Express Yourself: How Creative Technology Can Help Artists

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Creative Technology

Some critics claim that technology is limiting creativity. How can you express yourself when all you do is stare at a screen?

However, others claim that technology is enhancing it. Who is right? And how can we set boundaries to overcome the challenges that present themselves to artists in this day and age?

This article will discuss some of the ways creative technology can help create art.

The Problem With Video Games

While video game addiction is a real problem, it is also a rare occurrence. Recent studies show that video games can actually improve a person’s mental health.

In fact, video games can improve your leadership skills, challenge your critical thinking, and increase dopamine levels. Higher dopamine levels can increase your creative thinking and boost your overall creative output.

The key is balance. We all know the saying, “Too much of a good thing.” Unfortunately, too many video games can lead to addiction, with symptoms detrimental to the creative brain.

So, are video games a problem? Some would say yes, while others say it can spark a flame that can bring forth the best ideas. It is a personal decision for everyone, but remember to consider the risks involved with certain activities.

Share Ideas: How Technology Is Breaking Barriers

The recent pandemic helped us stay in touch with each other without any physical contact. However, the technology available can do so much more than just getting through a pandemic.

Now that things are somewhat back to normal, we don’t have to limit ourselves to awkward Zoom calls with the extended family. Instead, we can connect with likeminded people all across the world.

It not only breaks down physical barriers, but it can also help us overcome unfortunate societal issues. Many online creators have a pseudonym that masks their gender, race, and political views. While we aim towards a society where minorities are accepted and valued, there is still a lot of work to do to get there.

Hopefully, through time, we will learn to accept one another as who we are, valued by our work and not by the constructs of our society.

For now, technology allows us to continue to live a private life while sharing our works, ideas, and art without any prejudice.

Technological Enhancements: Using Computer Apps

Creativity is no longer limited to painters and musicians. So while we can continue celebrating masterpieces, we can also recognize that creativity is useful in other industries.

Technology can turn an idea into a reality. For example, look at apps such as Uber, Airbnb, and Snapchat. Without technology, these ideas would never have come to fruition.

We can benefit from these apps, as they make our lives better and easier. However, some apps help us get in touch with that inner creativity.

Artists use these creative apps to further their ideas and bring them to life.

The great thing about today’s technology is that anyone can pick it up. It is no longer required to have extensive knowledge when getting started. There are many how-to posts, self-teaching blogs, and other resources available for anyone who wishes to express their creative side.

Information Is Liberating

You may have heard many quotes that speak about information.

Things like:

  • We are drowning in information
  • Information is not education
  • Information is not knowledge

While these things cannot be refuted, we also need to be careful not to write off the excess of information we have. Of course, we need to be responsible, but we can also take advantage of our situation.

We have an amazing wealth of information due to technology, and we can take it upon ourselves to teach the proper methods and techniques to let our creativity thrive.

For example, experts say that the Great Resignation is due to the access to information and technology. Many of those who quit the corporate 9-5 world were tired of the restrictions and boundaries. Instead of allowing their creative mind to flow free, they put their mind in cubicles that killed the inspiration needed to imagine a better world.

Due to the connectivity of today’s world, many people came to the realization that there is a better way of doing work. Without this information, many “resigners” wouldn’t have been able to take the leap themselves.

The information available to us now helps us make the right decisions for our mental, physical, and emotional health. If we are in a healthy state of mind, we can create and imagine beautiful works of art.

The Modern-Day Renaissance

The spread of information and interest in science sparked the Renaissance. Artists took it upon themselves to view the world in a different manner, create their own style and art, and allow their surroundings to influence their imagination.

One could argue that technology does the same for today’s artists. Technology allows us to express ourselves in ways that we never have before. The sky is the limit when we use technology as a tool to create rather than destroy.

We have the liberty to follow in the footsteps of Da Vinci, Donatello, and Michelangelo. We can inspire future generations with the help of technology and all the benefits it provides.

Creative Technology: Express Yourself, the Right Way

As you can see, technology is a great tool for the creative mind. We have access to apps, information, and ways to spark our imagination. Creative technology is the future of the art world, and we have the freedom to express ourselves any way we wish.

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