6 Great Crypto Learning Resources


Despite the market crash in 2022, cryptocurrencies are doing extremely well and they’re gaining more recognition from mainstream communities.

When you are new to crypto, there’s a steep learning curve full of technical jargon and beneficial insights.

However, when you put questions into Google, it brings up millions of results, and some sites may contain misinformation. Therefore, it’s important to have a repertoire of verified resources to learn accurately.

Here Are The Six Best Crypto Learning Resources

1. Ivan On Tech

Ivan on Tech is a fantastic resource catering to all knowledge levels. For example, you will find a library of over 30 crypto and blockchain courses, which range from entry-level to degree-grade. The primary focus of this resource is to bridge the gap and make blockchain-related development more accessible.

Outside of the main hub, there’s a brilliant YouTube channel that often features in lists of “Top Crypto YouTubers to Watch”. The channel focuses on market trends and helps to pick apart movements and projects.

2. Bitcoin Candor

Bitcoin is the original crypto and has the largest market cap, and it’s the most well-known. Naturally, this makes Bitcoin the perfect entry point into the crypto landscape. Bitcoin Candor has an extensive library that’s all tailored toward bitcoin education. Whether you’re searching for tech information, trying to find books, or have no clue what self-custody means, you’ll find the answers here.

3. Binance Academy

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, which puts it in a fantastic position to spread knowledge through the Binance Academy. Accessing resources on Binance Academy is completely free, and all the content is user-friendly.

To find relevant materials, you can filter results by the following topics:

  • Tutorials
  • Blockchain
  • Economics
  • Security
  • Videos

4. Tokentuber

Tokentuber is a fantastic streaming platform that is dedicated to cryptocurrency. Having partnerships with some of the top exchanges, Tokentuber allows people to complete short quizzes and earn 1000 TUBER, which is the native token. When you’re answering your chosen quiz, you should note that each incorrect answer will deduct a portion of your reward.

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5. Epicenter

The Epicenter podcast has been around since 2013, making it one of the oldest in the crypto space. New episodes launch every Tuesday and they’re stacked full of interesting topic discussions. For example, you will find NFTs, Defi, stablecoins, privacy, and much more. The entire library is available for you to listen to, and they’re all searchable by topic name.

6. Learn Crypto

If you have zero crypto knowledge, Learn Crypto is a fantastic place to start. All you have to do is head over to the website and sign in for free.

Educational content is made up of podcasts, articles, market price charts, and much more. After completing the themes covered by Learn Crypto, you have the opportunity to read books by some of the leading figures.

Instead of searching through endless Google results, explore the hubs above to learn from high-quality and accurate resources. Regardless of your interests, you will find a digital learning hub to suit your needs.

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