7 Innovative Ways to Manage Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment or the process of removing contaminated particles from industrial wastewater before it mixes up with natural water sources like rivers, oceans, etc has been in practice for years now. ou can use municipal water pumps for this.

Especially after several kinds of research have made the world aware of the hazards of water pollution. A similar study showed that most water wastes are produced by power plants. If this polluted water reaches water bodies, then it will be life-threatening to every living being in that area.

So, it is important to purify the water and protect the environment. To help you do that, I’ve enlisted 7 ways to manage wastewater efficiently.

  1. Try out the nanoparticle treatment
  2. Use radiation
  3. Go for the biological approach
  4. Use the membrane separation process
  5. Check out the advanced membrane technology
  6. Install the legionella warning system
  7. Add side stream filtration

1. Try out the nanoparticle treatment

Smaller particles in wastewater can create severe health issues without your knowledge. Nanoparticle treatment helps to absorb pollutants that are smaller than 100 nanometers. It uses carbon nanotubes to pull out particles and cleanse the water.

Previously some ethnic groups were accustomed to purifying water with charcoal primarily because it absorbs contaminated particles. Scientists evaluated this process and created nanoparticle treatment.

It is slightly more expensive than other processes but extremely beneficial.

2. Use radiation

This process is also known as Irradiation. In this treatment, scientists use gamma rays, alpha rays, beta rays, and ultraviolet light to kill organic contaminants and break down inorganic particles. Irradiation can be done in different ways.

The most famous way is ionizing radiation. This process can remove pollutants up to 99% from wastewater. But you have to make sure that you are using the right amount of radiation. While in the process, it’s important to have smooth communication with the other members involved in it. You must seek secure industrial communications from experts like ELPRO to help you with this.

Using extreme radiation can create problems for the human body. Further, insufficient radiation can produce dangerous elements in the wastewater.

3. Go for the biological approach

Biology can help you to get rid of contaminated substances. Microorganisms like enzymes and bacteria take up a huge part in breaking down and removing pollutants. They have a natural ability to deteriorate oil and carbon elements which ultimately helps clean water.

Another biological process is Bioaugmentation – It is a multi-step process but has numerous advantages. It releases nutrients and makes the water healthier than before.

Manage Waste Water Treatment Plant

if wastewater is reduced, it will not only save humankind from dangerous water-related problems but also save the environment from suffering the impacts of water pollution

4. Use the membrane separation process

In this activity, water is forced through a film that has multiple microscopic holes. These holes are made up of fibers that have numerous tiny pores. It filters out the substances that allow the water to flow freely.

Another membrane separation process is reverse osmosis. This technique is 99% effective.

5. Check out the advanced membrane technology

This is the most popular modern process. Here the wastewater goes through a bioreactor where the reactor hosts biological elements like bacteria. Then the water passes through a membrane that extracts organic substances and pollutants.

This technology not only produces the cleanest water but also helps to recuse some removed important particles.

6. Install the legionella warning system

If somebody inhales water droplets that have legionella bacteria, it will cause pneumonia. In severe cases, the person can die. That is why installing a warning system is essential.

This bacteria lives in rivers, oceans, streams, etc. Scientists have discovered most legionella break out happens through swimming pools where commercial or industrial water is used. But you can avoid this outbreak by putting up a warning system.

This is a remote system to monitor legionella. Furthermore, it can take samples, and do tests automatically. If this system detects any legionella bacteria it will send you an alert notification so that you can take action as soon as possible.

This warning system is absolutely cost-effective and doesn’t need any specialist to operate.

7. Add side stream filtration

This type of filter pulls out pollutants and keeps the water safe. While purchasing side stream filtration there are some things that you need to check.

  • Filters must be able to break down ultra-fine pollutants.
  • Should have short downtime.
  • Doesn’t require excessive energy.
  • Need low maintenance.

You can include chemicals in this process to multiply the effectiveness.

Over to you…

In the end, ensure that the water is fully purified. Most of these methods can provide 99.9% purity. Remember, if wastewater is reduced, it will not only save humankind from dangerous water-related problems but also save the environment from suffering the impacts of water pollution.


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