What Is Ankha Zone, And Where Can I Watch It In July 2022?

Ankha Zone

Pornographic material on almost any character has become infamous on the internet. With the rise of social media and an increase in the number of thirsty teenagers, obscene content is now trending. Therefore, the Ankha Zone video became no stranger to such trends.

While initially a character in a game called Animal Crossing, she has now become immortalized as animated pornography. If you want to know more about this trend and how it first originated, then continue reading below.

In this blog, you will get lots of information about the popular Ankha Zone video and song. You will also get to know who created it and how popular it is right now.

What Is Rule 34?

What Is Rule 34

Before we dive deeper into the origins of the infamous yellow cat in the Ankha Zone video, there’s something else you need to know first. And that is about Rule 34.

The term Rule 34 means that pornographic content can be made out of any conceivable topic. This can be summed up in this popular catchphrase:

If it exists, there can be porn of it. No exceptions.”

This rule became so popular over time that every teenager on the internet soon knew about it. The term Rule 34 was first seen in an online webcomic by Peeter Morely Souter or TangoStari (online char username). The webcomic he created depicted his shock in seeing online porn comics created with the characters of Calvin and Hobbes.

From there, he deduced that you could create pornographic images, videos, artworks, and stories with any fictional character. That is when he coined the term Rule 34 to signify the concept that pornographic material can be made with any character. If it exists, porno of it will exist too.

What Is Ankha Zone?

What Is Ankha Zone?

Following the establishment of Rule 34, explicit content on fictional characters became a pretty popular concept. Soon, every artist took pencils and colors in their hands to draw nude images of famous cartoon characters. This all started by making obscene comics about cartoon characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Ankha Zone is one of the latest fictional characters to have been affected by Rule 34. Made by R-Rated cartoon artist Zone, the video of a yellow Egyptian cat named Ankha being involved in intercourse spread like wildfire. Its popularity led to the creation of an Ankha Zone Twitter page made by fans of the video.

However, the real reason why the Ankha Zone dance video became famous is because of the accompanying background music. The Egyptian-inspired music from the song Camel by Camel by Sandy Marton is used in the background as Ankha moans in the foreground. This song has been termed the Ankha Zone song by fans.

Why Is Ankha Zone So Popular?

Since Ankha Zone GIF is based on the popular Animal Crossings character, their representations are familiar and sensible. As per the Animal Crossings bestiary, Ankha is an Egyptian cat who claims to have been Queen Cleopatra’s pet.

On her personality card in-game, it has been mentioned that she has a “Snooty” personality. For those new to the term, it means being very self-centered and arrogant.

However, the best part is that the Ankha Zone video also depicts her in the same light. In the brief scene, we can see that Ankha does all the work herself for her own pleasure. She has a smug smile on her face, depicting her arrogancy and haughty attitude. The Zone has depicted the character as to how she actually is on the Animal Crossings video game.

Where Can I See The Original Ankha Zone Video?

Where Can I See The Original Ankha Zone Video?

One of the most common questions that people ask is, “where can I see the Ankha Zone original video?” Initially, the video was uploaded on YouTube by Zone, whose links he provided through a post on his Twitter page.

However, since it has been tagged as obscene, pornographic content, the video was soon taken down from YouTube.Since then, it has found its new home in various porn sites, which can be found by simply searching for it on Google. Even a version of the video makes its way onto a Reddit thread as well.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Who Posted The Ankha Zone Video?

Ans: The original Ankha Zone video was posted by a user called Zone. The Zone is highly active on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, where he posts explicit content on a regular basis.

Q2. When Did The Ankha Zone Video Come Out?

Ans: The explicit Ankha Zone video that has become pretty infamous lately was first posted by Twitter user Zone back in October 2021. He posted the video on his Twitter handle, which soon spread like wildfire, making it famous on Reddit as well.

Q3. Why Is Ankha So Popular?

Ans: Ankha is originally a cat NPC in the gamer called Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While she was famous as an NPC in these games, her popularity rose considerably after the release of the R-rated Ankha Zone video and the memes that soon circulated on social media following it.

Q4. Why Is Ankha A Meme Now?

Ans: Ankha from Animal Crossings has been turned into a meme now following the release of the explicitly famous Ankha Zone video. She has been named because no one expected her to be turned into a pornstar by a random cartoonist and video animator. 


Ankha Zone has become pretty popular in a short while. Ever since Zone uploaded that video and shared it on Twitter and Reddit, it spread like wildfire and appeared on the search histories of many young teenagers.

While it might be difficult to pinpoint the original video now, it can nonetheless be found by simply searching on Google. Just open your browser in incognito mode and put your headphones on while watching this wholesome video of a yellow cat.

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