How To Choose A Studio Hire For Video Production

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An engaging, high-quality film requires the correct blend of talent, equipment, and studio space. Looking for a studio hire for video production is challenging if you are uncertain how to choose.

This article will guide you in choosing a film studio space for your video production needs.

Check What You Need And What They Offer

As a customer, your needs should always come first. You should have clear goals before renting the studio.

Because not all rental studios are alike, you must narrow your options to focus on the specific ones that can provide you with the desired result.

You can list the supplies and tools required for the video shoot. Then, you can check whether your video production house or studio hire offers the necessary equipment.

Get To Know The Space

You must know the type of space you will work in and what it offers. Consider the following factors to see if the shooting area meets your requirements:


Before committing, ensure you know the room dimensions and load-in accommodations. This element is essential, so you’ll know if your set pieces will fit through the entryway.


Sound quality is critical, especially if your video project requires audio, such as interviews, scripted presentations, or live streaming.

A video production studio must have soundproofing in the shooting rooms to guarantee that external noise does not interfere with recording your shoot.

Green Screen

Green screens are necessary for some projects. Most video production studios also have green screens which already installed or readily available.

If you need a green screen for filming your scenes, inquire before booking the rental.

Wall Colours

Some rental studios allow you to apply paint to the walls for your video shoot. But you might have to repaint them afterward to their original color. This option adds to your budget and time.

If the wall color is not an issue, knowing it ahead of time allows you to adjust the color of the costumes and modify anything else that might clash or get lost in the background.

Some studios offer spaces with natural light. If you require a room like this, ask the studio manager if they have it available.

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Props And Furniture

Some rental video production studios offer furnished and unfurnished rooms. If you need certain furniture pieces for your video, ask if the rental has them and check what other items are in the space.

Additionally, examine the layout to understand how you will set it up for the shoot.

Cyc Walls

A cyc or cyclorama wall is widely used in video production. Cyc is a curved wall (often paint with white) used as a stage set background to suggest infinite space.

The cyclorama wall allows for a smooth wall-to-ceiling transition. If you require cyc walls, some studios have them installed.

Equipment Hire

Some studios include equipment with the rental or rent it separately. You should discuss your needs with the studio manager and tell them what you need.

The essential equipment you should ask for from the rental studio is the following:

  • Camera and Audio Gear
  • Lighting
  • Backdrops

If you rent equipment from the studio, make sure you know how much the additional fees are.


The location of the video production studio is also a significant factor. It should be accessible to the clients and crew. The neighborhood should also be somewhere you will not be interrupted.

Extra Space

Find out if you have access to additional rooms. You may need extra rooms for dressing and makeup, bathrooms, and a conference room to delegate project tasks. You may also require additional space for storage.

Additional Services

If you need help with your video production, you can also ask if the studio offers services such as video editing.

Some studios also offer professional video editing services for your video project. Ask the studio hire for the additional fees you have to pay for availing of such services.

Timeline And Availability

Studio appointments can fill up quickly. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to research the studio rental space you need and book it early to meet your deadlines.

You also need to have a clear production timeline. Consider the preparations, possible re-shooting, and post-production. The video production studios usually have options on how long you can rent and use the space.

Studios frequently charge by the day or by the hour. It is essential to understand that you must pay extra if you exceed your session time.


You must determine whether the studio hire fee is within your budget. It would be best to ask upfront what is included in the studio rental.

Moreover, be cautious of cheap studio rentals that seem too good to be true. Even though you want to save money, you should not do so at the expense of quality.

Customer Reviews

Ask around or look for reviews from previous clients to ensure your prospective studio has a strong reputation for successful productions.

Plan a site visit to the studio to see the area in person. Most studios will let you visit the place before renting.

Bottomline: Choose A Studio Space Rental

Finding a studio rental can be challenging yet exciting. Consider your entire budget and the amenities the studio and space will provide.

Always ask the studio any inquiries you might have. Ensure that they fit your needs before making any commitments.

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