Remaking Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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If you’ve experienced a professional spa, you will know that it lives up to all the hype and maybe then some.

The luxury, the aromas, and the attention to every little soothing detail just make you want to say “Aaah.”

Back home, you draw a bath, add something nice smelling to it, and maybe even light a candle to try to replicate the experience, but it just falls short.

When you close your eyes to imagine you’re back in that sumptuous spa and open them again, you are right back in that dingy old bathroom with the cracked tiles, messy collection of tubes, brushes, bottles, and the time-stained fixtures- alas! If only you had a spa in your own home! Well, it’s not impossible, you know.

Let’s take a look at some ways to give the old loo a new groove and make it a place you actually enjoy spending time in!

From Bathroom to A Spa: The Journey from  Ordinary to  Splendour 

Remaking the bathroom into a spa requires some changes and adjustments. This section covers the steps you need to take to attain your aim and objective. So let’s get started with the discussion.

Chalk Out A  Plan For The Entire Transformation 

The first thing to do is create a picture in your head of all the things about your spa experience that made it so special, then start looking around the internet to see if they are available for a home purchase.

For example, caesarstone alpine mist has almost a perfect match for the quartz countertop and bowl sink at the spa, which you can have delivered right to your home and installed right away! Once you have the basics in mind, you can start making your plan.


The next thing to do is to declutter. All those little bottles and tubes? Get them out of sight by storing them in a cabinet or under the sink, out of sight, out of mind! If there are old, expired hair-care products or make-up that you don’t even use anymore, just bin them.

Add Storage Boxes 

As for the essentials, there are many attractive, water-proof storage boxes to choose from that will keep them hidden but in easy reach. You will be amazed at how much this simple act can make your spa-to-be a more relaxing place.

Speaking of storage, if you are in need of more space to store all the toiletries, then let’s go back to that spa for a hint. Chances are they used a wicker basket for hand towels and a stylish toilet top tray for fancy soaps and lotions, function, and beauty!

Soften The Floor With Rugs 

You can cover the bathroom floor with plush rugs. The rugs not only make your garden look smooth but also saves you from slipping on the floor.  

During the winter, you do not need to step into chilly cold tiles early in the morning. The following change can indeed add an element of softness coupled with grace to your bathroom. 

A Bench Inside The Shower

The spa is associated with a comfortable and soothing environment. A water-resistant chain can be a brilliant addition. 

You can sit inside your bathroom and enjoy the shore’s spray. The bench can also be handy as you can keep the soap, shampoo, towels or other toiletries. 

Stock The Plush Bath Towels 

Soft, fluffy, and luxurious bath towels are indeed a great way to achieve a spa-like environment. Softness is the essential characteristic that typifies the ideal spa. 

So selecting the smallest things, like the towels, can be one step toward change. Go for the soft cotton-made bath towels that can create a luxurious sensation every time you go freshen yourself up. 

Displaying the towels in a rolled arrangement creates appeal. You can work on selecting the color of your towels, considering the color of the tiles in your bathroom.

Install New Shower Head

The time has come to replace the basic showerhead with luxurious ones that can match the standards of the spa. These very few changes can indeed be effective. While selecting the shower, look for the features that you wish to add.  

You can go for a rain showerhead that spreads water directly from the top. You can also for the handled ones. If you have a penchant for hi-tech, the showers with touchless automation can skyrocket your bathrooms’ beauty and elegance. 

Soft Colors For Spa

You can not simply sit idly by adding the bath fittings. You also have to work on the color to create a calm atmosphere. Choose soft and muted colors to refresh the environment.

Try to avoid high contrast pairing like blue and orange; black and white. These kinds of color combinations go antithetical to the look and feel of a spa. Seafoam green, light blue or chocolate can recreate the soft touch and the peaceful palette. You can call an expert on colors to select lighter tones to create a calm and soothing effect. 

Replace The Old Tiles With New Ones 

Replace that cracked tile with something lovely and new that soothes the eye, and replace those old fixtures with modern, artistic models that will feel so much better! Also, be sure to check with the government for both energy and water-saving ideas and any codes you need to meet in your renovation.

The selection of tiles reflects your taste for beauty and comfort.  Consult with your family members and try to understand the selection of colors they are compatible with. 

Go For Expert Help When Planning It Big 

You might decide that this is the time to go ahead and do that major bathroom renovation you have been dreaming of.

This link has lots of good ideas, and not only will they look and feel fabulous, but they will also increase the value of your home, too.

You must call experts to collect a good comprehensive idea of the entire transformation.

There’s still more to do, I will leave it to you to give your spa the final touches. “Aaah.”

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