15 Small Business Packaging Ideas For Creative Gift Wrap

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Small Business Packaging Ideas

Packaging is an important part of running a business, and it helps a lot in keeping the customers delighted and also ensures the safety of the product at the same time. If you are looking for small business packaging ideas, to package items for your business, you have come to the right place. Read on through to the end of the article to get fully informed.

Packaging ideas that are of high-quality help in offering top experience to customers. Furthermore, there is also custom packaging for small businesses, which, if used, can make a big difference in the experience of customers and can also help the business to compete with top brands. In this article, we have listed some of the best small business packaging ideas.

Small Business Packaging Ideas For Creative Wraps

Small Business Packaging Ideas For Creative Wraps

Any packaging idea for small businesses can fall under one of the categories given here – boxes, bags, wraps, and pouches. Hence, you will need to keep this in mind and also need to understand that your packaging idea need not be boring.

The following are some of the small business packaging ideas that can be helpful for you:

1. Customized Print In Shipping Boxes

This is one of the best ideas for boxes for small businesses. Customers love customized printing in shipping boxes, and most of them have agreed that the design of the packaging plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions. Customers like printed boxes rather than custom boxes.

2. Custom Print Wraps

If you sell clothes and fashion accessories, branded paper wraps are better. Apart from increasing brand awareness, branded paper wraps are a great way to personalize business items for customers. This is also a great option if your business deals with giftable items.

3. Personalized Paper Bags

If you are looking for cute packaging ideas, then personalized paper bags are a great way to increase the brand awareness of the company. This is great if you want to create high-quality paper bags that are aesthetically pleasing. This further adds to the customer experience.

4. Pouches With Labels

If you see products that require sealed packages, you can use labels and attractive prints on your pouches. Using a standup pouch, in this case, will allow you to display your items better on your shelves. You can also create your bags in such a way that they can be recycled.

5. Uniquely Shaped Boxes

If you want your product packages to stand out from other brands, in particular, then you might consider using uniquely shaped boxes that are not square or rectangular in shape. You can go for hexagonal boxes with wrapped boxes to give your packages a different look.

6. Die-Cut Boxes

This is one of the best small business packaging ideas to stand out with the packaging of your product. Furthermore, you can also display a significant portion of your product that is inside the package. This is also a great way for your product to stand out on the shelves.

7. Themed Packages

If you are running a small business that works on the model of subscription, then themed packaging is the best option for you to try. Although a bit expensive, it also helps the customer to feel different and enhances their experiences. Customers also like to promote such products.

8. Customized Flat Mailers

This is the best packaging idea if your business deals with stationery and art products. Although such type of packaging does not offer protection to the product, it surely makes it memorable for the customer. This way, you can enhance the customer experience as well as brand awareness.

9. Hand-painted Paper Wraps

If your products require protective packaging, you can enhance their looks by using craft paper, paint, or simple sketches, that make the customer feel loved. This is also an affordable and eco-friendly option.

10. Paper Folding Packaging

This is one of the cheapest small business packaging ideas among all the options. However, you can use this option only if your products do not require extra protection. In such cases, you can make use of eco-friendly packaging materials, old newspapers, magazines, etc.

11. Fabric Wrapping

If you sell vintage items, you can use fabric wrapping as a packaging option. In such cases, too, you can make use of vintage crafts, and stationery is inserted in the package.

12. Canvas Bags

Canvas bags that are used in packaging are getting popular since it not only offer ample space but also make the business stand out in terms of design. Furthermore, your customers will also love it, as they will be able to reuse the bags later.

13. Unique Jewelry Packaging

If your business deals with pieces of jewelry and accessories, you can go for custom packaging as per the needs and demands of the customers. This will enable you to insert designs on the packages and will also make them look cute.

14. Belly Bands Made Of Recycled Papers

These are sleeve-type papers that you can customize as per your need and use as wraps-around products. If you use soap packages or square packages, you can use such belly bands. These are great ways to show your products off, and customers will also be able to find your products easily.

15. Boutique Cloth In Packaging

Boutique clothing packaging ideas are also a great way to make your products stand out. If you sell slightly premium products and want customers to get attracted quickly, this is a great option you can implement. Furthermore, it also helps in raising brand awareness quickly.

Summing Up

Hope these small business packaging ideas are helpful for you in making better packages and wraps for your business. The major factor here is that better packaging enables the customers to have a better experience after they receive the product.

This will help you to stand out in the marketplace and go ahead of your competitors in offering an impact on your target customers. Do you have any better small business packaging ideas? Consider sharing with us in the comments section below.

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