How Red Light Therapy Boosts Collagen Production

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published on: 04 December 2023 last updated on: 05 December 2023
How Red Light Therapy Boosts Collagen Production

Red light therapy easily boosts your overall collagen production.  The  red light therapy works by focusing on mitochondria, which are the “powerhouses” of cells.

In addition to giving cells more energy, it helps them do their jobs better, like repairing skin, encouraging new cell growth, and speeding up the general process of skin rejuvenation.

Wish to inquire how red light therapy boosts collagen production. If yes, then stay till the end of this blog.

Ways Red Light Therapy Boosts Collagen Production

The section here will speak about all the nuts and bolts of the ways RLT (red light therapy) boosts collagen production. Make sure to read on till the end of the section.

Red Light And Energy For Cells

The treatment uses certain types of light waves, usually between 620 and 700 nanometers. Our skin cells and mitochondria, which are like power plants for cells, take in these colors. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that gives many biological processes their energy. Mitochondria is the base of it.

Making ATP And Collagen

Collagen is an important structural protein that makes our skin flexible and looks young. Energy is must for the collagen production to happen. This is where ATP comes in.

There is more ATP for cells when they are exposed to treatment of red light. Adding this extra energy speeds up the process of making collagen. It gives the machinery inside cells the fuel they need to make collagen, getting the cells ready to make collagen efficiently.

Getting Fibroblasts To Work

The skin contains a specialized cell called the fibroblasts. Their main job is to make collagen. These fibroblasts get active when you use red light treatment.

When red light hits these cells, they become more active and sensitive, which makes it easier for them to make new collagen fibers. Moreover, when fibroblasts are active, they make more collagen, which helps the skin become firmer and look better.

Getting Rid Of Inflammation

When inflammation happens, it can hurt collagen. Long-term inflammation can damage collagen, which can make skin shrink and get wrinkles. Red light therapy has anti-inflammatory qualities, which means it helps the skin’s inflammation go down.

In this way, not only does it protect the integrity of current collagen, but it also makes it easier for new, healthy collagen to form. This effect on reducing inflammation helps the skin look younger generally.

Getting More Blood Flowing

Different studies shows the fact that the light treatment improves blood flow in the areas of treatment. This better blood flow brings more oxygen and important nutrients to the cells of the skin.

The process of making collagen needs a lot of energy, and the extra air and nutrients help speed up the process.

Better Healing

To speed up the healing of wounds and tissue damage, red light treatment is effective. Collagen is very important for wound healing since it helps skin heal and close up openings.

When red light treatment speeds up the healing of wounds or tissue, it indirectly helps the body make more collagen. Moreover, collagen that is newly made helps the skin heal and grow back, which makes the skin look and feel better.

Possible Good Sides Of Red Light Therapy Apart From Collagen Production

The section will focus on the possible good sides of red light therapy. So, skim through till the very end of the section.

  • Red light treatment uses certain wavelengths of light to wake up your skin cells and improve your skin’s health (anti-aging). A gentle push is what it takes to get your skin to make more collagen, a protein that makes your skin smooth and strong. Wrinkles and age spots may not be as obvious when you have more collagen.
  • The treatment can help calm things down when your muscles or joints hurt. It’s like getting a massage on the inside. Using this treatment can help your body heal and lessen swelling, which can make you feel better.
  • If you cut yourself or hurt yourself, red light treatment can help your body heal faster. It’s like a boost button for your body’s healing processes; it helps wounds heal faster.
  • When it comes to hair growth, red light treatment can wake up hair follicles. It’s like adding fertilizer to your hair yard; it will help it grow longer and stronger.
  • Red light treatment could make you feel better. It’s thought to do this by making your brain make more serotonin, a chemical that makes you feel good and gives you energy.
  • The treatment can make your blood flow better. It’s like widening the roads in a crowded city; it makes it easier for nutrients and air to get to all of your cells. This might make your health and energy better in general.
  • It can help calm down the angry, red patches on your face if you have psoriasis or eczema. It’s like a light, cool breeze on a hot day.
  • The treatment can help clear up acne by killing the bacteria that cause those pesky pimples. The redness and swelling go down, too, making your face look better.
  • Red light treatment might help if you have chronic pain, like aches and pains in your muscles or nerves that won’t go away. It’s the same as turning down the sound of your body’s pain cues.

Bottom Line

Now, after going through this blog, we should have a pretty crystal clear idea of the whole red light therapy collagen production. Well, red light therapy is indeed one of the striking treatment methods, when it comes to boosting collagen. And with regular and consistent use, you can easily get your collagen boosted.

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