5 Examples Of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We live in a time where it’s difficult to deny the detrimental impact that harnessing fossil fuels have had on the environment.

Some groups of people will claim that it’s too late to make a change or express that it’s “not our problem”.

However, the changes are already evident.

An ideology of choosing not to care because you “won’t be around” is ignorant; we need to protect the earth so that future generations can enjoy it.
Aside from sustainability and caring for the environment, these renewable energy sources can also yield savings in the long run. You can check out the current electric rates in Texas here to see how renewable energy plans can help you save on monthly utility costs.

5 Amazing Renewable Energy

Fortunately, the people in power are finally making great efforts to safeguard our planet, and renewable energy commitments are one way this is being achieved – find out more below.

  1. Solar Power
  2. Hydroelectricity
  3. Air Source Heat Pumps
  4. Biomass Systems
  5. Wind Power

1. Solar Power

The sun rises and falls every day, so it may as well be harnessed for its power. Energy companies are investing in solar energy plants that look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s all a positive step in the right direction.

However, some individuals are also taking ownership by using a solar-powered generator, which means they can switch off from the grid to save money. You can learn more about this by visiting Solar Energy Hub website. 

Solar Power

2. Hydroelectricity

The earth’s landscape is full of flowing rivers, with many of them traveling downhill. Hydroelectricity uses the flow of these rivers to generate electricity for our homes.

You will find many large-scale hydropower plants already, but they can also be used on a smaller scale. For example, if you live alongside a river with a strong enough current, you can generate enough electricity to survive off the grid.


3. Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating our homes using traditional energy is expensive and damaging to the environment. Fortunately, air source heat pumps can be used to make the most of external heat and transfer it into our homes.

If you think about how a fridge works and reverse it, you’ve pretty much figured out how it works. These systems are great in adverse weather, with the ability to draw in heat when it’s 5°F.

Air Source Heat Pumps

4. Biomass Systems

When oil and coal are used to heat homes, the carbon footprint is enormous. Fortunately, biomass systems let you burn chips, logs, wood pellets, and other organic materials to keep your home warm and water hot.

When you compare this to traditional heating systems, you will save around $1000 a year, which is quite a bonus for contributing to a healthier planet.


5. Wind Power

You’ve likely seen wind farms when driving down the highway or looking out into the ocean. These giant turbines transfer kinetic energy caused by the wind into usable power for our homes.

As with solar power and hydropower, wind turbines can be used on a small scale to power individual homes. Despite being a great way of generating power, many people are opposed to them because “they look ugly”.

Thanks to the effects of global warming and the return of nature to metropolitan areas during the covid pandemic, more people are starting to take action to protect the planet.

Wind Power
Note: If you’re in a position to switch to one of the above renewable energy supplies, you should make an effort to do so. 


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