Collecting Rare Antique Pieces: Things To Keep In Mind

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published on: 04 June 2022 last updated on: 07 June 2022
Rare Antique

Who doesn’t love fine antiques?

Superbly hand-crafted using precious stones and metals, many women find such jewellery irresistible.

If you are contemplating taking up rare antique collecting as a form of hobby/investment, here are a few things to bear in mind.

6 Factors To Keep In Mind While Collecting Rare Antique Pieces

1. Take Out Insurance

A collection of rare antiques demands comprehensive insurance that covers loss due to theft or fire and should a piece suffer damage, some policies cover that.

Rare Antique

Fortunately, there are online insurance brokers that can cover even the most expensive jewellery and once they have all the details and payment is received, the policy is activated and you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your valuable antique jewellery is covered.

2. Wearing The Jewellery

If we are talking about very rare and valuable pieces, then wearing jewellery might not be the best idea.

Some women would never consider not wearing their prized antique jewellery, while others are too nervous and wouldn’t enjoy the evening, knowing the value of what they are wearing.

It really is up to you and we think that wearing valuable jewellery on special occasions is part of having a collection.

3. Care & Maintenance

As you would expect, fine antique jewellery is delicate and requires proper care and TLC. Always consult an antique dealer when there are any issues, and they can recommend an expert.

Care & Maintenance

Proper storage is paramount and there are lots of free online resources to help you protect the delicate pieces.

No piece of jewellery should make contact with another; felt pouches are great for protecting valuable antique jewellery and your jewellery box should be under lock and key.

4. Appreciation

As you would expect, rare antiques such as those from Kalmar antiques engagement rings antique collection are very valuable and you should have every piece appraised and valued, which is necessary for insurance purposes.

If you are acquiring rare antiques as a form of investment, be prepared for long term safekeeping before thinking of selling.

5. Online Solutions

You might not be aware that you can browse genuine rare antiques on the Internet and when you find something of interest, you can arrange a private viewing.

Care & Maintenance

If you have something specific in mind, the online antique dealer has a country-wide network of other dealers and they can usually find what you are looking for.

6. Free Online Resources

If, for example, you would like to learn more about the Victorian era, which is actually divided into 3 categories, the Internet hosts all the answers and the more you know, the less likely you are to become the victim of a scam.

If French history excites you, you can watch YouTube documentaries to educate yourself as to the colourful life the royalty led back in the 14th and 15th centuries, when Louis XV was on the throne.

Of course, the rarer the piece, the more care needs to be taken and always insure every valuable antique item, as it simply isn’t worth risking losing the piece for any reason.

Make sure the jewellery is always stored correctly and regular cleaning is advised if you want the jewellery to retain its shine.

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