Prioritize Children’s Rights – Yemen Shifts During Conflict

Deepanwita Dey News 23 November 2023 1 Min Read
Prioritize Protection of Children

A dystopian snap showing children of Yemen attending their first day of the broken decapitated school building. This was due to the airstrike during the collision, which was Saudi-led. This picture was from September 3rd, 2019.

Since then, we have been through almost an era. Suppose we recount the COVID-19 situation. However, the conflict which broke in 2014 is still an ongoing issue. The ruins of the broken buildings are getting worse as we speak.

Amidst the conflicts, ceasefires, and volatility, the UN and other international peace communities are worried about children’s rights. On International Children’s Day, 43 organizations, including the human rights watch, decided to prioritize Yemen’s children.

On this peace escapade held on 20th November 2023, the 43 organizations sat to highlight points on the continuous violations children of Yemen are facing. According to the research by a Yemeni Coalition, more than 250 cases of human rights violations highlight the grave situation these children are in.

These include but are not limited to, kidnapping, school attacks, sexual violence, assault, attacking healthcare centers, and even recruiting children for war drafting. Most of this violence is conducted by the de facto authority in Yemen called Houthis.

“The children of Yemen are the country’s future, and yet all parties to the conflict are carrying out widespread violations against them,” said Niku Jafarnia, Yemen and Bahrain researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Any peace deal should include protections for children and accountability for the many violations committed against children over the last nine years.” (Source)

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