The Top 15 Most Disliked YouTube Videos Of All Time

Most Disliked YouTube Videos

The number of “dislikes” for a video is no more visible on YouTube. It’s a change YouTube brings to improve its entire ecosystem. The makers of a video can see the number of dislikes it has, but it will not be visible publicly. But you know what’s funny? YouTube itself has a “most disliked YouTube video” list.

Also, going by the data, some of these videos feature in the lists of “most viewed” or “most liked” video lists. Quite an oxymoron! 

Nevertheless, let’s not get into the “what” and “why.” Let’s find out what’s on the chart topped by “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind.”

The Most Disliked YouTube Video

As of now, YouTube has two hundred videos enlisted in the “the most disliked YouTube video” section. Following the YouTube list order, I will share the top 15 names here.

1. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind

YouTube says it’s the “most disliked video on YouTube.” But still, it has 229,481,178 views! The video has all the moments, people, music, and events that YouTube thought to be defining for the year 2018. 

The count of dislikes is no more visible for the video, but the number of dislikes was around 19M (as of 2021), and that’s pretty high compared to the 3.1M likes it has received.

2. Justin Bieber Baby Ft. Ludacris

It’s strange when a video with 2,989,614,826 views and 23M likes enters the Guinness Book of World Records as the most disliked YouTube Video

As per 2021 data, the video had around 12M dislikes. And almost every student in the school used to hum to this tune. Even if you see the comment section, the reviews are mixed for the most disliked music video on YouTube

3. Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro Feat. Team 10

Jake Paul is one of the most hated Youtubers. No, wonder that we have one of his videos on this list. 

To date, his “It’s Everyday Bro Feat. Team 10”  296M views and 3.1M likes. Talking about dislikes, according to 2021 data, the number was close to 5.5 million.

In this video, you will get to watch Team 10, a group of social media stars. These stars dance in the background as Jake Paul sings rap.

4. PewDiePie Can This Video Get 1 Million Dislikes?

Going by the name, this video is made to feature in the list of most disliked YouTube videos. The best thing is that PewDiePie managed to hit the bull’s eye even more. Leave 1M dislikes. The video recorded the number of 4.62 million dislikes in 2021.

The video has 26M views and 392k likes, and it is about how a greater number of dislikes can make your video more powerful.

5. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

What the hell! A video that has 8.2B views and 51M likes features in the “most disliked YouTube video” chart. 

The number of dislikes is pretty low compared to the 51M likes it has. As of 2021, the number of dislikes stood at 5.17M. You can hate it but can’t ignore the lure of the catchy rhythms. 

6. Official Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Sometimes, this entire list of most disliked YouTube videos looks unreal. Today, this trailer video has 46M views and 659K likes.

By 2021, this video managed to garner 3.97 million dislikes.

7. Rebecca Black – Friday

This music video of Rebecca Black has astounding 166M views and 1.4M likes. Published on 16th September 2011, this video recorded around 4M dislikes by 2021.

The video has a casual vibe and creates around the theme of hanging out with friends.

8. Bibi H – How It Is ( Wap Bap … ) [Official Video]

The eight most disliked YouTube video has 66,963,735 views and 666k likes currently. 

Published by Warner Music Germany, the song in the video asks to remain optimistic even in the most unfortunate moments. I can’t say the same about this Bianca Heinicke or Bibi H video. 

9. Baby Shark Dance

It’s bizarre that one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, Baby Shark makes it to the list of most disliked YouTube videos.

Funny rhythms and lyrics made this video almost every child’s favorite, and I think all the dislikes came from parents who wanted their kids to stop playing the song. It was an addiction, indeed.

Nevertheless, the Baby Shark Dance Video has 13B views and 40M likes. And in 2021, it had 14.97 million dislikes.


Meaning “Cutting the YouTube Button,” this video now has 29M views and 1M likes. In the video, you will see Aruan Felix “Cutting the YouTube silver button” he received on reaching 100000k subscribers.

11. Masha and The Bear – Recipe For Disaster (Episode 17)

By 2021, this video garnered around 4.27 million dislikes. But currently, the number of likes is much higher, with 7.9M. And it’s unbelievable to see the video getting 4.5B views.

The video has a cutesy story, though. Being hungry, Masha asks the bear to get something for her. The bear makes a porridge which she doesn’t like. Angry, she decided to make the porridge on her own, but everything became a mess, with the porridge getting swelled up. 

12. So Sorry.

This video from Logan Paul depicts him seeking apologies for his videos creating a negative impact on people. He admits how he should have been careful and more refined in his video where he acted in a certain way seeing a hanging dead body in the suicide forest.

As of 2020, the video had more than 2M dislikes. Currently, it has 1.7M likes and 62,627,271 views.

13. YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

You don’t need the most hated Youtuber to make a video everyone dislikes. This video, where YouTube celebrates the creators, trends, and videos of the year, features in the most disliked YouTube video category. In the year it got published, i.e., 2017, the video crossed 1M in the number of dislikes.

Today, the video has 241,299,644 views and 4.6M likes.

14. LooLoo Kids – Johny Johny Yes Papa

This nursery rhyme video shows a cute story where a mischievous toddler eats sugar stealthily and is almost a literal depiction of the rhyme.

Probably children loved it so much that their parents had to press the “dislike” button. By 2021, this video got 11.95 million dislikes.

Today, it has 6.7B views and 19M likes. 


This music video holds a record of 4.8B views and 27M likes. But you can’t deny that it was a rage and very much part of pop culture in 2012. 

However, it is one of the most disliked YouTube videos, with around 2.9M dislikes in 2021. 

Final Words

The most disliked YouTube video list is exhaustive. You will even find videos like Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball and Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do on the list. It’s really surprising to see someone of their stature and caliber drawing resentment from a huge number of viewers.

However, if you see the number of views and perceive likes and dislikes as engagements, a video with more views is likely to garner more dislikes than a video with lesser views.

And as they say, any form of engagement is good for a content creator. So, likes and dislikes are flipped sides of the same coin.

That’s it! I would also love to know which video you dislike the most on YouTube.

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