6 Fun Craft Ideas To Enjoy With Tweens

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published on: 19 December 2023 last updated on: 07 February 2024
Craft Ideas

Tweens, usually defined as kids between ages 8-12, can sometimes be tricky to find activities for. They’re not little kids anymore but not quite teenagers either.

Finding crafts that hit that sweet spot of fun and age-appropriateness can take some effort.

Reasons Why Craft Making Is Considered Important For The Chils’ development 

The age group between three and eight is the period when the child learns so many new things. This is the time to widen your thoughts.  Being creative also serves the same purpose.

Here, we discuss some craft ideas that will make the kids smile and enhance their creative process. It touches upon the most significant areas of child development. 

1. Motor Skills 

When kids use their fingers to make something interesting, they must go through various manipulations. However, the most interesting aspect of the development is the hand-eye coordination. This coordination skill goes on to improve the critical skills of creativity. The entire mechanism works well when they engage in activities like coloring, painting, cutting, and gluing.

2. Childhood Literacy 

The craft on which the tweens pass the time is all important. It generally covers many areas, starting from speaking, reading, and listening. The combination of all the skills helps in the transformation of an individual. Arts also involves a group of vocabulary. This learning through engaging and listening improves the literacy of the child. 

3. Concept Of Mathematics 

One of the key areas of a child’s psychological development is the concept of mathematics. The basic skills in mathematics are often taught at the higher levels. So, while the kids spend their time increasing mathematical skills, they learn mathematics. The kids learn about the different shapes, and measuring the length helps them with new knowledge. 

One need to engage in good thinking and increase their problem-solving skills to craft the activities. This journey of learning mathematics prepares the kid to face the higher concepts. 

4. Creativity 

Creativity is one skill that makes an individual special, that is, dissociated from the others. It is one of the major skills that a kid learns at such a young age (two to eight). Creativity is one aspect of an individual’s intellect that helps them to be different from the cloud.

 It is something that makes them special. When individuals reach the professional arena, they need to find solutions to their problems. Creativity is one virtue that helps an individual think beyond the box and extract new perspectives on the subject (where the solution may be latent). 

5. Self Esteem 

Art and craft activities provide the kids with a sense of achievement. It helps them to feel their accomplishments. This feeling further elevates the sense of responsibility. 

Art and craft engagement is akin to a journey of self-esteem and self-evaluation. There is nothing wrong and right in art; this is a perfect platform for an individual to be proactive without making any errors. 

Moreover, engagement in art teaches a kid essential learnings of life that includes parent bonding and others. Thus, you can expect to think outside the box.

Here Are Six Best Ideas To Enjoy With Tweens

Check out these six enjoyable tween-friendly DIY craft ideas you can create together.

Best Ideas To Enjoy With Tweens

1. Make Bracelets

Jewelry making is a classic tween craft. Making beaded bracelets allows for creativity and customization as tweens select their own color combinations and patterns. You can buy freshwater pearls and metal beads from retailers like The Bead Traders to assemble stylish multi-strand or wrap bracelets tweens will love wearing and sharing with friends. Allow them to mix and match beads to reflect their personality.

2. Upcycle Old T-Shirts

Give new life to oversized graphic t-shirts by helping your tween upcycle them into fun-crafted creations. Cut up old tees to make headbands, hair scrunchies, mini tote bags, and even rug yarn you can crochet with. Add custom touches with fabric paint, iron-on vinyl, studs, or patches too. Your tween will enjoy wearing and showing off items made from beloved old t-shirt mementos.

3. Decoupage Keepsake Boxes

Decoupage is a fun craft using cutouts from paper, fabric, or magazine images glued onto an object to cover it with patchwork-style motifs. Have your tween decorate a wooden box to store little treasures inside.

Guide them to coat the box with glue or decoupage medium, then arrange cut-up napkins, tissue paper, maps, photos, or magazine clippings in pretty patterns. Apply multiple thin layers to seal and protect the images before coating them with a finishing varnish. Customize to your tween’s passions. The results make wonderful handmade memory boxes or gift boxes.

4. Press Flowers & Leaves

Collecting flowers and leaves to press and preserve in a memory book is an absorbing nature craft. Have your tween pick flowers and foliage from your backyard or neighborhood to gently press between sheets of parchment paper weighted by heavy books. After a couple weeks when fully dried, they can glue their pressed botanicals into a scrapbook or frame them in glass to create unique art.

5. Paint Pottery

Sign up your artsy tween for a pottery painting studio session. These workshops allow you to select ceramic bisques to decorate with specialty glaze paints. Kids can freestyle their own patterns or follow ideas. The pieces then get fired so the paints set. These studios are popular for birthday parties too. Display your tween’s one-of-a-kind mugs, plates, or figurines proudly.

6. Bead Spritz Perfume

Mixing custom-scented spritz perfumes is a smelly good time. Buy some replica fragrance oils along with spray bottles plus beads or petals to encase in the bottles.

Have your tween select scent combos like vanilla bean and jasmine then layer in pretty beads and fractional coconut oil. They’ll enjoy concocting their signature mixes and spritzing on – or sharing with BFFs. The bead display makes the perfumes extra special.


Doing crafts together is a great way to bond one-on-one with your emerging tween. Ask them what DIY ideas sound interesting and let them take the lead. You may uncover new passions or talents as you craft side-by-side.

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