Why Is Taoism So Popular?

published on: 02 January 2023 last updated on: 03 January 2023

Taoism is a philosophical and religious tradition that originated in China.

It emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao—the fundamental way of the universe. By doing so, followers believe that one may achieve immortality by becoming one with nature or the cosmos.

Taoism So Popular

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1. It Teaches You To Balance The Opposite Energies

Taoism is a philosophy and practice that teaches you how to find a balance between the opposing energies that exist.

While some may think of these forces as positive or negative, Taoism teaches that they are neither good nor bad but simply different types of energy that you can use to achieve balance.

There are two primary opposites: yin and yang. They symbolize darkness and lightness, femininity and masculinity, water and fire, etc. The goal is not necessarily to eliminate one side from the equation but to find harmony between them so you can live your best life possible.

2. It Helps You Find Inner Peace

Taoism teaches you how to let go of conflict and find inner peace. The Tao Te Ching provides a clear path for cultivating inner peace, which is much needed in today’s hectic world. An online course on Taoism will teach you about the two paths in life: the Path of Desire and the Path of Non-Desire.

On either path, you will meet obstacles, but only one will lead to true happiness. Taoism teaches you that it’s better not to seek anything because all things come from within, meaning they’re already there. You just have to learn how to recognize them through meditation and mindfulness practice.

3. It Helps You Improve Your Relationships With Other People

As a consequence of the teachings of Taoism, you will become a more compassionate and understanding person. You will see that others are doing their best, just like you.

You’ll understand there is no need to jump on them for mistakes or misunderstandings because everyone sometimes makes errors. You’ll also learn the importance of patience when dealing with other people.

4. It Teaches You To Live Together More Harmoniously

Taoism isn’t just a religion or philosophy; it’s a way of life. Taoists believe that if everyone lived by the teachings of this ancient wisdom, they could live together more harmoniously.

Taoism teaches many things—humility, gratitude, patience, and kindness are just a few examples. When you are humble, you aren’t arrogant or too proud to admit your mistakes or ask for help when needed.

Being grateful means appreciating what you have in life instead of focusing on what you don’t have yet, or didn’t get from an experience when it happened. Patience means being able to wait for things instead of rushing through them so quickly that your efforts aren’t fully appreciated.

Being kind is important because if everyone were kinder, there would be fewer arguments between people who disagree with each other (and thus less anger), leading to more harmonious relationships.


Taoism is a great way to become more mindful and find peace. It’s not just about meditation but also about being present in the moment for everything that happens around us. In this way, Taoism can help everyone live happier lives.

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