. If you plan to integrate staff training into your business plans, look for a training company that has an employee-centric approach.

2. Personalized Corporate Training

The skills required for different cadres in an organization vary widely. Every employee has personal growth needs and ambitions. As a business manager, one of your key roles is to identify such differences in needs. 

Corporate training will shift from a one-fits-all approach to personalized/tailored training. Business managers have to learn more about their employees and identify their needs. They have to collaborate more closely with employees and understand what skills can make them better at their jobs.

With personalized corporate training, it becomes easier to motivate your team, boost retention levels, and attract the right talent. These are some of the main corporate training benefits. 

For personalized corporate training to work, organizations need to leverage data to understand employees better. You can take surveys among your team to learn more about individual members. The best training programs help you customize employee training through reports.  

3. Emphasis on Security Training

The global disruptions of 2020 have had a huge impact on businesses in Singapore. With more companies embracing digital operations and changes to the modern workplace, security issues have become a major talking point. 

The crisis in 2020 caused knee-jerk reactions across the globe where employees started working remotely without proper preparations. More organizations also shifted to the digital landscape without proper security precautions. The haphazard transition has led to a sharp rise in security issues across industries. This sets up security awareness as a key trend in corporate training come 2020. 

Employees have always been identified as the weak link in organizations’’ security systems. For instance, email phishing which is the most common cybercrime happens through the actions of employees. If you’re a business manager, this is a corporate training trend you have to watch out for and embrace. 

With the sophistication of cyberattacks over the last decade, corporate training can transform employees into an asset in cyber security. Organizations need to invest in corporate security awareness to prevent loss of reputation, financial losses, legal problems, and many other adverse consequences.  

4. Diversity Training 

In a globalized workplace, diversity is now a common topic of discussion. Some organizations that have handled diversity issues poorly have suffered terribly. To avoid such eventuality, consider diversity training for your employees. This has emerged as a big trend that’s going to be part of the corporate training in coming years. 

Through diversity training, you address everything unique about your team from sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, race, color, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, gender, socio-economic status, ton age. The training helps employees embrace such differences. Such training helps create a harmonious workplace where everyone feels part of the team. 

5. Wellness Training

Wellness has become a big trend in modern society. For a long time, corporate organizations focused solely on the bottom line and overlooked the welfare of employees. With increased research on the role of wellness in productivity, many organizations now have wellness programs. 

As organizations seek to improve the welfare of their employees, you can expect even more investment in wellness training. This is an ever-changing aspect of corporate training and it requires professional handling. Through wellness training, organizations can increase productivity, reduce healthcare costs, improve teamwork and collaboration, and increase motivation among employees.

Final Thoughts

Whatever organization you run in Singapore, it’s time to integrate corporate training into your system. The best training program ensures your team has the right skills to compete in a rapidly changing world. Some training trends such as diversity training help your company stay up-to-date with workplace changes. If you have the right training partner, you won’t miss out on these corporate training trends. Go on and talk to your corporate training provider about integrating these trends into your existing program. 

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