The Benefits Of Self-Storage For College Students During Summer Break

Benefits Of Self-Storage For College Students

Let’s face it: a student’s life is not easy. That’s why your folks have told you so many times that you will start growing up once you get to college.

From now on you’d be faced with so many things you have to think about all the time (similarly to your parents, although you are still young and free, right?).

With this hype of so many responsibilities, the summer break or some other occasion will come, and you will be faced with the decision of where to put your belongings for a while.

Renting a storage facility can be one of the smartest decisions you can make. So, read on and learn more about this opportunity and its advantages in today’s helpful material.

What Is Self-Storage Anyway?

So, you haven’t rented a private storage unit before? Relax. It’s not such a big deal for you to have to worry about it much.

Like other private services such as the man and van you used to come here and the end-of-tenancy cleaning you counted on to get your tenancy deposit back, self-storage units are nothing but paying a company to provide you with free space and keep your belongings safely.

It’s good to know that this service comes in many forms and can suit your needs easily.

For instance, you can opt for a long-term storage unit if you will be away for more than 3 months (for instance, during the summer vacation), as well as for a short-term service while signing the contract with your first landlord.

In addition, you can require some extra security services and even demand a climate-controlled module where no low temperature, direct sunlight or humidity can spoil your luxurious items.

All The Summer Student Self-Storage Benefits At One Place

Summer Student Self-Storage Benefits At One Place

The variety of self-storage services isn’t the only reason why we recommend them for your student belonging while you are away.

There are so many other pros to enjoy. Find all about them below to make up your mind today, and forget about all those difficult and complicated solutions to store your items for a short period.

Maximum Flexibility For Young People With Dynamic Lives

Students prefer the storage module because they usually need the freedom to form up the concrete service, as well as constant access to their belongings.

Thankfully, the service is flexible enough to provide all of these.

For example, with a personal key or password, you can get some of your books to read during summer, even if you have already left your baggage in the storage unit.

Peace Of Mind During The Stressful Student’s Life

Exams, rents, love affairs, nasty professors, envious fellow students – these are only a few things that torture the young university freshman’s head.

So why make life even more complicated? Have your things stored and secured while you travel abroad, search for a new job to have money for renting your own house while living at a friend’s place, visiting your folks, etc.

The peace of mind that this stress-free service gives is so precious. No. It is priceless.

Better Organisation Is No Longer A Mission Impossible

It’s a long way back to your home place, right? And if you have to carry all your belongings that multiply with each next year, that trip seems like a real nightmare.

We’ve heard stories about students who refuse to return home for vacation just to skip that heavy transportation of boxes. And it becomes even worse when you don’t have the money to pay for a man and van.

On the other hand, you can literally spend just one day arranging your visit to your folks. Just get a bus ticket, nap while traveling, and ring the doorbell when you are there. You will feel much better this way, guaranteed!

And, of course, have your baggage kept at the storage unit. Your mum will be happy about that because once you moved out, she made a personal gym of your own room. And now there’s no room for your things there.

Ease In Finding New Housing

Self-storage services are top-rated among students who drop campus life and decide to grow up even faster.

While they look for a new place having their belongings kept and preserved in a safe area is another way to get the peace of mind they need. Even when moving from one rented property to another, you might need some time to arrange the process.

During this period, it’s impossible to carry your suitcases everywhere you go – your job spot, your girlfriend’s place, the library, your favorite bar, and you name it. So, self-storage becomes a convenient and easy solution.

How Much Does Self-Storage Cost?

What students hate about storage units is that they have to pay for them. Yes, this is a private service, and it’s not included in the annual tuition price.

However, you don’t have to be first in the mathematics class to quickly understand that self-storage services can actually save you lots of money. Instead of paying the man and van twice yearly to visit your folks, you can rent a short-term storage unit twice.

It takes one to rely on the storage module as an option, and you will never go back to the rest weird alternatives you’ve got to accommodate your personal items.


Not just students but also parents do prefer the storage units rather than any other options for temporary stocking of books, clothes, and other belongings.

So in many ways, this service can solve adults’ problems, too. Some parents make the sacrifice to drive the whole country with a rented minivan to get their kids for the summer (alongside their baggage). This could be exhausting, stressful, and very expensive.

But from now on, such trips are not needed anymore. Students can take benefit of the storage units at their maximum potential and show their parents that they are capable, organized, and resourceful, too.

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