Best Outdoor Team Building Activities To Bond With Colleagues

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Best Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team building activities are exercises that promote cooperation and improve interpersonal connections. They have the effect of reducing workplace friction and increasing employee happiness.

Therefore, if you want to boost the productivity and coordination of colleagues, playing some outdoor team building games is a great idea. Read this post till the end to learn about the best team bonding activities for sports that you should play!

Best Outdoor Team Building Activities To Bond Well With Your Team

If you want to play some amazing outdoor team building activities with your colleagues, here are the best games to have some fun!

1. Human Knot

Human Knot

One of the best team building activities for small groups is the Human Knot, which is one of the most popular team-building activities. Team members twist their arms as they painstakingly untangle the knot without ever letting go of their hands.

Here are the steps for playing such outdoor activities for team building if you are from the best paying jobs in capital goods:

  1. Participants divide into five to twelve-person groups.
  2. Members of the group form a circle.
  3. Players clasp the hand of a member on the other side of the circle with their left hands.
  4. Players take a separate participant’s hand by reaching across the circle with their right hands.
  5. Team members must disentangle the jumble and construct a ring while maintaining their grip.

2. Won In 60 Seconds

Won In 60 Seconds

In reality, Won in 60 Seconds is a set of team building activities played one after the other. In a minute or fewer, teams compete to finish numerous cooperative challenges.

Here’s how you play such outdoor group activities:

  1. Transfer as many beads as you can with chopsticks from one bowl to another. Maintain a balloon in the air for one minute. The balloon may not be tapped by a team member more than twice in succession.
  2. Line up and try to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup one at a time.
  3. Build and demolish a pyramid out of 36 plastic cups.
  4. Carry a ping pong ball across the finish line in a relay race using only a straw as suction.

3. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

On the television program The Amazing Race, competitors race to finish challenges ahead of opposing teams. The Amazing Race is one of the best team-building activities for retreats where participants can go to different places. By setting up stations, you can modify the game such that it can be played in a single space.

Here’s how you play such team building activities outside of work:

  1. Make a course with a variety of difficulties.
  2. The group should be divided into two or three teams.
  3. Give a map and a set of clues to each team. Each team must begin with a distinct task.
  4. Give yourself 30 to 60 minutes to finish the race.
  5. Wait to congratulate the winners at the finish line.

4. Undead Workday

Undead Workday

Workday of the Undead is a video game that follows the same premise as horror films.

Here are the rules for playing such team building activities in a bottled and jarred packaged goods company:

  1. From a hat, each participant draws a slip of paper. A few slips said “zombie,” and the majority said “survivor.”
  2. As your first playing area, choose a sizable square. People move around the square.
  3. By contacting palms, zombies can spread to other players.
  4. By shouting “Stop! Zombie!” and pointing at the player they believe to be a zombie, survivors attempt to identify them.
  5. The zombie gets eliminated from the round if the player in question is a zombie. The accusing player is eliminated from the round if the accused is a fellow survivor.
  6. Ask zombies to raise their hands at the conclusion of the round.

5. Lip Sync

Lip Sync

Lip syncs are brief, entertaining videos in which actors mimic the lyrics of well-known songs. Team lip-syncs can be made by you and your teammates channeling your inner pop stars.

Here’s what you need to do to participate in such team building activities:

  1. Pick a song that everyone in the group can sing.
  2. Select costumes and accessories.
  3. Create and practice your movie choreography
  4. and the performances on tape. The length of the video can range from thirty seconds to five minutes.
  5. The three pillars of productive teamwork—creativity, coordination, and delegation—are needed to create an entertaining lip sync.

6. The Newlyworks

In the 1960s, a game show called The Newlywed Game pitted married couples against one another to see which one knew the other better. The Newlywork Game challenges staff to estimate and recollect personality features and teammate preferences in the manner of that romantically inclined couple.

Here are the steps you must learn to play such team building outdoor games:

  1. Give a whiteboard or notebook to each group member.
  2. Select one team member at a time to be the focus of your inquiries.
  3. Give the team 20 seconds for each question’s response.
  4. Request feedback from your team members.
  5. As a group, discuss the hypotheses and settle on the most plausible solution.
  6. Tell the subject to reveal the right response.
  7. Give points to any employee who responds correctly.

7. Color Me Familiar

Color Me Familiar encourages office interaction and movement through crayons and fact exchange.

Here are the steps for playing such team-building activities:

  1. Give each participant a coloring page and a crayon in a different color.
  2. Participants should be told to color a picture with each of the hues on their list.
  3. Players will roam the area and take out crayons.
  4. Team members will have to divulge one personal detail in order to use another teammate’s color crayon.

Color Me Familiar encourages teamwork and helps coworkers get to know one another better. Teams can unwind and collaborate while coloring, thanks to its calming effects. Additionally, participants will leave the program with artwork for their cubicles.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

One of the most popular outdoor activities for groups of employees is the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are games where players look for certain goods. The player or team that finds the most items wins the game and receives the most points. Corporate team building activities like scavenger hunts have long been a mainstay, but the quest may be made more exciting if you can get an oculus gift card as a reward!


Team building activities assist new team members in adjusting to the dynamics of the group while enhancing the communication and critical thinking abilities of seasoned teammates. Teams can grow closer via these obstacles as they learn how to cooperate and rely on one another.

Although it may not come naturally to some people, group activities give employees a chance to practice and develop the skills needed for effective teamwork.

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