Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Play in Accident Claims

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Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Play in Accident Claims

Whenever we deal with an accident, why aren’t we yet to be quite convinced about the insurance company.

Even after paying hundreds of dollars from your hard-earned salary every year, you are not able to receive peace after an accident.

Some way or the other, you are not assured about the insurance money.

You are always under this anticipation that the insurance company will play some dirty trick and refuse to pay.

Well, if you are reading this article after going through an accident recently, then you must know that it is not the end.

If your insurance company is refusing to pay your deserved share of compensation, then you should definitely know about the dirty tricks they are playing.

Why Having A Lawyer Helps

No saying that your insurance will be playing some dirty tricks, but you must always be prepared for the worst.

Now, if you are planning to go to the insurance company for your car accident claim, then here is what you have to do.

Hire a lawyer based on the accident that you have encountered. They will easily see through the dirty tricks and allow you to take each step carefully. They will be representing you and prevent you from making any mistake which will give your insurance company any ammunition.

Dirty Tricks You Should Be Aware Off

Here are some of the dirty tricks which your insurance company can play, and thus you should be well aware of them.

1. Use Your Own Words Against You

According to some of the worst witnessed cases of a Decatur Car Accident Lawyer, she has said that insurance agents often use your words against you.

They know you are in a vulnerable state of mind, and they take this opportunity to ask as many questions to get a weapon against you/

The trick is to not answer anything without the presence of a lawyer.

2. Try To Pay You Quickly

They know that people who are coming to claim insurance are desperate for money. Thus, you will often find them forming a contract quickly and paying off the insurance as soon as possible.

This is to ensure that the victim of the ancient gets very less time to negotiate. Thus, they can settle it with a much less amount than you deserve.

3. Try To Disregard Your Claim

Even if you try to negotiate and try to increase the claimed amount, they will try to disregard them. You must understand that they are not willing to pay your deserved amount. Thus, they will bring about police and hospital documents and investigate the accident thoroughly so that they have evidence against you.

Only a good Decatur Car Accident Lawyer will be able to give the appropriate answer against the evidence.

4. Manipulate You With Their Lawyers

They have their own lawyers as well, and if you try to make a huge claim, the attorneys who are representing the insurance company will try to manipulate you.

In all reality, they will scare you with consequences which might come if the claims are too big. This is why we always advise that you get a personal attorney yourself and never trust yourself alone with these agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not worry; you just need all the research you can get in order to win over the dirty tricks of your insurance company. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions which can be of great help. The answers are collected from a Decatur Car Accident Lawyer’s expert advice.

1. Why Should You Never Cheat Your Insurance Company?

Ans. Just because your insurance company is playing dirty tricks on you, it doesn’t mean you will get impatient and start cheating them. This is when victims give them wrong information and evidence.

When your insurance company finds out, it will not only cross out your current insurance but blacklist you from getting any further insurance. It is always better to get a lawyer.

2. Is My Insurance Company Following Me?

Ans. No, your insurance company won’t be stalking you to collect evidence against you. However, they will be visiting the police station and hospital and will take your interview more often than not.
Whenever you are speaking to them, ensure to have a lawyer present at all times.

Play Your Cards Right!

They know you are scared!

They know you do not know the law!

Therefore, it is essential to have a legal background with you at all times when you are speaking with your insurance companies. Other than that, you already know the tricks they could be playing, so be aware and articulate them with your attorney if you face one.

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