How To Ensure Your Child Is Focused During Online Tutoring

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The mind of the child is fleeting. They can immediately take off the checkbox to fly away with the kites to a land where nobody has ever heard about maths! This happens especially during online classes.

The online classes have always been helpful, but they were a messiah during the lockdown, where the entire world locked themselves in their rooms. But the negative point that the online classes could not free themselves is the lack of vigilance.

You may have seen that your child has fallen asleep during the online running class early in the morning. Yes, keeping the focus and concentration intact is a huge challenge during online classes.

Do you worry deeply about your child’s lack of focus while attending online classes?

The article can help you by discussing some tips to keep your child’s attention focused.

How To Ensure That Your Child Is Focussed While On Online Sessions

According to a study, the focus and attention of the child are as low as 4-6 minutes for a two-year-old child, and at the same time, it is around 6-8 minutes for a three-year-old child. Hence freezing the attention of the student for a long time is a really challenging situation, especially during online classes.

Mathematics is one of the subjects that need high levels of concentration. This is why the internet platform is filled with searches like the best Math tutor in Singapore. The highly reviewed ones offer a focus on the fundamentals so that your child can handle the basics of the chapter. So let’s discuss some tips and tricks for your child to remain focussed.

Fix A Dedicated Learning Space 

Hours of engagement sitting beside the computers are only sometimes productive. Therefore it is always better to fix a dedicated learning space to keep the child’s attention period engaging.

Do not allow your child to sit anywhere they like. It will keep them mentally fleeting. When they sit in the same place, they help settle the mind down as there will be nothing new to distract their attention.

Take Meaningful Breaks 

Offer your child meaningful breaks, and do not allow them to leave the computer screens now and then with trifling reasons like opening the door to know the stranger outside.

If your child tends to leave the screens quite often, they will not be able to focus fully on their tasks.

Once the focus flies away, it is difficult to bring it back to the computer screens; as we mentioned, a child’s mind goes fleeting all the time.

Easy Access To Snacks And Breaks 

Your child has been thoroughly active in the fourth five-minute session. Now do not ask them to continue. Give them breaks.

Light snacks can be effective stomach fillers. You can also keep easy access to the snacks so they can have them whenever they like. It helps the students in their focus and attention. Appetite keeps the child away from the focus.

Encourage Movement 

When your child is attending back-to-back online classes, it might take their focus and concentration away. As a result, you will notice that your child feels drowsy. In that case, you can ask them to move around your house for a few minutes.

This will cut the monotony and help them focus and concentrate throughout the online session. Small movements are quite helpful in cutting down the tiredness and help regroup their focus and concentration.

Positive Feedback 

Focus has a direct relation with motivation. If you are the parents, you must continuously stay positive and help students. Positive feedback helps students to remain motivated for long online sessions.

Even if you are a teacher, you can offer positive feedback to students sitting back in their rooms for hours. They will feel extremely motivated and charged for the next few hours.

Putting The Discussion To A Close 

Apart from these ways, you can also consider some other ways, like a checklist for focus. Make a checklist of the daily tasks.

Let the child complete one; then, they can tick over the task to mark the end of it for the day. It’s a great way to keep the focus and attention going for a long time in online sessions. So try to follow the points that we mentioned above so that your child can focus during online tutoring.


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