6 Common Children And Adult Dentistry Services In Sugar Land

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published on: 10 January 2023 last updated on: 11 January 2023
Adult Dentistry Services

Maintaining dental health and oral hygiene is essential to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy. Different dental procedures for children, teens, and adults help maintain better dental health. Since toddlers can not brush properly, there are various hygiene & preventive care, and restorative care procedures to deter the severity of dental issues.

It is best to visit a reliable Sugar Land family dentistry, as skilled dentists offer general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry services, pediatric dentistry services, oral surgery care, etc. Sugar Land is the biggest city in Fort Bend County, with a population of 111,026, and covers 42.90 sq mi of area.

As per stats, there are nearly 141 physicians in Sugar Land per 100,000 residents. In addition, the healthcare expenses in Sugar Land are 8% more expensive than the national average.

What Are The Common Children’s Dentistry Services In Sugar Land?

It is necessary to take your infant to the dentist six months after the baby is born or before it turns one. During this stage, the primary teeth of your infant will start to grow, so it is crucial to check for any dental issues to prevent them from becoming big problems. Check out the specific child dental services offered in Sugar Land.

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1. Dental cleanings

Children’s teeth are more prone to cavities because of high sugar consumption and poor dental hygiene; thus, routine cleanings are crucial. The dental cleanings allow the pediatric dentist to eliminate any accumulated plaque that might harden into tartar.

2. Fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatment is a preventative dental procedure that strengthens teeth against acid attacks by germs, sugar, oral plaque, etc. The Sugar Land dentist might give fluoride mouthwash, fluoride toothpaste, and other fluoride solutions for better results.

3. Sealants

The rear molars of children are frequently out of reach when brushing, making them more vulnerable to decay, plaque buildup, etc. The Sugar Land dentists will brush sealants onto the molars to protect the teeth from plaque, acid, etc. This procedure is relatively easy, painless, and does not need anesthesia.

What Are The Common Adult Dentistry Services In Sugar Land?

Below are some of the most common dental procedures dentists offer in Sugar Land for adults.

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1. Root Canal Therapy

If the tooth decay has come to the inner pulp cavity, a root canal procedure becomes necessary. Sugar Land family dentistry will withdraw the affected pulp to prevent the infection from spreading and protect the teeth. In Sugar Land, the root canal procedure typically costs $900.

Sugar Land is one of the prominent cities in Texas state with a population density of 2,927.94/sq mi. The cost of living here is 19% more than the national average, and a single visit to a dentist costs $108.72. There are plenty of general healthcare and dental healthcare centers in this city. For Sugar Land, the annual Health Cost Index is 93.1.

2. Veneers

The dentist might suggest veneers if your teeth are uneven or have stains. These are slender caps positioned over the front portion of the tooth. Although veneers can also be used for whitening, their primary application is for dental corrective purposes.

3. Tooth Extraction

Extraction procedure means removing teeth that are badly decayed or deteriorated. Based on where the infected tooth is located, tooth extraction could take 30 minutes or about an hour. In Sugar Land, the average price of a tooth extraction is $250.

Bottom Line

Various preventive, restorative, and even cosmetic dental procedures differ slightly for children and adults. All the dentistry services will help keep your teeth clean and free from dental issues. Make sure to visit credible and experienced dentists in Sugar Land to get the best dental health results.


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