Gap Year Or Straight To College? What’s Best?

published on: 09 January 2023 last updated on: 10 January 2023
Gap Year Or Straight To College

Taking a gap year between high school and college is becoming increasingly popular. While some speak of a loss of academic momentum or the possibility of a seemingly directionless year being a drawback, there are many arguments in favor of taking a gap year. Even top students who are pulling out all the stops and Going Ivy can benefit. Here’s why.

Gap Year: An Opportunity To Recoup Energy And Destress

Opportunity To Recoup Energy And Destress

It can be easy to underestimate the pressure that young people experience in their final year of high school. It’s a make-or-break year when achieving good grades means a brighter future. The intensity of this year reflects in the exam season suicide rate which is significantly higher than it is in other months.

But once they’ve passed their exams, young people find that the pressure only escalates. After all, succeeding at university is even more important. Taking a year to relax, have fun and maybe do a little light work gives students a chance to re-energize.

The Resume Gap Won’t Bother Recruiters

The Resume Gap Won’T Bother Recruiters

Although some people worry about an empty year being an issue once young people become job seekers, it’s unlikely to bother most recruiters or recruitment agencies much. And if the gap is followed by tertiary studies, it’s unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

Later on in life, it won’t be as easy to take an extended break, so using the opportunity to take one between schooling and career-oriented studies is a great idea.

Some young folks use the opportunity to travel or do volunteer work, expanding their world view. There are also gap year programs that could contribute to later studies and careers.

Activities like this can be an advantage in the eyes of recruiters since the experience requires a degree of maturity and responsibility that stay-at-home youths don’t have an opportunity to test themselves on.

It Allows Time To Consider The Future

Many high school graduates have no strong career direction. A gap year provides a low-pressure breathing space in which they can formulate and assess their future plans at leisure.

Some young people use the opportunity to do an internship, thereby testing the waters, gaining some work experience, and obtaining a clearer picture of what working life will be like. Needless to say, this helps them to make more realistic career choices.

Earn Some Money And Prepare For College

Earn Some Money And Prepare For College

Student budgets are notoriously tight. Those who choose to work during a gap year can save up some cash towards their tuition and they can put aside a little extra spending-money that will help them to enjoy student life more.

If they’re able to find work that relates to a career they’re considering, the extra learning and experience will benefit their studies – or point out a mistaken career choice before it’s too late for tears.

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How Purposeful Should A Gap Year Be?

Some teens approach a gap year with a great sense of purpose while others use it to chill. As parents, the important thing to remember is that it’s a “gap.” Allow the young person to choose their own path for the gap year.

Whatever they decide on is likely to have benefits and present opportunities for learning more about themselves. It’s a golden opportunity that they’re unlikely to enjoy again for many years. See it as a pause for breath and an opportunity to say farewell to childhood as they prepare for life as young adults.

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