How To Prevent Air Pollution As A Student

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How To Prevent Air Pollution As A Student

Any form of environmental cause is difficult to eradicate at a grassroots level. Be it carbon footprint, the mass death rate of marine beings, or our actions bringing natural disasters. However, rather than feeling bad about it, why not focus on how to prevent air pollution?

Yes, it might not be possible for us to eradicate this cause on a grand scale. However, you can do a few things at a minimal scale, especially as a student!

In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the common ways to help prevent air pollution as a student.

The Growing Interest in such Issues Among The Youth

Lately, academia as a field is branching out. That is, moving beyond the confines of books and exams.

Today, we consider a student well-educated when they are aware of society being mindful of their action towards the environment; most importantly, how can their actions create awareness for others?

In schools and colleges, academic boards are paying more attention to extracurricular activities, making students better citizens.

This includes debates and sharing opinions on political issues, arranging events to allow students to participate in social causes, and allowing children to make their mark on the world early on.

However, if your school does not host such events often to help prevent air pollution, you can do it alone.

Keep reading to understand more!

What Are Air Pollutants?

What Are Air Pollutants

Before you learn how to prevent air pollution, you should learn a little more about what air pollution is.

Air pollution is caused by pollutants that decrease the air quality. Air quality is an estimation that determines how breathable it is. Poor air quality is not breathable enough and has the potential to cause lung diseases.

Air pollutants are materials in the environment that deplete the air quality. These are solid particles, gaseous substances, or droplets existing in a liquid state.

Some of these pollutants are carbon monoxide (primary gas emitted when burning fuel), sulfur dioxide, and CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). Other factors are increasing one’s carbon footprint by burning excessive electricity.

How To Prevent Air Pollution As A Student

In 2019, there were more than 400000 premature deaths in the European Union, where the cause was solely air pollution. (Source)

So, without any further ado, let’s get into how your efforts can reduce this number!

1. Pick Energy-Efficient Transport

Pick Energy-Efficient Transport

Yes, we all know that many are switching to e-vehicles so that they can be more efficient in fuel burning. However, not everyone has the affordability as of now. This is why you, as a student, can go the old way!

Yes, we are talking about getting your bikes out when going to school or moving around the locality. There can be no better energy-efficient way than riding your bike around. Plus, this is a habit great for your physiological well-being.

When going to school, opt for taking public transport rather than a private one, as you will be contributing to less fuel burning.

2. Encourage everyone To Believe In Green Energy

Encourage everyone To Believe In Green Energy

Often, we forget the green companions of our earth who are the best weapon for combating air pollution.

Now, as students, it won’t be possible for you to stand against big companies. You know, the ones feeding into capitalism and finding their clutches in felling mass forests.

However, you can always encourage your immediate family members, friends, and neighbors to plant more trees within the area.

Become the change you want to see. Teach others how to prevent air pollution by picking a sapling yourself every week.

Plus, you might be learning how to garden on the way. Thus, it is an added skill to your life that cannot hurt.

3. Stop Burning Fire Crackers

Stop Burning Fire Crackers

Now, this is where people will start having second thoughts. I am sure you are having them, too, and it is okay!

Burning firecrackers is a fun tradition we are following for New Year’s and July 4. Plus, there is no guarantee that others will follow if you stop burning them.

But let me give you bone-chilling statistics. An average of 230 Americans regularly end up in the emergency room on July 4, almost every year, because of firework-related injuries. (Source)

Extreme air pollution is depleting the health of the vulnerable, like aged beings, and children are one of them.

Your beloved pets are the most scared of these firecrackers.

Now, ask yourself!

Is the air pollution and death toll worth it for a moment of little fun? When there are other means to enjoy the festivities, why burn firecrackers?

4. Usage Of Less Energy

Usage Of Less Energy

The world contributes to so much carbon footprint every year by simply consuming electrical energy. Although we know that one cannot eradicate such numbers overnight, one can always do their part.

Especially if you are a student learning how to prevent air pollution, begin with limiting your electronic usage.

Switch it off if you do not need it.

Find time out to stop using your phone (or other electronics). Use this opportunity to spend quality time with others. You can take time to talk about your efforts.

Do not use too many electronics which serve the same purpose. For example, when you are perfectly capable of using a wired headphone, why go for the un-wired one? Something extra which you would need to charge again. Or use a smartwatch when you have your phone for the same purpose.

Try to cut down on your carbon footprint!

5. Stop Burning Your Garbage

Stop Burning Your Garbage

When we ask how to prevent air pollution, we often forget the mundane things we are already doing.

This is why you should prevent your household from burning the trash!

Forget about the stench; the air itself becomes un-breathable. Plus, activities like this are not only affecting your household, but also your neighbors.

Help your neighborhood with better waste management. It is not that difficult:

Simply name three large trash cans according to the type of garbage.

Encourage people to use biodegradable waste as a form of compost!

Become An Anti-Pollution Champion!

Here is how you can be a champion while combating air pollution.

Educate yourself!

Find ways to educate others!

Make all your sacrifices worth it!

Be mindful of your actions towards your environment! If you have other means to prevent air pollution, please give us in the comment section below.

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