What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Theater Arts Major?

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published on: 05 March 2022 last updated on: 18 August 2023
Theater Arts Major

Theater began in Ancient Greece and has become a core form of entertainment for many. Cultures have passed down stories through the theater for generations. Joining theater programs can start as a fun after-school activity, but for many, it becomes a lifelong career.

Pursuing a theater arts major continues the centuries-long tradition of the theatre arts. If you’re having a hard time deciding if a theater arts major is right for you, keep reading. We’ll break down all the benefits of becoming a theater arts major.

Career Options

Like any college degree, becoming a theater arts major can open new doors for you. You can also do more than act with a theater arts degree. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to get into the entertainment industry.

The most obvious career option is becoming an actor. But, you could work in theater or the entertainment industry. The growth of streaming platforms has opened new acting opportunities.

You can also work behind the scenes. Theater technicians, wardrobe supervisors, and managers are all responsible for making the show flow smoothly. When you go into these career choices with a background in theater arts, you know what needs to happen so the show can go on.

Many schools are searching for theater teachers to create the next generation of thespians. You can create a school curriculum to cover a range of theater techniques and genres. You will empower students to love and express themselves.

School Curriculum

A college curriculum for a theater arts major is covers everything you need to know about the theater. You will learn about history, literature, design, performance, productions, how technology is changing the theater world, and more. Many theater arts programs have a low teacher-to-student ratio, which means you can experience a personalized education curriculum.

Schools are a safe space, and the perfect environment to practice auditioning. Understanding the audition and interview process can put you a step ahead in the theater industry. Experts guide you in the best methods for resumes, memorizing scripts, being confident, and showing your portfolio.

Increased Opportunities

Just like how going to college can open up career options, it’s also a gateway to other opportunities. Taking advantage of opportunities in theater departments can open up even more doors.

Many theater departments will have top talent teaching their classes. Top talent will give you expert knowledge, and even some secrets from the theater world. The professionals teaching in colleges are passionate artists that want to help you thrive.

You will also get the opportunity to perform. You can stand on a state-of-the-art stage and bring a character to life. Or, you can work behind the scenes with excellent costume shops and design labs.

Before you even start college, it can help to build up your theater resume. If you are part of an active thespian troupe and in grades nine through twelve, you should join a Thespian Society. You can gain new skills, win awards, and even earn grants or scholarships to put towards your college education.

Expressing Yourself

Self-expression is one of the best ways to learn to love yourself. You can express pride in who you are as a person. It can even boost your confidence in your life outside the theater.

Creative expression is the next step in self-expression. You can use creative expression to translate life’s challenges and complicated topics into something easy to understand.

A theater arts major will help you hone in on your creativity. You will be able to communicate your ideas in a clearer, more efficient way. You can share your vision with the world, peers, and audiences, helping them understand something about themselves along the way.

Gain New Skills

Becoming a theater arts major can improve your communication skills. Acting on stage makes you comfortable will large audiences. Working in a group helps you keep communication clear and concise.

Even if you get a career outside of the theater world, the communication skills you gained while you were in the program will come in handy. Employers deeply value candidates who can communicate with customers and coworkers.

You also gain new problem-solving skills. Your problem-solving techniques work in any job or situation. With a creative background, you’ll come up with new ideas that can improve any environment.

Becoming a Better Person

Theater arts majors are a diverse group of people. The theater has been a central part of LGBTQ+ history for decades. The world of theater opens itself up to people from any background.

When you enter theater arts programs, you are opening yourself up to its diversity. This opens you to new perspectives and ideas that may differ from your own. You will come out of the program with a greater appreciation for the world around you. Moreover, as you immerse yourself in theater arts programs, you are not only opening yourself up to its diversity but also embracing a realm of creativity where every movie theatre seat becomes a gateway to unique storytelling, enriching your perspectives and igniting a profound appreciation for the art of cinema and its power to connect people from different walks of life.

Different performances come from different cultures. You will learn about the cultural origins of every play, which will give you a better appreciation of the play.

Many performance careers require travel. You will visit different places in the United States and the world. Becoming a theater arts major can take you to new places.

Ever since its creation, the theater has commentated on societal events. Theater can reflect thoughts and opinions to audience members. This can question their perspectives and bring about social change.

Become a Theater Arts Major Today!

Becoming a theater arts major can break down the door into the theater world. You will experience new opportunities, gain new skills, meet new people, and become a core part of the history of theater. Enrolling in a theater arts program today can jumpstart your journey onto the world stage.

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