6 Helpful Tips To Advance In Your Finance Career

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Finance Career

The financial industry is ever-expanding. In this day and age, where new startups are coming up with fresh and transformational ideas and shaking up the existing world order of business, a strong finance career can provide many opportunities.

A finance career is any position that includes working for a financial company or managing an entity’s finances.

Whether you’re highly ambitious and want to achieve more or just searching for a roadmap to get your career going.

These Are 6 Tips To Advance In Your Finance Career:

Advance Your Finance Career

1. Find a mentor and your network

If you’re lucky, you may find yourself in the company of someone you deeply respect and admire. Ask them to mentor you.

It can be someone special or a few experienced people in the industry.

Choose those who’ve achieved something, you can ask your leaders for recommendations, or you can do your research.

Most people would love to be mentors and would be quite willing to share their experiences. Their advice is worth gold, so keep it carefully and find your way around those well-worn paths.

Also, build your network so that every potential employer gets to know you and your skills.

So, whenever that vacancy comes about, it would be you who they first remember. So, it’s like a part-time job of being visible to a selective few.

Make new contacts, maintain connections with your former colleagues, attend conferences and job fairs, and participate in company meetings. Of course, you can always ask your mentor for people who’d help you progress.

2. Develop yourself

Always take the initiative yourself and enjoy the extra responsibility. You can work on self-development too.

Take executive courses to learn new skills such as leadership development. But, if you want that promotion, you have to make the management take notice of your commitment.

This kind of self-made progress and winning mentality increases your value as an asset.

Another guaranteed way to develop your career is to obtain financial certifications. Financial Education makes you more dynamic and easy to distinguish.

Completing a higher degree would certainly upskill you, which will be a leverage for you.

Some financial certifications provide you with bigger and better opportunities. Opt for some certification exams like CFA, CPA, FRM, CFP, and CCP.

3. Visibility

The first step to progress in a finance career is to make yourself visible online and offline.

Be proactive, get on the roller-coaster of social media, join some professional organizations and keep working on your networking.

Always keep an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, complete with a professional-looking headshot. Create clear connections with other professionals.

If approached by a headhunter, say yes always. If it’s something you hadn’t pondered about before, just trust their expertise. Trust their trust in you, your skills, and your abilities.

Step right up for anything and everything that gets you in the company’s good books. Try to do it, whether it’s some system implementation or an accounting pronouncement.

If you can’t complete it, your earnest efforts will be appreciated. And if you can, that makes you the rockstar of the office.

4. One for the team

The finance industry is a highly competitive (almost combative) field to work in. Yet, like many other businesses, it also needs teamwork to flourish.

That’s why always be inclined to support your colleagues and offer input where necessary. Teamwork has no alternative in most areas of finance.

Without some like-minded, driven people, companies can’t act properly. So, put the team first as far as you can. It will help you in the long run.

5. Get your designation

Try to get yourself a designation as soon as possible. The designation increases your earning capacity and provides a competitive edge.

It also assures you that you belong. In turn, it shows the prospective employers that you’re serious about your career in finance.

6. Communication is a skill

In order to advance in your career, you need to develop cross-functional communication skills.

Knowledge won’t do the job if you can’t make people understand in easier terms and language. That’s where your communication skills will take over.

When people around you understand you and your advice better, that wins you their admiration and cooperation, it’s an essential tool for any sort of leadership role for that reason.


A career in Finance provides a lot of opportunities today.

You can be anything from a financial consultant to a chief executive.

But, you need to plan and constantly self-develop. Only then you’ll stay in the game.

These tips just show you the blueprint, but you’d have to do the heavy lifting.

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