4 Things An User Should Check Before Buying THC-O Products

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THC-O Products

As the legal status of cannabis continues to change and more states are legalizing recreational and medical use, manufacturers are coming up with new products that cater to these changing attitudes.

Consumers now have access to cannabis-infused oils, drinks, candies, chocolates, and even ice cream. These THCO products are marketed as better versions of regular cannabis because they don’t contain additives such as artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

However, there is no standard for what constitutes a THC-O product. Manufacturers are free to use this label wherever they think it will sell their product best, meaning that consumers need to do their homework before buying any THC-O product.

Why Are People Buying THC-O Products Online Over Offline Stores?

Buying THC-O Products Online

There are many reasons why people are purchasing THC-O products online rather than in a store. For one thing, not every state allows for the sale of cannabis edibles.

In California, for example, only medical cannabis products can be sold in dispensaries, while recreational products are sold online. If you’re in a state where these products are legal, buy them online instead of driving to a dispensary. Not only can you avoid driving to a shop, but you also have a more comprehensive selection of products to choose from online.

Sometimes, you can even find brands and products that aren’t available in stores near you. Unfortunately, online shopping has its downsides.

You don’t get to see the products in person, get advice from a salesperson, and know if a product has been mislabeled or tampered with. You will, however, be able to find more information about the products you buy online.

4 Things You Should Check Before Buying THC-O Products


THC-O is a cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting THC-A from the plant material. While THC-O products are often touted as safer and more productive than other forms of cannabis, there is limited scientific research on their safety or efficacy.

As a result, it is essential to exercise caution when buying and consuming THC-O products.

Here are 5 things a user should check before buying a THC-O product:

1. Check The Label For Cannabinoid Content

You’re probably safe if you’re only buying THC products. But if you’re buying products meant to be THC-O, you must ensure they are THC-O. Many products that are labeled as THC-O have minimal THC in them.

So, you need to check the label to ensure it says the actual amount of cannabinoids in the product. If you’re buying edibles, you might not be able to find this information on the label because the FDA doesn’t regulate edibles.

Edible producers aren’t even required to test their products to ensure they’re safe to eat, although many do. If you’re buying any other type of THC-O product, ensure the manufacturer has tested their product and that they have the test results on the label.

2. Be Careful Of Dosing

You could be sorely disappointed if you buy THC-O products in the hopes of getting an excellent high. Some try to play it safe by eating only a bit of a THC-O edible. Others are too eager to get high and eat way too much.

These are two common mistakes that people who buy THC-O products make. And if you make them too, then you could end up with a bad experience. First, find out how much THC is in the product you want to eat or drink to avoid making these mistakes.

This will aid you in generalizing how much of the product you should eat or drink. If you want to be careful, you might use a cannabis product testing kit to know how much THC is in your sample.

You can always get a blood test if you don’t want to spend the money on a THC-O product testing kit. Remember, though, that blood tests only tell you how much THC is in your blood right now. They don’t tell you how much THC you’ll have in your blood after eating a particular product.

3. Watch Out For Additives

You can tell if a product is pure THC by looking at the ingredients. If there are only a few ingredients in the product, then you can be reasonably sure there’s only one active ingredient—THC.

If a product has many ingredients, you can’t be sure what’s in it. It could be pure THC, or it could contain other harmful additives. Some ingredients are added to make THC-O edibles more palatable. Others are added to make cannabis products more effective.

If you’re buying a THC-O product meant to be eaten, you might find out what’s in it by reading the product description online. If you’re buying a cannabis product that’s meant to be taken by mouth or inhaled, you should be able to find the ingredients listed in the product description.

4. Decide If You Want To Ingest Or Inhale It.

If you buy THC-O products meant to be ingested, you can eat them like any other food. You can also add them to foods, such as butter and jam. However, you should be aware that the effects will be delayed.

If you choose to buy THC-O products meant to be inhaled, you should be careful about storing them. THC-O products like vaporizer oils and gels are flammable and should be kept from heat and open flames.

If you’re looking to buy edible THC-O products, you should be aware that they’re not as potent as those meant to be inhaled. Inhaled THC reaches your bloodstream quickly, while ingested THC takes longer to go through your digestive system.


There are many reasons why people are purchasing cannabis products online. Consumers have more options available online than in stores, and they can also find out what’s in these products.

If you want to buy THC-O products, do your homework before buying. Check the label to see what’s in the product, check the reviews, and ensure you know how much THC is in the product and how much you should eat or drink.

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