Weebly Login: Step-By-Step Guide To Access Your Weebly Account

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Weebly Login

Weebly is a pretty popular online website builder, similar to the likes of WordPress, Wix, Hostinger, Shopify, and more. This is a free tool (with premium plans) that you can use to build your blog or e-commerce website without prior website development experience. But how do you Weebly login to start doing so?

If you need help logging into Weebly, then I am here to help you out. Read this post to learn about all the ways you can sign in to Weebly and start building your website!

What Is Weebly? A Brief Overview

Weebly is an online website-building tool that allows you to build your own blogging and e-commerce websites. This is an effective tool that allows you to build websites without any knowledge about website development. Therefore, if you think website coding is a must for building a basic website, then think again.

With the Weebly website editor and builder, you can customize various aspects of your website, like its look and the content inside. This is possible with the use of Weebly website themes and its website editing tool. You can customize various website aspects by dragging and dropping elements using Weebly!

Weebly Pricing

Weebly Pricing

If you wish to upgrade your free Weebly account to a premium account with better features, there are a total of three premium plans. Here is a table that states the price and features of each Weebly plan.

Weebly FreeFree ($0)• Free SSL Security
• Addition of third-party embed codes
Weebly Personal$10 /month (annual billing), $13 /month (monthly billing)• Weebly Free features
• Connect Customer Domains with your site
Weebly Professional$12 /month (annual billing), $16 /month (monthly billing)• Weebly Personal features
• Unlimited storage
• Check advanced site metrics
• One free domain
• Remove Square Ads from the site
• Provides password protection
Weebly Performance$26 /month (annual billing), $29 /month (monthly billing)• Weebly Professional features
• Provides advanced e-commerce metrics
• Accept card and online payments on e-commerce sites

Weebly Pros And Cons

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using Weebly. Some of the most prominent benefits and drawbacks of using Weebly are:

• Weebly has a free plan with unlimited use.
• The premium Weebly plans are affordable, priced competitively.
• The Weebly web builder is easy to use since you require no programming skills.
• Weebly offers SSL security for your website for free.
• The Weebly website builder offers various e-commerce-oriented features.
• While Weebly is a good website builder, the number of customization options is lesser compared to competitors.
• Weebly has ba phone support, which is only limited to the premium Professional plan.
• If you have the Weebly Professional plan, then you will find Square ads appearing on your sites.
• Many of the Weebly themes and designs are outdated.

How To Weebly Login?

How To Weebly Login

To start using Weebly, you must first learn how to Weebly login. Currently, there are three different ways to do so. All of the four methods have been explained below:

1. Weebly Login From Official Website

The first and the so-called official way to Weebly log in is to do so through its official website. This is similar to the Blooket login process or logging in to the Spotify Web Player.

Follow these steps in order to access the Weebly website log in process without any hassle.

  1. First, enter the official Weebly website.
  2. Here, you will find the “Log In” option at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it.
  3. Now, there are four ways to Weebly login here – using four different types of accounts. You can either use your Weebly account (you need to enter your username registered email). Or you can use your Gmail, Facebook, and Square accounts.
  4. If you used your Weebly email or Weebly username to log in, you would then be asked to provide your Weebly account password. Enter it to Weebly and sign in successfully!
  5. If you use your Facebook, Gmail, or Square account, you will be redirected to these websites. Here, you will need to log in to your accounts on these websites and then permit Weebly to access data from these accounts. This will allow you to access Weebly Square login successfully!

2. Weebly Login From Hosting Account

Apart from the official Weebly website, there is another way to Weebly log in – by logging in through your hosting account. Since Weebly is a website builder, you must have a subscription to a hosting service to get your websites up and running on the internet.

This method is best used if you are having a Weebly login problem. Therefore, as long as you have a Weebly account paired with a website hosting service, you can follow this method.

Since using Weebly means using a hosting service as well, they offer Weebly Cloud as a reseller service. Therefore, when you log in to your hosting platform, you will be automatically given the option to edit your hosted website using your website editor.

Therefore, if you host a Weebly website, click on Edit Website after logging in to your web hosting service. Once you do this, you will get to select your website editor from a list here. Therefore, select Weebly from here. Once you do so, you will be automatically redirected to the Weebly editor login page.

The above process works in almost all website hosting platforms like BlueHost and Hostinger. However, some platforms will directly redirect you to the Weebly website editor when you click on the Edit Website option. This Weebly auto login feature is available on platforms like HostGator and Siteground.

3. Weebly Login From Other Platforms

You can Weebly login from several other Weebly websites and platforms that are not website editors or designers. It’s best to log in Some of these Weebly platforms are:

I. Weebly Designers

Weebly for Web Designers is the online website-building tool for Weebly. You can easily Weebly login from here by clicking on the Sign In option in the screen’s upper-right corner. Then, enter your Weebly account credentials to log in.

II. Weebly Reseller

If you have a reselling business, then you can directly go to your reselling platform to Weebly login from there. When you do so, you will be doing so from the Weebly Cloud login.

III. Weebly Affiliate Login

Weebly has its ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace for affiliate marketers, which you can integrate with your Weebly account. Therefore, go to the ShareASale website and Weebly login from there to link these accounts together.


The Weebly login process is simple. All you need to do is go to the official Weebly website and sign in using your Weebly account, or use Facebook, Gmail, or Square accounts to do as well. This makes starting your journey to create your website using Weebly easier than before!

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