TeamSpeak VS Discord – Things You Need To Know In 2021

TeamSpeak vs discord

If you need to chat then there are so many platforms that you can use for this purpose.  TeamSpeak vs discord are some of them. These two platforms are some of the best there is in the business that you can use to chat and play games as well.  

However, telling which one of these two is the best is what caused some people problems.  It is never an easy process to carry out especially if you are getting exposed to these two platforms for the very first time.  In this view therefore, the text below attempts to look at these two platforms to offer you the best view into each one of them.  

Therefore, if you wish to make the best choice between discord vs TeamSpeak then this text will help you to do that perfectly. The article will be looking at some key features of these two platforms to allow you choose the best between them if you need any for whatever purpose.  

There are many VOIP applications which have been formed in the world lately.  However, the very famous of these two posts are TeamSpeak vs discord.  However, picking the best application between these two is never an easy thing which is what brings around the TeamSpeak vs discord debate. 

TeamSpeak VS Discord 

Think of the earliest digital communication services ever created.  Discord on the other hand is relatively new compared to TeamSpeak.  However, as time has gone by the popularity of Discord has continued to increase and is now very popular.  

This time difference is what has led people to asking which one of these two is better.  TeamSpeak acts as a VOIP service.  Discord does the same but secondary to this role that TeamSpeak plays, it also offers many other important functions.  

This information might make you think that Discord is the best choice between these two.  However, there are more details that you need to check for you to establish which one of these two are better than the other.  As such, it is also important to look at these other details to help you establish which one of the is the best for you.  

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Capacity And Performance 

The first aspect in the assessment of TeamSpeak vs discord is the issue of capacity and performance as well.  On this issue these two applications fair on differently.  For TeamSpeak, it uses few resources on your device.  This is exactly what leads to the best performance without having to affect your connection in any way.  

When it comes to discord though the case is a bit different. Its performance is very different from that of TeamSpeak.  Many people regard discord performance to be a bit poor.  When you install discord, it consumes so much of your memory as well as disk usage which makes the running of your system more complicated.  

This overloaded system is what makes this application hinder other processes within your system.  As such, some people disregard this application when it comes to performance, TeamSpeak is much better when you look at things from this angle.  

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Service Provision 

The other important thing to note which helps to determine which one of these two applications is the best is the issue of services.  As a person looking to make the best choice between these two, it is very important for you to try much harder and see which one of these two comes out at the top.  

One issue of service, TeamSpeak has been the center of services since the year 2002 in the month of August.  Discord on the other hand was released in the year 2015 and became so popular right after that.  As time went by, discord moved on to become one of the best VOIP service providers ever created.  

Even though discord was discovered later on, it has continued to improve in terms of service which has made it so popular.  It is expected that the popularity of discord will go up even more in the coming days giving it an edge over TeamSpeak.  

If you need to make the best choice between TeamSpeak vs discord on this issue alone then you might have to go with discord.  Even though TeamSpeak has been in the business for a long period of time it still is not as good in terms of service.  

TeamSpeak VS Discord: Privacy 

Privacy is also another essential factor to be considered when choosing the best application between TeamSpeak vs discord.  Theoretically, TeamSpeak is such a flexible application.  Even though TeamSpeak has never given out details of its privacy protection measures.  This in some ways showed that TeamSpeak can show the server administrator is able to see IP addresses for all the participants.  

When it comes to privacy or the whole issue of it, discord comes with some rather disturbing safety practices.  This application collects all the information about your activities while at the same time retaining all your sensitive information which is very risky in some ways.  

Some people consider this to be somehow unsafe while others think that it is not safe.  Depending on what your expectations are you might find this to be either safe or unsafe in some ways.  All in all TeamSpeak appears to also do well on this issue of privacy but some people might have their opinions on this issue.  

As a person, it is important to know exactly what you want, then try to look around and see which one of these two offers you the best deal.  As said above already, the issue of privacy is very relative meaning it is up to an individual to choose.  


The debate of discord vs TeamSpeak is one that touches on quite a number of things. The article above looks into the whole concept of discord vs TeamSpeak to help you choose the best application between these two for your own good.  

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