Muslim Stanford University Student Victim of Alleged Racially-Motivated Hit-and-Run, Hate Crime Investigation Underway

Deepanwita Dey News 06 November 2023 2 Mins Read
Muslim Stanford University Attacked

Subjects of religious hate crimes have been surfacing on the grounds of Stanford University after a particular incident that is making headlines. On 5th October, a student of the University of Islamic descent was allegedly hit by a car while the driver shouted derogatory racial slurs towards him.

The car was a Toyota 4Runner, and the driver described a white male in his 20s with round eyeglasses. He also has a dirty blonde hair color and a brief beard.

Needless to say, the student has been suffering from emotional shock after the incident. 

In a brief statement to ABC News, the student commented, “I never thought I would be the victim of a hate-driven attack. His hateful screams … still echo in my ears.” (Source)

The student who was allegedly the victim of such a religious-based hate crime is known to be a preacher of kindness and compassion. However, the current situation of humanity is baffling him to the core.

His injuries were fortunately not life-threatening, and although he is not worried about his physical scars because they will heal, he is concerned about the emotional ones.

“The physical wounds wouldn’t take much time to heal, but the emotional scars, the feeling of being targeted because of my physical appearance, religion, or heritage, and beliefs will stay.”

The current hate crime towards different religions is making headlines in the University after the breakout of the Palestine-Israel war.

A massive backlash broke out after the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th. Since then, there have been banners calling the Jewish state an ‘Occupation.’’ The school has soon been successful in removing all these politically hateful banners.

On account of the accident, the school provided a crisp comment to ABC News, calling it deeply disturbing and saying that they do not condone such hateful behaviors on the campus.

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