Pets And Babies Live Safely Together – Here Is How 

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When people get a dog or a cat, they often refer to them as their babies. However, what happens when you throw a human baby into the mix?

Not everyone knows when or if they are going to have children, and you can find that you are blessed with both a baby and a pet at the same time.

You might be wondering if it is still safe to keep your cute pets when you have a newborn baby and what you might need to be aware of. If so, that makes you both a great pet owner and a great parent!

3 Tricks For Handling Pets And Babies 

When you are welcoming your little guest into your house, I often see the parents dumping their pets in the shelters. But this is not a solution. Most of the parents can not make separate arrangements, and your loving pets are suffering the most.

When you are having babies in your house, you have to make some separate arrangements and follow some specific tips to handle the situations. 

Here are three easy tips which you have to follow to develop a healthy bond between your pets and babies.

1. Introduce Them To Each Other

Introducing your babies and pets to each other is an essential first step but has to be done gently and should not be forced. 

Depending on who ‘came first,’ some jealousy can occur, which is crucial to prepare for. For example, if you have a dog that you have lavished all your attention on, but now a new tiny bundle of joy has entered your home, your pooch could start showing signs of jealousy. 

That being said, you might find that you have the opposite, and they love your new addition just as much as you do. The gentle introduction will allow each of them to get used to each other and proverbially sniff each other out. 

Make sure to supervise their interactions 100% and never leave them alone together, no matter how well they appear to get on.

It is also important that your dog is healthy when doing introductions and makes sure they are safe to be brought home. Visit a Manvel vet clinic to get the necessary checks.

2. Teach Your Child To Respect Boundaries


If you have a child rather than a baby and want to bring a pet into your new home, there are some important things that need to be communicated to them before your animal arrives. Most babies like pets. Only you have to make sure that you are telling them to respect the boundaries.

Your child must understand the boundaries of the new animal. Animals can become irritated and frightened and are not able to communicate that in the same way, humans can, which is why they can lash out. 

It only takes a child trying to pick an animal up, poking or prodding them, or teasing them for the animal to enforce those boundaries in a way that might end up with a child getting hurt. 

To avoid this, make sure to speak to your child about the signs that animals can show when they are distressed and tell them to keep a respectful distance if they do not like to be touched.

3. Have Designated Separate Areas

Animals and children can become the best of friends, but we all need our own space, no matter how much we love someone or something else! 

Having designated separate areas, such as a playpen for the dog in the same room or two separate play areas, means they can enjoy each other’s company at a safe distance. 

Babies’ and pets’ separate areas arrangements are easy problem solvers. Often I see the pets carefully maintain the boundary, and they do not cross the path with each other.


If you are a parent that loves to show the lives of your children and pets on social media platforms, then you should ensure that your toddler is dressed the part. Make sure that they have a long farley onesie on when you are taking photos or making videos to post on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. They are sure to look adorable together.

These three tips are the primary steps that you have to take till the bond develops. Pets are easily bonded with babies. So you do not have to wait for a long time. But in the primary phase, you have to give some time. Once the friendship is developed, you do not have to take any headaches.

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