EU Governments Need Better Statistics To Tackle Hate Against Jews & Muslims

Deepanwita Dey News 30 November 2023 2 Mins Read
Hate Against Jews And Muslims

A hate-filled flier with glass and turd was sent to a Muslim legislator from Berlin. A Jewish woman was stabbed to death in Lyon, France. These incidents have been reported all over Europe.

For instance, because of its size, history, and significant Muslim and Jewish population, some prominent members of the EU, like France and Germany, gather police-provided data on hate crimes, among them antisemitic and anti-Muslim offenses. However, such information relies on victims’ disposition to either feel comfortable enough to report them or knowledgeable enough to know where and how. As a result, there are several unreported hate crimes. Authorities should also cite any anti-semitic or anti-Islamic acts.

The anti-Semitic narratives and hate speech towards Muslims have increased. Marion Lalisse told Al Jazeera that we have observed that most of this hate speech happens on social media, and it goes from simple slurs to direct threats.

Muslims are hated specifically because of their stereotype that they are a homogeneous and violent group. They exist in most EU countries.

Lalisse says that more research needs to be conducted to understand how Europeans are taught about Muslims and Islam.

She told Al Jazeera, “I learned about the Muslim religion and the traditions of the people of the religion I grew up to know as threats in rural France.” (Source)

“I am financing commemorative projects and studying how Muslims are presented in European textbooks in order to fight anti-Muslim prejudice.”

However, other than the UK, other European states have not released data about reported incidences of Islamophobia; these incidences, according to Human Rights Watch, have also been rising since the 7th of October. They fail to record crimes of hate against Muslims.

In the statement of the rights group, it was indicated that the lack of data hampers the development of effective policy responses to such hate crimes.

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