Choose The Right Mattress For Your Growing Kids


If you have just become a parent or moved to a new home, then it’s time to choose a good mattress for them.

After all, a comfy mattress ensures a good night’s sleep; without that, your little one won’t be happy or healthy.

The global mattress industry is estimated to be about 81 billion, which means a huge variety of choices. But if you’re confused about which one will be the best for your child, let this think-piece help you!

5 Prime Steps To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Growing Kids:

Mattress For Your Growing Kids

Here are a few things that you must consider while buying a mattress for your child:

1. Mattress size

There are some standard sizes for all children, depending on their age.

For example, a crib mattress will be the most comfortable if your baby is a newborn or has just turned a few months old.

If they are slightly older, such as a toddler, then you can go for a twin-sized mattress which typically measures about 75 inches long and 38 inches wide.

Older children require an even bigger mattress, either regular foam or a twin XL one. Twin XL mattresses are 80 inches long and 38 inches wide, which is perfect for any child’s bedroom.

2. Mattress material

Next up is the material of the mattress that you’re going to choose for your child.

Memory foam mattresses are common for growing kids since this foam can contour according to a child’s body even while it grows without messing up the mattress itself.

However, many parents today prefer smart gel mattresses because these can dissipate body heat to ensure that your child is sleeping at a comfortable temperature.

On the other hand, box spring mattresses are super soft and bouncy but not ideal for children growing up rapidly. This is why a high-density foam mattress is the best option: it can support growing bones.

3. Mattress longevity

No parent wants to buy mattresses that can last for just a few weeks or months before they throw it out and purchase a new one, right? This is why mattress longevity is so important.

As mentioned, the perfect mattress must cater to your growing child’s needs by adjusting its shape. Ideally, you should opt for a good-quality memory foam mattress that can last long without tearing apart.

Mattress longevity

Mattress firmness is measured by density, whereas good-quality memory foam has a density of four to five pounds. The higher the density, the firmer the mattress.

But make sure not to purchase something with too high density because that might not last long.

4. Your child’s sleeping positions

Did you know that your child’s sleeping position plays a significant role in choosing the right mattress? So make sure you get a mattress that offers the right support to their usual position to avoid any posture problems, aches, or disturbed sleep.

For example, if your kid tends to sleep on their side, you should go for a latex mattress because it offers just the right support needed for the head, shoulders, and neck.

On the other hand, if they like sleeping on their stomach, their ideal mattress should be between medium and soft density.

5. Evaluate the cost

Of course, evaluating the cost of a good mattress is also necessary because it needs to be within your budget.

The most expensive ones are pocket-sprung and latex mattresses. But, even here, you might find large differences among the prices because it can vary depending on whether the latex is natural and whether the pocket-sprung has enough springs.

The memory foam mattress is in the middle of the price range because even though synthetic, it can be comfortable. The least expensive mattresses are the open-coil and futon ones, but they aren’t very comfortable or durable.

Over To You…

It’s important to choose the right mattress for your growing babies for many reasons.

From even weight distribution to improved blood circulation, there are so many things that a good mattress can do. Ideally, you should go for an organic and chemical-free one that is also mite or tick-resistant.

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