The Best Vegan Makeup Brands You Should Try Out Today

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Want to be an animal rights activist? Yet, still using makeup brands that test on animals? What about vegan makeup brands?

As an animal rights advocate, picking vegan cosmetic brands is one way to spread your compassion outside food. Choosing to go with cruelty-free cosmetics means stopping product testing on animals and supporting ethical behavior in the beauty sector.

Vegan-based brands use plant ingredients and avoid animal-derived components such as beeswax, carmine (red pigment from crushed insects), or lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool). This means no pain is inflicted on the cute animals while producing these items.

Also, most vegan makeup brands are eco-friendly. They usually use eco-friendly packaging materials and avoid substances that can harm our surface water and damage wildlife.

Changing to vegan brands lets you have your style without compromising your ideals. You will attain impeccable looks using animal ingredient-free formulas that have undergone zero factory testing. Win-win situation – you look great while helping animals.

What you do is not only animal-friendly in nature but also helps bring about change in the beauty industry as brands opt for cruelty-free practices. So why wait? Be the activist from within and reflect on how you do your beauty routine and care for the four-legged ones.

10 Vegan Makeup Brands You Should Begin With

Regarding vegan makeup brands, you have lots of options available to search. If you’re taking your first steps into the vegan cosmetics world, you should try these ten brands.



Tarte is an established name and a favorite brand for vegan makeup. They offer a variety of products that are not only cruelty-free but are also made with quality ingredients. Tarte covers you whether you are looking for a foundation, eyeshadow palettes, or lipsticks.

Among their bestsellers is the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. This foundation gives full coverage, yet it still feels weightless on the skin. It suits all who want to get it without clogging pores.

The other great product from Tarte is their Shape Tape Concealer. This standout concealer provides great coverage of dark spots, pimples, and rosiness. And it has several shades to choose from according to skin tone.

Tarte is also very good at manufacturing nice eyeshadow palettes and face makeup. The Tartelette in Bloom palette from them has 12 moisturizing matters that can transition from day to night flawlessly.

Additionally, Tarte uses only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients while being an environmentally conscious company offering sustainable packaging whenever possible.

If you are looking for outstanding vegan makeup products that deliver great results, Tarte is the brand you should consider!

Too Faced

Too Faced

This vegan makeup brand has become popular in recent years. I guarantee you that the animated and colorful packaging of these products will draw you right into them. Yet it is not only about aesthetics – Too Faced offers cruelty-free makeup with free ingredients of animal origin.

A hit product from Too Faced is their Better Than Sex Mascara. This mascara has become a cult hit amongst beauty junkies for its volumizing and lengthening power. It greatly lifts lashes, hence making them look fuller and more dramatic.

A must-try product of Too Faced is their Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. The scent is evenly likened to delicious chocolate, and the color selection allows you to create both natural and harsh eye looks. The formula mixes with the lids and remains intact the whole day.

For those whose skin tones are nourished with a light potion, Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation is worth checking out. It provides a perfect finish yet is natural to the skin. Plus, this is a medium to full-coverage foundation. It features the skincare benefits of coconut water to hydrate and alpine rose to brighten.

Besides its top-notch products, Too Faced features an impressive array of vegan products, spanning brushes, bronzers, highlighters, lipsticks, and other such products. Their being cruelty-free goes far beyond just animal testing – they support foundations that protect animal rights.

If you are searching for vegan makeup that doesn’t sacrifice quality or style, Too Faced is not a bad choice. Through innovative formulas and gorgeous packaging, they have something for everyone wishing to create beautiful looks and be true to themselves.

Wet & Wild

Wet & Wild

Wet & Wild is a well-known vegan makeup brand that has been doing a great job recently in the beauty market. They offer a variety of affordable and animal-friendly products (so) it’s easy to understand their success.

Quality is the thing that differentiates Wet & Wild from other brands. Their products are reputedly long-lasting and pigmented, always leaving you with a perfect finish. Whether you’re we’re looking for a striking eyeshadow palette or something that looks natural, Wet & Wild is here to help.

Also, this brand provides the best in cosmetics and emphasizes sustainability. They aim to eliminate waste through eco-friendly packaging and procuring their ingredients ethically.

Besides the impressive product list, Wet & Wild also participates in many charities. Buy from this brand, and in the process, you’ll feel good that you are financially supporting organizations like PETA and Cruelty-Free International.

Wet & Wild is perfect for people looking for affordable, cruelty-free makeup. Cruelty-free ethics and sustainability have made them one of the leading brands in the industry. Take a (chance/ shot) and see how (they/ these) will beautify your beauty regime!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an iconic beauty brand that has revolutionized the industry, being among the top 100% cruelty-free and vegan makeup brands. With their daring and edgy style, they have conquered the hearts of many makeup lovers needing ethical, high-quality products.

