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When your business gets bigger, you tend to look for new tools to improve productivity, collaboration, and task automation to improve overall production output. To make these requests come true, there exists various software like Product Management for carrying out various tasks and road mapping all employee and team efforts.

To learn more about this tool and how it will help your organization, read this post till the end.

What Is

Product management tool is a cloud-based Work OS that helps you visualize all work-related tasks in the office.

This OS gives employees the benefit of visually representing all the tasks that are supposed to be completed, how far they have been completed, their due dates, and their priority level. Therefore, it’s a task organizer tool that ensures every employee knows what they are supposed to do from the dashboard.

Project Management is an amazing tool that lets you customize any of its tools as per your needs. This customizability is required to make way for more productive collaboration between all employees to complete the work on time. Therefore, it improves the support provided to the product life cycle.

This makes project management software a great tool to be used by employees in the bottled and jarred packaged goods industry and the best paying jobs in capital goods.

What Are The Main Features Of

Features Of

Product management has various features that let employees and managers collaborate on all tasks. Therefore, if you wish to boost the productivity and performance of your team, here are the best features of the Monday Project Management software that you should start using along with outdoor team building activities:

1. Customizable Work Flow Charts

Customizable Work Flow Charts

Since Product Management Monday is a customizable Work OS, it has the greatest benefit of requiring no coding at all! All users of this product management software can be customized using its base templates and easy-to-use in-built editor.

You can visualize the entire production process visually using items and columns. Here, Items represent individual tasks that every employee needs to complete. On the other hand, columns are bigger tasks that explain the data and its impact on overall production cycle goals.

For example, you can have items like “Monitor Budget for 6 Months,” – a task related to production. On the other hand, you can have columns like “Status” and “Time” that signify how much the task has been completed and the time remaining until the deadline.

2. Data Visualization And Analytics

Data Visualization And Analytics

As businesses expand, it’s expected that their employee count and team divisions will as well. Therefore, project planning and task division become even more important.

This is where tools like Product Management Monday become a necessity. Since you are able to visualize every task here on the dashboard, understanding them becomes easier. This is because you are able to visualize it and segregate it in the form of flow charts, tables, files, timelines, completion rates, and more!

For example, regarding a single project, it can be divided into three columns:

  • What tasks are currently underway
  • What tasks have been completed
  • Which tasks have problems delaying progress

3. Automate Tasks To Save Time And Money

Automate Tasks To Save Time And Money

You can consider Product Management Monday to be a process automation software since it allows you to automate tasks. This allows you to complete repetitive tasks easily and save time and money by reducing your workload.

  • CRM Monday allows you to do this by tracking three elements:
  • Triggers: This defines the reasons that will commence the automation of a task.
  • Conditions: This defines a unique standard that must take place (as part of the reason) for automation processes to begin execution.
  • Actions: This represents the final result of automating a process.

4. Integration With Other Tools

Integration With Other Tools

With, you can integrate various other tools like Google Drive, Google Sheets, HubSpot, GitHub, Dropbox, and more! This makes it easier for employees to share data amongst other departments and teams since shows them all in one place.

Why Should You Use

There are various benefits and uses of the Product Management Monday tool for enterprises of all sizes. Its main benefits are:

1. Customizable Templates

Customizable Templates

With the project visualization aspect of this tool, you can easily showcase the roadmap for all organizational product life cycles. Therefore, creating a roadmap detailing the starting point and end point of a project becomes easy to understand.

Since the management is able to visually customize every aspect of their presentation, this is made easier with templates. This tool has various Monday project management product launch templates for presenting product roadmaps and objectives.

However, the real benefit here is the amount of customizability this product roadmap tool provides. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, each of which can be customized in a hundred different ways. In addition, you can also display various metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) here.

Plus, depending on the organizational hierarchy, you can hide some elements of the roadmap that are meant for seniors. The best aspect – you can do this through one roadmap. You do not need to create separate roadmaps for separate teams or levels of hierarchy.

