Top 8 Ways To Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error In windows 10

Whea uncorrectable error

To set the record straight some errors are so disturbing to see and can be a nightmare especially if you are doing something serious.  One of these errors is the Whea uncorrectable error which occurs on Windows 10 and occurs on a good number of people at the same time.  

If you have been facing this problem then you are not alone, there are so many other people with the same issues as well.  Given that this problem affects many people, finding a solution to it is of great importance. However, with no proper and credible information on this issue, it is still hard for some people to go about this issue and more so in the right manner.  

Even though there are ways that people can use in dealing with this problem, some of them are not as effective as they are supposed to be. Being this way, there has been more confusion coming along with this problem with the need for the right and correct information becoming even more essential. 

If you have been experiencing the stop code Whea uncorrectable error and you need a proper solution this is the text you need. From the text, you are going to find all the information you need in dealing with this problem if this has been one of the problems you have been having.  

How Does The Whea Uncorrectable Error Come About?  

You might want to know how to fix a Whea uncorrectable error but unless you know how the issue comes about you might not be able to deal with this problem or even avoid it when you need to.  There are a number of issues that give birth to the Whea uncorrectable error.  

One of the most known causes of Whea uncorrectable error is a clash in your system’s services.  Normally, whenever there is such a thing chances are you are going to have the Whea uncorrectable error coming up on your screen.  The other reason could be that you have some outdated drivers on your computers. Such kinds of drivers could also be the reason why you keep getting the Whea uncorrectable error on your computer.  

When these errors come up, there is no option left for you other than finding a lasting solution to this problem.  It is only by doing this that you will be able to avoid any further problems with your computers for many years to come.  

Unlike in the other cases of the blue screen of death errors, the Whea uncorrectable error emanates from hardware.  These errors might among many things form some kind of an error to an avid computer user who might then find himself looking for a lasting solution to it.  

Performing A Windows Memory Diagnostic 

One of the reasons why you are experiencing the Whea uncorrectable error could be due to corrupt memory.  If this is the case for your issue then it is even much easier for you to deal with the problem.  You only need to carry out a memory diagnostic and identify the problem.  Once you have identified the culprit you can move on from there to deal with it in the end.  

Check Whether You Have An Updated Windows Or Not 

You could be getting a Whea uncorrectable error simply because you have windows that are out of date.  To try to deal with this problem, make sure you update your windows just in case you have one which is not updated.  

Run A Memtest86+

If you are an error of Whea uncorrectable error sort because of an issue with the memory of your computer then this could also be another one of your solutions.  Much like the other issues which regard computers, this one too can be the solution to your problems.  The Memtest86+ is one of the best ways there is to deal with a corrupt memory issue.  

Use Driver Verifier To Fix This Problem 

There are some people who can log to windows without necessarily having to go straight to the safe mode.  If you are one of these people then you can use a Driver Verifier to locate the cause of this error.  Once you have run this verifier, you will be able to find a solution to this problem and deal with it.  

Try And Disable Windows Overlocking 

Even though overclocking your PC might enhance your PC performance, it might as well come with some other things which might not be beneficial to you.  One of these things could be a Whea uncorrectable error.  To avoid such a thing from happening, you only need to disable window overlocking and that will be it.  

Running System Restore On Your PC 

If you are out of options and looking for a solution to a Whea uncorrectable error then this can also come in handy.  By running a system on your PC, you might end up solving this problem in the end.  Even though this solution might fail to work in some cases, it might still be helpful in the end.  


The Whea uncorrectable error can be solved by so many means with this being one of them.  Given that there is no precise solution for this process means that any of the available solutions can work for you.  One of these solutions is the SFC and the CHKDSK which might also be a solution to you with this problem as well.  

Reset Your BIOS Configuration To Default 

Running your BIOS configuration to default has proven to be one of the solutions one can use in dealing with a Whea uncorrectable error. There is no guarantee that you are going to get assistance with this approach but better try it out.  


If you get a Whea uncorrectable error windows 10 then that could be because of the reasons stated in the text above.  Also in the text, you will also find other better solutions which you can use in dealing with this problem fully.  

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