Why Bagged Packaged Goods Are A Good Fit For Retail Companies?

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published on: 08 July 2022 last updated on: 30 May 2024
Bagged Packaged Goods

For any retail company, nothing is more important than providing the best experience. Not only products, but packing is also a very important part that can drive the growth or make it go down. When customer satisfaction is the main target, you have to make sure that you are providing the best choice for them. In the past few years, the use of bagged packaged goods has increased a lot. 

As packaging is a crucial factor, make sure to be aware of different options and their details. Choosing any of them blindly is not going to be beneficial for your business. There are many businesses that still do not know about bagged packaging and what they offer. If you are thinking of using them for your business, you will need to find out all the details. 

We are here to help you out with that and provide different information about bagged packaged goods, their types, intended customers, and many more things. 

Bagged Packaged Goods: Different Types Of Packaging

Among the most prominent types of packaging here are some that require your attention –

  1. Primary packaging. 
  2. Secondary packaging.
  3. Tertiary packaging.

Primary Packaging 

This type of packaging uses a single package made out of paper or plastic. Consumers can easily access their goods simply by opening the package. Packages, as such constant some necessary info outside. For instance –

  • Expiry date
  • Customer care number
  • Use cases of the product. 

Secondary Packaging

This type of packaging is usually for more than one product. Made of paperboard, cardboard, and plastic crates, these packages are usually to protect the products from damage during shipping. 

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging usually serves as a hard and secure type of packaging. When goods are being transported from one part of the country to the other, they are suited best to keep the products safe. We can also call tertiary packaging bulk packaging or transit packaging. 

Ancillary Packaging 

Aside from the main three mentioned before, here are another type of packaging called the Ancillary packaging. The word ancillary stands for an accessory. It helps with packaging equipment like printers, monitors, motherboards, mikes, speakers, etc.

Benefits Of Using Bagged Packaged Goods For Retail Companies

Use Bagged Packaged Goods For Retail Companies

There are plenty of different types of bags available in the market that you can choose for packaging. However, you will need to make sure that you choose the best one depending on the customers, products, and other factors. 

To provide a maximum unboxing pleasurable experience, you will need to make sure the packaging meets their expectations. Not only that, there are multiple reasons why you need to use bagged packaged goods. We have done our research and provided you with some of the most common and best reasons.

1. Easy To Carry Everywhere 

One of the most common and effective reasons for choosing bagged packaged goods for retail companies is that they are easier to carry. Customers prefer packaged goods as they are easy to carry everywhere. Also, it saves a lot of time and effort to carry or ship. As a retail business, easy-to-handle goods will give you a headstart compared to all the competitors. 

2. Keeps The Goods Fresh 

If you wish to get one step ahead of the competitors, you have to provide some benefits that they haven’t gotten from other companies. Bagged packaged goods can help you to do that by keeping the goods fresh for longer. While normal packaging keeps the goods fresh for a limited time, bagged packaged goods can help to keep them healthy and fresh for longer. 

Especially if the food products are turning stale due to poor packaging, get prepared for some loss of customers. Standout pouches, resealable zip pouches, and others are better than grocery packing covers and plastic bags for packing, as they keep the oxygen out. 

3. Affordable Yet High-Quality 

Compared to other packages, bagged packaging is quite affordable. So, if you want to cut out some cost on the packaging, choose bagged packaged goods. However, that is not the only thing that makes them perfect to use compared to a fancy bag or plastic covers for packing. 

Despite being a low price packaging process, they are high quality and provide much more features. Some of which include preventing the oxygen from entering, better protection, and others. Boxed packaged goods are also similar and provide better benefits to customers.  

4. Reusable 

Last but not least, when you are providing bagged packaged goods to customers, you are providing them the option to reuse them. Unlike HDPE bags and others, they do not have to throw them away after getting the product. Instead, they can reuse the bag for different purposes, and they are also one of the eco-friendly packing solutions. 

Do not have to worry about “what are the available packaging materials near me” Most of the materials of bagged packaged goods are easy to get. Some of the common ones like cloth carry bags and other materials are widely available.  

If you have a basic idea about what is packaging, you will easily understand the difference and better options. 

5. Flexible   

One of the many valuable reasons for using bags for packaged goods is their flexibility of usage. They are all rounder and are good containers for foods and beverages like milk cans, rice packets, goods, and biscuit packets. The use cases can be as varied as you can stretch your imagination. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is bags are used for packaging?

Different types of bags are used for packaging, such as poly bags, polyethylene bags, plastic bags, etc. A polybag, plastic bag, polyethylene bag, and packing pouch are mostly made using flexible, thin, and plastic film. Therefore, they are perfect for carrying goods like powders, foods, magazines, ice, waste, chemicals, and others.

Q2. What are the 8 types of packaging materials?

The most common materials that are used for packaging include:

• Glass
• Plastic
• Clay
• Paper
• Aluminum
• Steel
• Paperboard
• Cotton

Q3. Why is plastic banned?

The use of plastic has become a very critical threat to life existence. While humans and other animals are suffering all the consciences of using plastics, the water ecosystem also goes heavily disturbed due to the use of plastic bags for packing and other purposes. Plastic contains some of the harmful chemicals that make the soil infertile. Also, they cause drainage problems, increased waste, and other issues.

Q4. What are poly bags used for?

Polybags are also known as polyethylene bags that offer an economical option of shipping. It provides a lot of benefits that make it one of the best choices as bagged packaged goods. Some of the most common and effective ones are extra protection against moisture, dirt, tampering, and others. Also, they are perfect to store clothing, food, candy, tools, books, and others. 


Bagged packaged goods are getting popular all around the world as the best packaging solution. Many retail companies are choosing it to provide better benefits to the customers. If you are still not sure how bagged packaged goods can become beneficial for your business, this article might be able to give you enough reasons. 

If the article helped you get your answer and choose the best option, make sure to share this article with others, Also if more retail companies use bagged packaged goods, it will help to keep the environment clean. Follow us and stay tuned to get similar articles.

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