The Science Behind Crypto Tokens

Crypto Tokens

There is no shame in admitting that you’re a newbie in the crypto world. And, even if you aren’t, it isn’t necessary to know every single detail about blockchain technology. But, unfortunately, we see many people unable to distinguish between cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens. 

Note that both terms are very different from each other. Every now and then, we get to see crypto highs and lows on the news, creating an impact that crypto is tricky to deal with. 

What Exactly Are Crypto Tokens?

A crypto token is a special virtual currency token representing any digital asset for any specific use. In other words, tokens are how cryptocurrencies are denominated. 

Cryptocurrency tokens are useful for investment, trading, and purchasing. They are also often used to fundraise for crowd sales, but the uses are not limited to it. Crypto tokens are a representation of fungible assets and utilities which are found on their blockchains. 

These programmable assets are managed by underlying ledgers and are typically produced, distributed, sold, and dispersed through the standard initial coin offering (ICO) process.

There are a few platforms that reward users in the form of tokens. One such app is Answerly, in which users can earn ANSR tokens in exchange for their services. 

This Q/A platform allows writers to earn an extra few bucks by answering the queries posted by others. The tokens can be exchanged for crypto or fiat.

How Do They Work?

The cryptographic tokens are a set of rules and are built on encryption algorithms that are encoded in a smart contract called a token contract. In this way, the entries remain safe, such as public-private key pairs and hashing functions. 

The crypto tokens serve as individual assets and act as a transaction unit on the blockchain, which is made using standard templates. This technology works on the concept of decentralized applications. 

For example, Anwar is a decentralized application that is built on Stellar blockchain technology, which is programmed to perform trade and transfers after meeting some specific criteria.

How Many Types Of Crypto Tokens Are There?

While understanding cryptocurrencies may seem complex but they are easier to understand. As blockchain technology has taken the world by storm, the use of cryptocurrencies is also expanding.

To understand these storms, you must have to know the types of crypto tokens in the finance market.

Payment Tokens

Payment of crypto tokens is also popular with the name of coins and serves as an alternative medium. These coins are not supported by any government. They serve as a store of worth and unit of account. 

For example, coins like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc., are Payment Tokens.

Utility Tokens

Individuals who own utility crypto tokens have access to a blockchain-based product or service. 

For example, by using transactional tokens called Ether, people can access applications or make payments for smart contracts to be performed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Security Tokens

As the name suggests, these tokens act like traditional securities like stocks and shares. Security crypto tokens are digital and volatile contracts for a part of any asset that holds value, 

For example, property, in other words, security tokens, represent a share in an external asset or organization.

Non-Fungible Tokens

One of the most popular yet unique digital assets is the NFT. These crypto tokens are a representation of the assets present physically but have no standard value. People create art, music, or videos and use the power of blockchain technology and sell them as NFTs. 

It is one of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency. NFTs are a great way to verify possession rights, uniqueness, and authenticity.

5 Benefits Of Crypto Tokens

Some parts of the world accept crypto as a payment option to buy goods/services. The crypto tokens will, however, the world with frictionless markets. Have a look at what benefits these tokens have

  1. Unlike cryptocurrencies, tokens are a representation of a single asset on the blockchain. By using the tokens, people can easily trade any asset in the world without any intermediary. Apps like Answer pay the writers in tokens. Such platforms are the first step in creating a frictionless market and removing plenty of barriers from the system.
  2. Tokens allow integrations in a decentralized manner. Plus, there is no need to create any channels or set any specific standards.
  3. They make payment methods convenient and safer (Another great reason to join Answer and start your writing journey)
  4. Crypto tokens are valuable; they can be exchanged, but they symbolize physical assets.
  5. From an investment point of view, tokens are beneficial and are an excellent solution for the problem of holding multiple assets.


The invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is one of the most significant breakthroughs in the digital world. This innovation has let people move from traditional banking systems towards this digital currency and crypto tokens. Now you know all about the crypto tokens and their utilizations. Now you are going to be more confident and prepare for the crypto tokens used.

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