2. Improving Team Collaboration

Improving Team Collaboration

The project roadmap tool allows everyone to understand what they need to do and what other teams are doing. Therefore, you get a thorough picture of the overall efforts of the organization. This makes employee and team collaboration easier since you can now estimate how your task can benefit other teams and how their tasks can benefit your team,

This improves collaboration amongst teams, increasing overall productivity and faster completion of tasks and targets.

3. Better Usage Of Customer Feedback

Better Usage Of Customer Feedback

With this product management Monday tool, you can integrate automatic recording of customer feedback on your products. Therefore, whenever a customer provides feedback on your products, it will get conveyed to all teams instantly. This gives everyone the time and space to improve production and product quality.

4. Aligning Customer Demand And Production

Aligning Customer Demand And Production

Since sales get automatically recorded in this tool, you will have a better idea as to how much demand there is in the market. This allows you to compare it with the supply you provide and understand whether you should increase or decrease it. Price  

Product Management Monday pricing has five different pricing plans, which are as follows:

1. Free Plan

Free Plan

This provides:

  • 2 seats (team members)
  • A maximum of 3 boards
  • Unlimited documentation
  • More than 200 templates
  • More than 20 types of columns
  • iOS and Android compatibility

2. Basic Plan

Basic Plan

Monthly Price: $8 per user

Along with the free plan above, this additionally provides:

  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Unlimited items
  • File storage of 5 GB
  • Higher priority on customer support
  • Create dashboards based on 1 board

3. Standard Plan

Standard Plan

Monthly Price: $10 per user

Along with the plans above, this plan additionally provides:

  • Gantt chart creation
  • View timelines
  • Guests can get limited access
  • 250 actionable automation per month
  • 250 actionable integrations per month
  • The dashboard can be based on five boards

4. Pro Plan

Pro Plan

Monthly Price: $16 per user

Along with the plans above, this plan additionally provides:

  • Private boards and documents
  • Chart views
  • Time tracking
  • A column for implementing formulas
  • A column for showing dependency
  • 25,000 actionable automation per month
  • 25,000 actionable integrations per month
  • The dashboard can include 10 boards

5. Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

Monthly Price: Contact for quotes

Along with the plans above, this plan additionally provides:

  • Unlimited automation and integrations
  • High-end data security
  • Reporting and analytics at an advanced scale
  • Permissions across multiple hierarchical levels
  • Onboarding processes
  • Premium customer support
  • The dashboard can combine a maximum of 50 boards

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions asked by audiences.

Will I be able to integrate third-party tools with for a better product management experience?

Answer: Indeed, integrates with popular applications like Slack, Jira, and Google Drive. These integrations expand the capabilities of your product management board, allowing you to gather data from other platforms, automate workflows, and create a synchronized system.

Can I set deadlines and reminders in

Answer: Add a date column to your board, and set due dates. To help you and your team stay on track, will automatically send out reminders on Monday. That’s also using the calendar view to see project timelines.

In my product management board, how can I monitor progress and pinpoint bottlenecks?

Answer: In, progress tracking features can be used by updating status columns, or by using progress tracking widgets. Get a handle on your product management process. Through different board views, like Kanban or Gantt charts, you can visualize your workflow and spot the bottlenecks.

Is right for agile product management practices?

Answer: Absolutely! Because of’s flexibility, it fits well with agile methodologies. Form sprints, use status columns for tracking tasks, and customize your board according to agile best practices, making it an ideal agile product management tool.

Is the data on secure, particularly data regarding sensitive product information?

Answer: Data security is a priority for, and it has robust encryption and compliance measures. The platform is entirely designed to protect sensitive information. Your product management data is kept confidential and safe.

Can I use on my mobile devices?

Answer: Yes, has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, so you can stay connected and work your product tasks from wherever you are. The mobile version offers a convenient experience, making product management boards accessible at any time, in any place.

Final Words

Product Management is an excellent tool that allows you to improve the overall productivity of your firm and increases collaboration amongst employees and various teams as well. With this tool, you can map out the production cycle roadmap so that all employees are on the same page and work together to achieve all goals! If you have any queries, feel free to comment down below, and I will get back to you ASAP!

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