5 Handy Resources To Help You Boost Social Engagement With Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild and the world’s third most popular website, Facebook, is one of the most popular social media platforms.

Do you know that Facebook has more than 2.61 million active users? Well, it has to be true because my grandmother has six accounts (she forgets her password and is yet to understand what e-mail is).

I use Facebook to extract ugly pictures of my friends from the 2000s. Facebook is now called Meta and has bought Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more. Therefore, it is a great platform to reach and connect with people.

However, there is a catch. With billions of people across the globe, Facebook is also one of the top online marketplaces and a great digital tool. Online businesses have reached new levels because of Facebook’s reach and growth. Some also buy Facebook followers to gain popularity on facebook.

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Top 5 Resources To Boost Social Engagement With Facebook

However, one can guarantee growth and improvement only when one can create energy. A good engagement rate will determine if your products are a hit or flop.

We will discuss some of the top resources to boost Facebook engagement.

1) Consistency

If there is one golden rule applicable to all social media platforms, it is consistency. No matter whether it is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else, consistency is the key to success.

Do you know that Pewdiepie, the famous Youtuber, grew from 12 million subscribers to 20 million subscribers within a year? The secret to his success was consistency. He did not miss a day posting videos, and the world saw the result.

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Similarly, it is crucial for you as a brand or even an individual to stay ahead of everyone in uploading and creating posts on Facebook.

Consistency is also essential for SEO purposes. Accounts posting consistently are ranked higher than the others. It also increases the reach on Facebook. Constant exploration generates curiosity that helps you gain popularity on Facebook.

2) Interact with the audience

The audience is the ultimate judge on Facebook or any other social media platform. Therefore, it is essential to keep them engaged so that they stay hooked to your account. You have to be creative enough to keep them glued to you.

In this tight competition, accounts are growing increasingly competitive. Therefore, you need to put multiple methods into one place.

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My favorite and personally suggested method is the opinion round. It is always helpful to ask for opinions from your audience. You can ask them what they want to see on your feed next. Is it a hack? A review or personal anecdote that keeps you going.

This way, they feel acknowledged and valued. Valuing their input develops a deeper relationship between you two.

Similarly, you can have a candid and spontaneous question-answer session via stories or timeline texts.

3) A Look Behind The Scenes

Professionalism is important to ace any field. However, it is the era of going candid. People nowadays like to have fun and be creative. They like being unpolished and candid.

And when you know what your audience enjoys, why not serve them that?

You should always be open to letting your followers have some insight into behind-the-scenes episodes. It can be anything from how you set up your studio to bloopers.

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My favorite BTS video has been of a brown mom throwing a slipper at her son for not coming down for dinner and creating reels instead. (I will never get over it).

Everyone, from top to new brands, has used this trick to keep followers engaged and feed their curiosity and increase reach on Facebook.

4) Popular Topics

Trending topics can include anything from the latest dance trends, to a viral meme or gif, or a viral video.

When Amber Heard’s famous line from the trail, “My dog stepped on a bee,” went viral, numerous brands jumped in to use it for their marketing.

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Following trends has been central to the marketing stratagem of Durex. Durex India is always ready with a new post whenever any famous Bollywood couple is married. When top actress Alia Bhatt announced her pregnancy, Durex took a line from her husband’s song and created a post liked by millions.

Staying updated on trends gives you a competitive edge. As most of the active users on Facebook are between 18 and 30 of age. These people love to see the latest memes and gifs. As a result, it will increase your social engagement on the platform.

5) Contests and Prizes

People across national and international boundaries, races, and ethnicities love freebies and prizes. Contests and giveaways are a way to use this “like” of theirs to get likes, shares, and comments.

You need to craft the contest in such a way that participants have to engage.

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A good example is to hide the clue to the prize in your posts. As a result, they will have to visit your profile, watch videos, see pictures, read texts, etc., for clues.

Another way is to ask participants to at least like and share a post, follow you, and tag friends, asking them to repeat the steps. This way you can gain popularity on Facebook.


Did you know that 98% of Facebook users operate it from their mobile, and the majority of Facebook users are women? These factors are also crucial when constructing your Facebook engagement strategy.

If one uses the right mind and creativity, Facebook has a lot to offer. However, you must always aim for organic traffic against paid engagement. Organic traffic will bring you long-term growth and engagement, unlike short-term hikes when you buy Facebook followers.


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