A standout product by Urban Decay is its Naked eyeshadow palettes. These palettes have beautiful shades that can create many eye looks, from everyday and natural to sultry and smoky. The best part? All shading in these palettes of vegan makeup is vegan. Whether you prefer warm neutrals or bold shades of color, Urban Decay covers you all.

Another must-have from Urban Decay is their All-Nighter Setting Spray. This number one favorite setting spray holds your makeup where you need it for everlasting. It gives a lightweight finish. It helps your makeup to hold and prevents it from fading or melting even in hot weather or during a workout. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly!

UD gives an excessive variety of hues and finishes in lipsticks, so anyone would need to feel comfortable about his choice. From creamy mattes to shiny metallics, the choice is yours. Their Vice Lipstick collection has both traditional shades and vibrant colors, which help you be creative.

In addition to their incredible product selection, Urban Decay pays much attention to packaging by using recycled materials wherever possible. They make every effort to reduce waste but still provide great quality.

Urban Decay is not only a brand famous for innovation but also one that promotes social responsibility and environmental protection. If you’re looking for vegan makeup brands that perform great with an edge, you should check out Urban Decay.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is among brands well known worldwide. The owner of this company, Melissa Butler, makes highly qualified products without sacrificing ethics.

The Lip Bar has a large selection of stylish and distinctive lipstick shades, which is a standout quality. From bold reds to electric purples, they have something for everyone. They also have unbelievable staying power and a super smooth glide that just slips right onto the lips.

The Lip Bar has incredible lip products. However, their other makeup must-haves are highlighters, bronzers, and eyeshadow palettes. All their goods are cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

The difference is that The Lip Bar promotes inclusivity. They believe that beauty should be within reach of all skin tones; hence, their shade range is designed to suit many complexions. Diversity, their core value, makes them an ideal brand for those who appreciate the need for diversity in the beauty industry.

If you’re searching for vegan makeup that also feels good, you should give The Lip Bar a go. Their formulas and varieties of colors will not disappoint you! So, we can enjoy the Vegan range of superb vegan cosmetics by The Lip Bar and some no-guilt glam.

Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass Cosmetics has become a brand widely recognized among makeup lovers, and for a very good reason. The vegan makeup line provides top-notch goods that are free from animal cruelty and harmful chemicals.

The excellent item from Hourglass Cosmetics is their Veil Mineral Primer. This primer helps create a seamless surface for your foundation and hides imperfections, prolonging the wear time of your makeup. It is lightweight and silky in texture, so it glides on and leaves the skin looking flawless.

One more worth-a-try item from Hourglass Cosmetics is their Ambient Lighting Powder. The powders come in many colors that match different skin tones and can be used as a finishing powder or a slight highlight. They give a radiant sheen to the skin and don’t accentuate any wrinkles and faults.

For cream bathers, Hourglass Cosmetics provides a Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. This foundation gives full coverage with just one swipe, which feels feather-light on the skin. It seamlessly merges and gives you a natural matte finish for all day.

In addition to its foundation and complexion range, Hourglass Cosmetics has an equally impressive assortment of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes – all vegan-friendly. The Color Confession of their Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick is highly pigmented and long-lasting, yet it still feels as comfortable on the lips.

Hourglass Cosmetics couples lavishness with ethical values by providing vegan beauty products that execute extremely well. Whether you have just discovered vegan cosmetics or are already advocating for animal-friendly cosmetics, you must check out this brand.

Tower 28 Beauty

Tower 28 Beauty

The vegan makeup brand Tower 28 Beauty has been gaining traction in the beauty scene. Through their mission of producing safe and non-toxic products, they have gained an incredibly loyal clientele who value their health and the environment’s well-being.

A star product from Tower 28 Beauty is their ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss . This tint gives a beautiful sheen to your lips and feeds them with plant-based ingredients like apricot kernel oil and raspberry seed oil. It’s perfect hydration with stunning color payoff.

Tower 28 offers other necessities like their BeachPlease Tinted Balm for a soft touch of color on the cheeks. Plus, their SuperDew Highlighter for a supernatural glow.

What makes Tower 28 Beauty different is that its inclusivity rivals’ other brands. They consider beauty to be available to all people regardless of skin tone and type. Their products are made to function flawlessly on all skin tones and give you a lovely long stay all through the day.

Tower 28 Beauty manufactures top-notch makeup while considering sustainability. Packaging is from recyclable materials, which results in less impact from the environmental side.

