Rack Room Shoes Review: User Reviews, Ratings, Price, & More

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Rack Room Shoes Review

Buying a new pair of shoes will always feel exciting in the minds of people. Looking for the right pair of shoes with the right comfort and looks is key here. While there are many brands to choose from, finding a decent shop to try them all out can be challenging. This is where Rack Room Shoes come in to make your life easier. 

A century-old business, this company has a lot of history to its name, along with various brands as well. Learn more about this company here by reading this post.

What Are Rack Room Shoes?

What Are Rack Room Shoes

As the name suggests, Rack Room Shoes are retailers of various brands of footwear for both men and women. It was established in 1922 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Phil Levinson is the founder of this shoe company, initially called Phil’s Shoes. Currently, it has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It currently has more than 500 stores all over the USA. Most of them were owned by this company. However, they gained 200+ new stores after they bought Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse in 2002.

Best Products In Rack Room Shoes

Rack Room Shoes does not have its own line of footwear to choose from. Instead, it acts as a retailer of footwear from various brands. Some of the most famous brands that have their shoes sold by this retailer are:




Dr. Martens

Hey Dude


New Balance



They also have many private brands under their belt, hose shoes are also sold here. These brands are:








Lauren Blakwell


West Harris

Michael by Michael Shannon

Rack Room Shoe Coupons

Rack Room Shoe Coupons

Ever since Room Rack Shoes (mistakenly called by many) bought Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, they introduced coupons to customers. This concept was predominantly followed by Off Broadway shoe warehouse, which was later imbibed by Rack Room Shoes after their operations were merged in 2021.

Here, returning customers of the company will be gifted the status of Loyal Customer. After you gain this status and its identifying Loyalty Card, you will get free coupons each time you shop from any Rack Room Shoe retail outlet. You can then redeem these coupons at any of their stores to get free discounts or big product discounts. This is similar to Cumberland Farms and Psycho Bunny.

How To Find Rack Room Shoes Near Me?

It’s pretty easy to find Rack Room Shoe stores near you. All you need to do is open Google Maps and search for “Rack Room Stores Near Me.” However, keep in mind that this company only has stores in the USA.

Additionally, you can also find Rack Room Store addresses and locations on their official website. Once you open their homepage, you can find an option called stores. You can click on this option to open another page, listing all their stores in the USA along with their addresses and contact numbers.

Rack Room Shoes Review

Different users have had different experiences regarding buying footwear from Rack Room Shoes. Most of the reviews are positive, with some critical ones as well.

Here’s a 5-star positive review by Angela White –

I read a lot of the reviews after I purchased my daughter’s shoes and thought, oh no I hope this goes well. I didn’t have to deal with customer service, I didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive either. I ordered on 8/20 and paid the extra fee to have them delivered sooner and received them on 8/23. Everything was great, from the size to the quality of shoes. I will be ordering again soon! Don’t let these reviews keep you from ordering with Rack Room.

However, not all reviews of this site were as positive as the one by Angel White. Here’s a 1-star negative review by Christy Reid – 

Inbox Currently replying in under 4 minutes 2 New Messages Agent Ka – Rack Room Shoes Hello there! Need help? Reach out to us right here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! I have on a pair of new shoes now, but they are hurting my feet. How can I return these? An hour ago, Agent Ka – Hi, thank you for using Rack Room Shoes Live Chat! How may I help you today? I’m sorry, but we do not return/exchange worn items as stated on the back of our receipts. I bought a pair of Brooks on Saturday and wearing them today at work, but they are hurting my feet. Well, how do you know if they are a good fit if you don’t wear them? An hour ago, Agent Ka – You may try them on in our store or in your home on a carpeted area so that the shoes are not damaged. Ok, so I have a carpeted office. An hour ago, Agent Ka – If the item is not damaged and does not appear to be worn, you may try taking it into your store with the box and the receipt to see if we can assist. Guess I will go back to getting my Brooks at Fleet Feet; there, you can wear all you need and return within 30 days. An hour ago, Agent Ka – We were sorry to hear that. This is so disappointing. I will not shop here again. My feet are very sensitive, and I had surgeries on both feet. This is a terrible policy. An hour ago, Agent’s Ka – I’m sorry, it is posted in our store on our receipts and website. We are unable to sell worn items, so we can’t take them back if they appear to be worn.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

People looking for new shoes constantly ask questions regarding Rack Room Shoes. The answers to their questions are as follows:

Q1. How Old Is rack Room Shoes?

Initially, Rack Room Shoes were known as Phil’s Shoes when it was launched in 1922. After being acquired bun German shoe retailer Deichmann Group, it was rebranded to its current name in the 1960s.

Q2. Is Rack Room Shoes A Trusted Site?

Yes, you can trust Rack Room Shoes. It’s a reputed shoe retailer that has been in business for almost a century. Every product that you see on its website is genuine and available when you order them.

Q3. Do Rack Room Shoes Sell Authentic Shoes?

Yes, they sell authentic shoes. Every product that you see on the shelves of its shops and on its website. The retail outlets of this shop sell shoes of various big brands.

Q4. Is Rack Room Shoes The Same As Off Broadway?

While both of them are different brands, the former bought Off Broadway Warehouses in 2002. This allowed Rack Room Shoes to conduct business from Off Broadway outlets as well.

Final Verdict: Is Buying From Rack Room Shoes Worth It?

Rack Room Shoes is a pretty old footwear retailer that has been in business for almost a hundred years. This company sells shoes from a variety of brands – both international brands and privately owned brands as well. 

➔ More than 500 stores all over the USA
➔ Sells shoes from lots of footwear brands
➔ Poor customer service
➔ No international shops

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