What Is Google Chrome Helper? And How To Disable It?

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One of the concerns that some people have had in the past is being able or knowing how to disable google chrome helper.  Well, if you have been looking for a way of carrying out this process then you are not alone, there are many other people as well.  However, there is more to google chrome helper which goes beyond just being able to disable the google chrome helper itself.  

For you to learn how to disable google chrome helper, you need to, first of all, know what is google chrome helper in the first place. Once you have an idea of what google chrome helper is then you will know how to disable it, in the best way possible.  This is what this discussion is all about.  The text takes a look at how to disable google chrome helper but first, what is google chrome helper.  

What Is Google Chrome Helper?

A good number of people have no idea of what exactly google chrome helper is. As such, before delving into the furthest and finest details of google chrome helper, it is only right that a discussion like this one begins with a google chrome helper definition.  This is the only best place one can start with a conversation in this regard.  

A google chrome helper is simply an interface bridge.  This bridge is the one that allows you to connect external plugins to your browser and work.  The essence of a google chrome helper therefore cannot be underestimated. 

Why Do People Disable The Google Chrome Helper? 

You might have wondered why people wish to delete google chrome helper.  Well, there are many reasons why people prefer this approach and it varies from one place to the other.  One of the reasons is the fact that google chrome helper slows down a CPU which some people find to be so annoying.  

As such, they choose to look for a way of rendering this interface useless. If you wish to carry out this process then there are various procedures that you can use in carrying out this process.  Whatever the reasons you might have, finding the best approach for going about this process is very important.  

Is It Possible To Disable The Google Chrome Helper? 

You might have been looking for a way to disable your google chrome.  However, before getting underway with this process, it is important for you too, first of all, determine whether this process is possible or not.  It is only by knowing whether this is the case that you will be able to look for a convenient way that you can use to go about this procedure.  

The good thing is that it is possible to disable google chrome helper only if you need to have the right process of carrying out this process.  There are various procedures that you can use to carry out this process which is what this text is all about.    

Disabling The Google Chrome Helper 

Disabling google chrome helper is not that complicated for the people who have the best understanding of this process.  Once you have the right procedure in mind, this process should be seamless to you and should not take you a long period of time as well.  

To disable your google chrome helper, open google chrome on your PC or Mac 

Once you open google chrome helper, you will be able to see three vertical dots located top right corner 

Once you have done that go to the settings >Advanced >privacy and security > settings. Other than that, you can also enter chrome: //settings / content/ unsandboxedPlugin.  Doing this should be able to get you the plugin settings right away.  

After doing that scrolls down to the additional permissions and then click on the unsandboxedPlugin access and then click on the blue slider and wait until it changes to gray

By this process, you will have completed disabling the chrome helper tool and will not need to worry about it later on.  By doing this, you will also have changed the chrome permission from asking when the site wishes to use a plugin on your computer to not allow any site to make use of your plugin in accessing your computer.  

There are many ways which you can use to stifle any overactive helper.  However, out of all these methods and processes, disabling all plugins to your computer is the best way of going about this process. Once you have successfully disabled google chrome helper on your computer, you will then have to manually enable plugins.  

What Happens Anytime You Turn Off The Chrome Helper 

The process of disabling chrome auto help is pretty easy to carry out.  The other good thing is that carrying out this procedure will also not prevent you from using plugins. All you will have to do in this case will be to opt-in for you to view the plugin contents on a case-by-case basis.  

However, you need to be informed that the process of deactivating your google chrome helper is not as intuitive as you might wish.  You also do not get a mention of your helper out of your activity monitor as well as forum complaints.  As such, you will have to dig deeper into two levels in your chrome settings.  

Given the number of complaints that have been there about google chrome helper, it is only right to say that disabling it is a good move.  With the process being as easy and seamless as seen above, you have no reason to keep enduring hard times with google chrome helper.  


The text above offers you ways which you can use to disable google chrome helper if you wish to.  The procedure is so elaborate and will not take you any long period of time to carry it out to completion.  Also in the text, you will also find other details about google chrome helper. 

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