If you are searching for vegan beauty products that execute so well that ingredients and ethics seem like a hitch, go for Tower 28 Beauty. You’ll find out that they have emerged as one of the top picks among those conscious consumers who look for cruelty-free beauty alternatives.

ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics is a brand that gets the appreciation of so many makeup enthusiasts owing to its quality of makeup. Their dedication to producing good-quality vegan products at low prices endears customers to them (beauty fans especially).

Vegan alternatives constitute one of the main strengths of ELF Cosmetics. Their range of makeup is wide – from foundation to lipstick – and all the products are free from any animal-based ingredients and products. It implies you will be able to do your makeup routine without having to sacrifice your values as an animal activist.

Above everything, ELF Cosmetics prides itself on being cruelty-free and ensuring its formulations have sustainable and ethical ingredients. They also aim to reduce waste and environmental impact in production.

From a quality standpoint, ELF Cosmetics does not fail. Their products are famous for being highly pigmented, long-lasting, and easy to apply. ELF has got you covered, whether it is a look you want to be natural or wild and bold.

Another thing about ELF Cosmetics you _must_ note is their affordability. In contrast to many other vegan brands, they provide affordable options without sacrificing quality. It also means that vegan makeup has become affordable and can be a part of any beauty regimen without breaking the bank.

ELF Cosmetics is certainly a brand to consider if you’re looking for good, affordable vegan cosmetics. With its vegan philosophy, sustainability, affordable prices, and good product performance, this brand seems to be very popular among vegan and non-vegan makeup lovers!

One Size by Patrick Starr

One Size by Patrick Starr

One Size by Patrick Starr is a vegan cosmetic brand that has become quite popular among makeup lovers. Established by the well-known makeup artist and YouTuber Patrick Star, this brand provides a vast collection of excellent products that are both cruelty-free and vegan.

The company’s philosophy revolves around the idea of inclusivity and empowerment, where it believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful no matter their skin color. This ethos is about making products designed to suit different skin tones.

A hugely notable product from this brand is the Turn Up The Base butter silk concealer. This formula is lightweight; it offers full protection and still lavishes skin with comfort. It effortlessly covers up dark circles, blemishes, and redness, giving you a perfect complexion.

Another must-try from One Size is their Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen. This sharp eyeliner pen has a precise tip that glides on smoothly to form sharp lines or bold cat eyes. It is smudge-resistant and long-lasting, hence suitable for all-day use.

To this end, One Size has a great selection of beauty products, and there are excellent brushes and tools so that you can recreate professional looks at home, as well.

If you are vegan and looking for top-notch makeup brands without compromising your animal activist reputation, check out One Size by Patrick Star. The best quality product and cruelty-free approach make this brand worthy of finding a place in your daily beauty choices.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

A vegan makeup brand that hit the market recently and became the most interesting vegan cosmetic product Rare Beauty, by Selena Gomez. The mission of Rare Beauty is to foster self-acceptance and celebrate differences, making the brand quite famous.

Selena Gomez stems from her journey with mental health issues. Therefore, while creating a brand embodies creating beautiful products, it also focuses on instilling confidence. The brand’s inclusivity stands out in its wide shade range for all skin tones.

Rare Beauty has many vegan and cruelty-free products, such as foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and blushes. Every product is made up of the best quality ingredients proven to be effective and yet mild on the skin.

Rare Beauty’s focus on inner beauty and self-expression distinguishes it from other brands. The brand strives for individuals to use their unique traits against the compromise with societal norms.

Whether you want a natural everyday look or something with more bling for special occasions, Rare Beauty has you covered. Their products are made with versatility as a priority; therefore, you can create imaginable makeup looks that express your individuality.

Rare Impact Fund, is another feature apart from their superior quality cosmetics. This program seeks to give access to mental health services to certain communities. Plus, addressing issues of mental health is less taboo.

If you’re someone who loves to support brands that are vegan-friendly and value inclusivity and social impact, then try Rare Beauty. Not only will you care for your skin with luxury cosmetics, but you will also help create a better world.

To End The Discussion For Our Vegan Makeup

Choosing vegan cosmetics allows you to advocate for products without cruelty, which coincide with your beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if you need excellent foundations, beautiful eyeshadow palettes, or daring lipsticks; these vegan brands will be a great cover for you. They deliver a wonderful performance and guarantee no harm to the poor animals. From production to testing, their products are fully cruelty-free.

Remember that being vegan when it comes to makeup is not only about animals but also about your health and the environment. Vegetarian cosmetics frequently use natural components that nourish your skin without harmful ingredients.

So why not make the switch today!

Because being gorgeous doesn’t mean jeopardizing morals!

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