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Asbestos: The Silent Killer That Could Be In Your Home

Asbestos In Australia

Asbestos is a naturally found material that is mined in many parts of the world, and as crazy as it might sound, mankind made good use of asbestos for many years before we realized how deadly it was. The Industrial Revolution saw the use of asbestos increase, as this material had excellent fire-resistant properties and it wasn’t until the 1970s that health experts began to understand the dangers that this substance presented.

Asbestos In Australia

It might shock you to learn that approximately 30% of Australian homes contain this harmful materia

It might shock you to learn that approximately 30% of Australian homes contain this harmful material; any property built pre-1970s would likely contain asbestos, which can be found in certain building materials, such as sheeting, corrugated roofing panels, and partition boards. If you suspect there is asbestos present in your home and you are planning a renovation project, contact a government-approved asbestos consultant who can visit you and carry out tests to determine the presence of asbestos.

How Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Many people ask this question and the short answer is, asbestos causes respiratory conditions, which can be fatal. Asbestos is made up of millions of tiny slivers and when the substance is disturbed, many of these invisible slivers are released into the atmosphere and if a person inhales these, they can become lodged in the lung tissue. The slivers of asbestos could remain dormant for years, then suddenly, without any warning, your lungs are inflamed. If the material containing asbestos is not disturbed, there is no risk to your health, but if you ripped out a partition that contained the material, this would release slivers of asbestos into the atmosphere.

Home Renovations

Asbestos presents no danger until you start removing sheets/boards/components, which would result in asbestos slivers being released into the air; if you are planning a kitchen revamp, we strongly recommend that you call in an asbestos testing and removal company to carry out tests; if you get the all-clear, you can proceed with your project, knowing your home is asbestos-free. If, however, the technician detects the harmful material, a removal plan can be compiled and with non-essential people away from the site, safe removal can take place. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, click here.

Asbestos Removal

As you would expect, there is a huge sector dedicated to the detection and safe removal of asbestos, with so many Australian properties that contain this harmful material. Of course, no building constructed after 1975 would contain asbestos, as the material was banned nationwide; only pre-1975 properties could contain asbestos. If you are unsure or you are planning some home improvements, it is wise to contact an asbestos removal contractor who has the know-how and equipment to detect and safely remove asbestos.

Asbestos Survey

When a building is targeted by an asbestos detection team, there are several tests that can be carried out.

  • Non-destructive & non-intrusive testing
  • Asbestos reinspection survey
  • Destructive and intrusive testing

The technician would establish which type of test is required and a plan would be put together.

The asbestos removal industry is always hard at work in the background, detecting and removing harmful material.

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